Government Mandates Pt 3

October 1, 2021 at 9:49 AM 6 comments

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In this short series, we’ve highlighted the mandate related to the CV-19 vax and we’ve noted several things, including the fact that this CV-19 vax is yet to be fully approved by the FDA and it is still experimental. Many medical professionals are referring to the vax as “gene therapy,” as it doesn’t work like any other previous vaccine with one of the biggest issues being its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. All other previously produced vaccines remained in the shoulder muscle, but the CV vax travels throughout the body via the blood stream. I’m including a link that I included in the last article (God Still Judges Nations) in the hopes that anyone just joining us will view it and even download it: Why you should not get the CV vax (PDF PPT document – Very important READ!)

There have been no long term studies on this injection, though the MSM tries to tell us that the studies have been ongoing since the early 2000’s. The problem is that there were no real studies on people so the reality is that the clinical trials are happening now and will continue until January 2023.

We also noted that there are legal issues related to Biden’s mandate that may be overcome, though I’m not holding out much hope for that since the Democratic Left has the upper hand not only in Congress, but in the Supreme Court and in the DOJ. Even if Congress successfully passes a bill that protects people from the mandate, I’ll assume that Biden will veto it, which require then a 2/3 vote of Congress to override it. Probably won’t happen.

It seems obvious to me and many others that there is something more going on than simply a “pandemic.” We are literally being forced to submit to a medical procedure that has serious questions attached to it. Moreover, it appears as though the federal government is literally blackmailing businesses to force their employees to submit to the CV vax or that business will be fined thousands of dollars. Why? Is it all due to health and safety? I’m one who does not believe this to be the case.

In fact, if we look at what is the offing, we can see a clear picture emerging. They want us vaxxed or your job could be taken away from you. They’ve also talked about a vaccine passport coming down the pike, which in all likelihood will end up being digital. It’ll be an app on your phone which you will be made to show whenever you try to go to some public venue. Why? Is the pandemic really that bad that this needs to occur? There’s obvious disagreement over it. The lunacy of the Left is about controlling people, not health and safety as the three images highlight. Why would a person who works from home be required by his employer to get a vax? It makes no sense except to the Left, which showcases their lack of critical thinking daily. If everyone is vaxxed, then everyone will be issued a digital passport.

But after the digital passport, then what? What’s the obvious next step? A social credit score for each person, isn’t it? That might not happen right away because the infrastructure is not necessarily in place but I wonder how quickly China got their social credit grading system in place? Everyone in China is graded and that grade changes for better or worse depending upon the decisions made by the individual person throughout the day. There are people who work in large buildings whose job it is to adjust the grade of every person in China. Maintaining a good/high score gives the person more freedoms and privileges. A lower score does the exact opposite.

Is this type of system coming to the USA? Well, a quick look at Revelation 16:2 and 19:20 suggest that it may not be that far off into the future. Clearly, from these texts, it turns out that without the coming mark of the beast, no one will be able to buy or sell. Why does the Antichrist need that much control over everyone? It should be obvious that this is always the way dictators work. They must have control over as much as possible including people in order to continue that iron grip on society. Without that iron grip, they will always be in danger of losing control. If they lose control, they can be overthrown.

Antichrist will be fully empowered by Satan, which will give him the ability to use marvelous signs and wonders and deception to deceive the masses. The difference between then and now is that many of us understand what is coming and we see shades of it happening now. Because we see what’s coming, we are on our guard and aware of the possibility that what is happening now with respect to the CV19 situation, things could quickly move to the point of no return where people throughout society (including within the USA), will be little more than cattle, shuffled here and directed there.

Most are aware of what’s happening in Australia and we look aghast at the way law enforcement and politicians are treating Australians there. We might be tempted to think that could never happen here in the USA (or maybe your country either). But here in the states, we’ve learned that apparently, the CDC believes it has the authority to treat Americans just like the way the Australians are being treated. In an article titled, “CDC claims it has authority to use police to do everything you see going on in Australia; and Congress agrees,”

According to the CDC website, Congress granted authority to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which then ‘delegated’ this power to the CDC, to establish quarantine and isolation protocols [i.e. internment camps]. The CDC also claims it has the right to use state and local police to ‘enforce’ these protocols. The CDC makes no bones about the nature of its assumed powers when it states, rather bluntly:

In addition to serving as medical functions, isolation and quarantine also are ‘police power’ functions, derived from the right of the state to take action affecting individuals for the benefit of society.

The federal government derives its authority for isolation and quarantine from the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264), the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states.

