God Still Judges Nations

September 28, 2021 at 12:50 PM 2 comments

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  2. Bevan Costello (Aboriginal Tribal Leader) dies days after receiving CV vax on TV
  3. Pastor Paul Van Noy’s comments on CV mandate (starting at 35:00 minute mark)
  4. Dr. Simone Gold talks about the recent lawsuit filed against the vaccine mandate with Dr. Bryan Ardis (may not be there!)
  5. Former LifeWay Head Publishes Grotesque, Self-Flagellation Antiracist Hit Piece
  6. This BABY has been paralyzed from neck down from CV jab!
  7. Why you should not get the CV vax (PDF PPT document – Very important READ!)
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May need to zoom in on this to read it.

From document #8 above:

Traditional vaccines do not pass through the blood-brain barrier. Crossing the blood-brain barrier places
patients at risk of chronic inflammation and thrombosis (clotting) in the neurological system, contributing
to tremors, chronic lethargy, stroke, Bell’s Palsy and ALS-type symptoms. The lipid nanoparticles can
potentially fuse with brain cells, resulting in delayed neuro-degenerative disease. And the mRNA-induced
spike protein can bind to brain tissue 10 to 20 times stronger than the spike proteins that are (naturally) part
of the original virus.

We will be back shortly with the third installment of Government Mandates.

The book of Nahum indirectly connects back to the book of Jonah. You’ll recall that God called Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell the people there that judgment was coming. Nineveh was the capitol of the Assyrian Empire.

God is like that. Because of His grace and tremendous love for all people, He takes the time to warn them that they are coming dangerously close to the judgmental ax falling. We also recall that the prophet Jonah did not like the fact that God was willing to warn and even save people from His judgment if they repented. That is exactly what happened starting at the top with the king of Nineveh adjuring everyone in Nineveh to repent so that they might be spared.

Roughly a century or so after Jonah, the prophet Nahum speaks prophetically about this same Nineveh. As we learn, it becomes clear just how evil and corrupt Nineveh’s (and therefore, Assyria), truly had become since Jonah’s day.

Nahum 1 highlights God’s anger with Nineveh. A totally new generation of people of Nineveh had apparently repented of their predecessors’ initial repentance.

Nahum 1:6 asks the simple question, “Who can stand before His indignation?” It’s a question we should be asking today. Because the way this world is going – even in the United States – it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that God will not judge America.

Many continue to believe that America just needs a person who will step up as president and redirect America away from the increasing evil that has become normal. This is why many continue to pin hopes on Donald J. Trump.

We think, “Oh, if we could just get a ‘good’ person in as president, the change for good that could happen!” I believe it is way too late for that.  While I used to think that was a possibility in the past, I realize that was simply wishful thinking on my part. What changed my mind? Reading God’s Word.

It’s very clear every historical empire that has come and gone had its beginning and ending point. God was in charge of that. He brought or allowed certain empires to start, to grow, to gain some measure of success in conquering other nations and He also brought those nations to their end. He did this mainly because they refused to bend the knee to Him, preferring their idols instead. I believe this holds true for the USA as well.

When we consider the evil that the Assyrians alone perpetrated because of their pride, relentlessness, and were not afraid of other nations or empires, a dire picture of abject and utter disdain toward God comes into view. The prophet Nahum asks the question, “What do you conspire against the Lord? He will make an utter end of it.” (Nahum 1:9)

While powerful people and nations believe they can overthrow God (Psalm 2), the truth is that there is nothing they can do to overthrow God or His plans. Even when they resist Him, God’s will is accomplished.

The way it appears to work is that God allows or brings a nation to the fore. That nation has the choice of being just to their people or embracing evil. All nations eventually embrace evil. The United States is no different. This does not mean every person in each nation is evil or embraces it. It simply means that the leaders always set the tone for that nation. We see this repeatedly throughout the Bible. God is not unaware nor is He mocked. He only allows things to go so far and while we might complain about justice taking so long, the truth is that there is only one reason God allows things to go on as they do. It is solely because of His grace in not wanting anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9). He is slow to anger, but too often, to us, it appears as though God doesn’t notice all the evil happening.

Nahum 2 and 3 detail just how bad Nineveh had become. Nahum 3 highlights the specific acts of cruelty that the Assyrians engaged in and God saw it all. Nothing was hidden and the mistake people often make is that since judgment has not come yet, it must be due to the fact that God hasn’t noticed. It has nothing to do with that and everything to do with His long suffering and grace.

Her young children also were dashed to pieces At the head of every street; They cast lots for her honorable men…(Nahum 3:10b)

The Assyrians, when they sought to conquer a village, town or city, would take infants and throw them violently onto the ground so that they were literally broken into pieces. We look aghast at such a situation, but isn’t America doing the same thing? Unborn infants who are well along into pregnancy are mercilessly murdered. The “doctor” reaches in with a pair of clamps, grabs hold of a limb and literally pulls the baby apart, limb by limb until the child is dead. They then remove what remains of the child. While this is done in a clinical setting, it only appears to be based on science and medicine. In the end, it is unmitigated murder in a most horrific way with an unborn child feeling that severe pain. I apologize for the graphic description but abortion is based on depopulation and greed.

How is the United States any better than the Assyrian Empire? Aside from the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies, the USA has been involved in one war after another that has simply resulted in dead military and innocent civilians on both sides. Why has there been such a “need” to be involved in these conflicts? Would it have anything to do with money? Only a few wars throughout history have been fought for noble purposes. Most simply enriched the people who provided arms and armaments.

So because of Assyria’s arrogance, they finally arrived to the point of judgment by God and they were so judged. God raised up the Babylonian leaders in Nebuchadnezzar and his soldiers to deal with Assyria. Then God raised up the Medes and the Persians to deal with Babylon. Then God raised up Alexander to deal with the Medo-Persian Empire and then God raised up the Roman Empire to deal with Greece.

Why should we think the USA is somehow exempt from judgment? Is it because this country was based on biblical principles? Then we are more responsible. If God would not spare the specific nation He created to be a light to the world (Israel), why do we think that God will give the USA a pass? I realize that these are difficult thoughts because no one wants to think of the USA being judged for our grievous sins by our leaders, but it seems that God has told us how He works. For each and every empire that rises, there is a definite point of no return and when passed, ushers in judgment.

In book of Habakkuk, we see the prophet’s complaint that many of us have today.

O Lord, how long shall I cry,
And You will not hear?
Even cry out to You, “Violence!”
And You will not save.
Why do You show me iniquity,
And cause me to see trouble?
For plundering and violence are before me;
There is strife, and contention arises.
Therefore the law is powerless,
And justice never goes forth.
For the wicked surround the righteous;
Therefore perverse judgment proceeds.

The above heartfelt words from the prophet Habakkuk (Habakkuk 1:2-4), shows us that we aren’t the only ones who ask these questions of God. Many Christians in the USA (as well as other countries), have been asking this same thing. Why does God seem remote, out of touch, and appears turn a blind eye to the evil, the iniquity, the plundering and violence, the strife, and absolute lack of justice? Why are the wicked surrounding the righteous and perverse judgments are continually pronounced?

It is because for the past two hundred plus years in the USA, Satan has put his people in positions of high places. He has done well and because of it, is exceedingly difficult for any justice to occur today…but God.

In general, corrupt, evil people are in charge of our political, religious, medical, federal law enforcement agencies and military and educational institutions. This didn’t happen overnight. It has been long in coming and what we see today is the result of that long, consistent takeover. Because these people are in high places, they feel confident in using God’s Name to beat us over the head as the new governor of the State of New York recently said at a mega church. She said that people who are not getting vaxxed are “not listening to God and according to her the CV jab is from God. These deceivers use the trappings of religion when it suits them. Christendom is filled with them today.

So while Habakkuk cried out to God much the same way that we do now, what was God’s response? Unfortunately for Habakkuk (and us), it was not what the prophet wanted to hear. Habakkuk wanted God to intervene and make things right. But God will not simply do that without pouring out His judgment first. In other words, God makes things right via judgment.

Throughout the Old Testament once Israel became a nation, we see a parade of mostly evil kings after David and Solomon. This is Satan’s modus operandi, to corrupt institutions from within.

The evil that many of those godless kings perpetrated onto the people of Israel is clear in God’s Word. Every once in a while Judah at least, had a good king who tried to please God. The northern kingdom of Israel had none. God’s patience and grace continued to extend to Israel and Judah, but eventually, His grace and patience came to an end and judgment rained down. THAT is the way God has righted wrongs and deals with evil and injustice, by judging first then blessing afterward. A final judgment is coming for all people; Christians at the Bema Seat (1 Corinthians 15:51-52), and non-Christians at the Great White Throne (Revelation 20:7-15).

Habakkuk was told that God would in fact, deal with evil, but not in the way that Habakkuk wanted. God was going to send Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian forces to judge Judah by conquering Judah three separate times and on the third time, burned Jerusalem to the ground.

Habakkuk 1:5-10 clearly highlights the character of Babylon’s soldiers under Nebuchadnezzar’s leadership. They would deal with Judah’s waywardness and corruption. Babylon is described as “bitter,” “hasty,” “violent,” “terrible” and “dreadful.” They were unafraid and would kill mighty men/warriors from the overthrown nation just as soon as look at them. I’m not sure we can fully appreciate just how quickly life could be taken from people in those days.

Killing warriors (or enslaving them), proved that the invading nation’s gods were more powerful and therefore supreme over the invaded nation. Obviously, this was the case to these superstitious people because their thinking was that they would not have been able to conquer unless their gods were more powerful. What they failed to see was that God brought it about, allowing them to conquer Israel, Judah or both. He did so to judge the evils of Israel/Judah. But He would then turn around and rightly judge the very nation He used as His arm of judgment on Israel.

I do not know what will happen to the USA, but I have my suspicions. I firmly believe we are headed toward much needed and overdue judgment. How long can our leaders do what they do without any sort of reaction by God Himself? God has never – to my knowledge – “saved” a nation needing judgment by putting in a “good” leader who redirects that nation away from their evil ways. He always judges a nation and usually through war. I wish it was different but I don’t see anything else in Scripture.

But I don’t want to leave this here because God also offers encouragement. All authentic Christians need to know and understand that God will preserve His people if we are willing to trust in Him. This is where faith comes in and is what God expects from those who call Him “Lord and God.” For authentic Christians, it is still time to be a witness by presenting the Gospel wherever we can. Refusing to take an experimental, gene-therapy jab can be a huge open door to witness.

I’ll talk about this more in the next article, “Government Mandates, Pt 3.”


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