The authority for carrying out these functions on a daily basis has been delegated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). [1]

Great point, Emma! Why is it that ppl simply accept the number of alleged deaths from CV but then turn right around and question or deny any deaths from the CV vax? It’s ridiculous.

Gee, think Nazis, Fascism, jackboots, brown shirts or anything else that comes to mind that from history that reminds us of just how certain governments treated their citizens. I find the above fascinating though when set along side the fact that around 15,000 Haitians were just allowed into the country and another 40,000 are on their way. Does what’s described above include them? All of the above is based on the idea that CV19 is so horrific that unless the government (CDC), takes these steps to ensure the “health and safety” of all people in the USA, they want us to believe that CV-19 would wipe out all or most of the population here. This justifies the use of forcibly kidnapping people and putting them in quarantine camps if the need arises.

Here’s another quote from their website:

As part of its federal authority, CDC routinely monitors persons arriving at U.S. land border crossings and passengers and crew arriving at U.S. ports of entry for signs or symptoms of communicable diseases.

Apparently, this same CDC has shown no concern over the 15,000 Haitians as there was absolutely no sign that the CDC bothered to “monitor” any of them. If they had, surely that would have been in the news?

We are quickly moving toward the fascist ideal of controlling everything about society – the people, movement, purchases, etc. From where I sit, it doesn’t look pretty at all. How about you? Have I veered off into “conspiracy theory” area or is there a sense in which what I’m saying could very well occur? I’d like to remind readers that the vivid descriptions of what happens throughout the earth in the book of Revelation are not metaphor or hyperbole, at least not the way I understand it. While I fully realize there are many who see the book as essentially allegorical, with what is happening in society now, it appears that it may be more literal than folks want to acknowledge.

What is absolutely asinine about all of what the CDC states on their website is that they show absolutely zero interest in doing things to “…detain, medically examine, and release persons arriving into the United States and traveling between states who are suspected of carrying these communicable diseases.” If they had, they would’ve done so with the recent Haitians that arrived in Del Rio. But they didn’t. Instead, they were transported by bus one evening to numerous hotels where they are housed and fed at the US taxpayer’s expense. If the CDC was truly interested in stopping CV or at least slowing the spread, they would not have allowed this to happen.

Nothing to see here. Just move along…

All of this leads me to believe it’s not about our “health and safety.” It’s about control. By the time the world gets to Revelation 16 and 20, global society will all be under the control of Antichrist. Do people really think that’ll happen in one day? Isn’t it more logical to think that it will happen steadily over time until the world is finally there?

However, while all of this appears to be bad news, I’d like to point out that there is reason to be thankful and to praise the Lord for His goodness in spite of what is happening in society. Blessings are available to those who are authentic Christians and who are in the practice of submitting themselves to Him and His will regularly. There are many who will probably not take this route, but will try to fight in their own strength and will end up sorely disappointed. Christians need to draw close to God and this can only be done by our constant submission to Him and fellowship with other solid, practicing believers. I don’t know of any other way, do you? If you are not one who actively does this, I’d like to note that it is not too late to start. During these difficult and trying days, it truly is important that Christians understand that God has His purposes that He will bring to fruition and even when that means allowing Satan to gain more of a foothold in society, God’s will still marches on. For those who align themselves with God’s will, the benefits will also come our way.

I’d like to encourage everyone to view this video from Pastor J D Farag, who pastors a church in Hawaii. The video highlights many “But God” moments from Christians who have experienced God’s gracious leading and provision during these tumultuous times as they faced potential job loss from their unwillingness to take the CV-19 jab. A number of them were fired but God provided miraculously. Others were not fired and were essentially told they had nothing to worry about; also a miracle.

I believe it is extremely important for us to understand what God is doing and as I noted in my last article about Nahum and Habakkuk, God still judges nations. Is He getting ready to judge the USA? I don’t know, but it certainly seems as though we are moving toward that time. We appear to be on the precipice.

In spite of what is here and coming to the USA and the world, God is still working among His anointed. The testimonies of Christians, one after the other, prove how gracious and loving God is for those who – and this is important – trust in Him and submit to His to be discovered will.

In the end, does it really matter what the government mandates? For those who are confounded and confused by what is taking place in society, the only real solution to this problem is to throw ourselves on Him.

We are getting ready to head out of state for a number of days. Please pray for our traveling mercies. We are taking the cremated remains of my parents and interring them in a grave sight that they purchased. We thank you ahead of time and look forward to getting back to publishing more articles sometime late next week.



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God Still Judges Nations Spartacus

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