Government Mandates, Pt 2

September 27, 2021 at 2:06 PM 4 comments

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We spoke last time about the use of mandates in monarchies and empires throughout history and noted specifically three such governmental mandates in the book of Daniel. We noted how in all cases, Daniel and his three friends respectfully ignored each mandate and the consequences for doing so.

I want to focus on the CV-19 injections themselves and options open to Christians, for those who firmly believe taking the injection is something that God does not want for them. I realize that there are many within Christendom who see absolutely no problem with the injections and are encouraging other Christians to take them and look aghast when they hear a Christian say they are not going to take it. But I’m not talking to those folks. I’m talking to Christians who are very concerned about the potential adverse reactions including death because of an injection that is still only under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and is a fully experimental medical procedure. It is important to remember that the inventor of the mRNA component – Dr. Robert Malone – has publicly called for a cease and desist to all mRNA injections.

For me, I have several problems with the current CV-19 injection. They are these:

  1. lack of long term studies on efficacy and effectiveness
  2. use of aborted fetal cell line in production of or in the vax itself
  3. my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and as such should be treated accordingly
  4. the government is mandating an EXPERIMENTAL, EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZED injection…or lose your livelihood

First, a search of the ‘Net (I’d suggest using Duck Duck Go as opposed to Google), will result in information about the complete lack of long term studies for the current CV-19, though of course, there is a concerted attempt to downplay this. If all the long term studies had been completed, there would not be a need for Pfizer to engage in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using everyone who takes the injection ongoing now until 2023. In short, there are no long term studies into the efficacy of the CV-19 and I’ll remind readers that this has been the first time the mRNA component has been used in a vaccine (using the term loosely) for people. I’m aware of the disinformation surrounding this claim. However, many doctors are saying that more are dying from the CV-19 vax than from CV-19 itself.

Second, the use of aborted fetal cell lines in either the production of or actually in the vax itself is concerning. Some, like Pastor Robert Jeffress (mega Baptist church of Dallas, TX), however, have come out to say that Christians are hypocritical because while they are unwilling to receive this current vax (allegedly developed via aborted fetal cells), they ignore the fact that aborted fetal cells have been used in any number of other products that are routinely used. On that basis, Jeffress will not provide religious exemption statements to his parishioners. Other pastors will but in the end, I’m not sure it’ll make much difference since according to Biden’s mandate, there are no exemptions, either religious or medical that are to be accepted.

One hospital is only approving religious exemptions to staff who request it if they can sign and swear that they do not use any of the products listed (see image). What is patently absurd about this is that you’ll note aspirin is listed along with Tums. Turns out aspirin came onto the scene long before aborted fetal cells were used in the production of pharma products. I’m not sure why aspirin is listed. Tums? There were no aborted fetal cells used in the creation of that product either. I have to wonder what other products listed came about with no connection to aborted fetal cells? We do know that aborted fetal cells are used in production of certain food seasonings, cosmetics and many medicines. It is difficult to know for certain which ones in all cases.

Is this simply being unaware of the problem? Paul, in speaking to the Corinthians, told them that if someone puts a plate of food in front of them and does not mention it was offered to idols, go ahead and eat. If, on the other hand, they announce that it was offered to idols, it should be refused (1 Corinthians 10:27-28). Is it the same with aborted fetal cells? Understandably, it is very difficult to know what has or does not have any connection to fetal cells, but when we learn of it, it then makes us responsible to make the correct choice, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s time we Christians begin using more homeopathic remedies, like our grandparents and their parents did. Most of those remedies were created from plants. While some were not great, others worked well. I will continue to use aspirin as needed since its creation/discovery well precedes the time when scientists began using aborted fetal cells.

However, there is an additional point to be made here, if you’ll permit me. Christians who drink, smoke, does recreational drugs or does not really care about what is put into their body by way of highly processed food and/or junk food, and drink, but then object to the use of aborted fetal cells, can that person truly be taken seriously? Doesn’t that seem a bit hypocritical? Americans are the largest group of people in the world with the highest obesity percentage. Obesity creates all sorts of problems like, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart issues and much more. For the Christian to be 25, 50 or more pounds overweight because he/she does not concern themselves with what goes into their stomachs, but objects to taking a vax that may have been created or developed with the aid of aborted fetal cells is a bit disingenuous, isn’t it? How can that person claim, “My body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit!” while they stand there as I did 6 years or so ago carrying way too much fat on their frame?

We know that older people and overweight people are the main targets of CV-19. These folks normally have compromised immune systems and because of it, CV-19 finds a way into their systems. Depending upon how badly compromised their immune systems are, they could die, as many have. Take a quick look at your feet from a standing position. Is your stomach in the way? If you have to suck in your gut, it’s too big.

Some will argue, “But I cannot exercise!” I get it. There was a time when I could not exercise either except for walking. I weighed 255 pounds and for a man with a 5′ 7″ frame, that was absolutely way too much fat! It affected every part of my life and not in a good way. I was working toward a 46″ waistline for pants. Over time, I lost a ton of weight and did it slowly and intelligently by changing my eating habits, eliminating high fructose corn syrup products (in drink and food), avoiding gluten and other things. I feel much better today and when I say that my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I actually believe it. It is amazing what happens when we simply avoid certain things even without exercising.

Along these lines, people are not getting enough vitamins in their system. Even though many processed foods state, “Enriched,” meaning, man-made vitamins have been added, there is no guarantee that those vitamins are actually getting processed by your system.

Scientists and medical researchers are discovering that numerous vitamins actually work to protect or heal our bodies from things like CV-19. Niacin turns out to be one of those.

Niacin is indeed the causally-linked bonafide prophylaxis and basically overnight cure (1 g a day [this equals 1,000 mg; editor]) for COVID… and so much more…. Niacin (deficiency) may evidently be the missing causal puzzle piece that explains all disease progression. [1]

Finally, I’m very concerned about the government mandating some medical procedure, essentially stating that if you don’t submit to the experimental vax, you’ll lose your job. The government has absolutely no right to do that. In essence, our government is mandating a fully EXPERIMENTAL injection that still only falls under EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION from the FDA. This should be enough to NOT have any legal leg to stand on regarding Biden’s mandate. It goes against the Nuremberg Code among other things. I cannot be forced to accept an experimental injection that only has emergency authorization, period.

But let’s look a bit deeper and ask this question: Why was every early treatment protocol shoved off the table by Fauci? Why was Hydroxychloroquine and now Ivermectin panned? Why is it that hospitals can only use Remdesivir when in point of fact, according to Dr. Bryan Ardis and others, Remdesivir is causing far more harm than good, including killing people suffering from CV-19? Why was society locked down, told to mask up and social distance until the vax became available? We were told to lock down tight and simply wait. Why? There was absolutely no currently approved pill that could have helped the situation for thousands? Instead, they were left to die because we needed to wait for the vax?

I’m astounded at the many Christians who firmly believe the government wants to help and while these people admit some in government make human error from time to time, their overall goal is to help, not harm. Really? We now know that the FDA has purchased aborted baby parts in the past for research. Is this to be considered “human error” by those who staunchly believe both government and pharmaceutical companies are really simply trying to help us? Just how bad is it? This pastor goes into some graphic detail in his sermon.

By the way, I’m not talking about “liberal” Christians here who believe government/Big Pharma is here to help and should be trusted. I’m talking about Christians who are very conservative theologically, seemingly biblically based and who will tell you that they believe God has given them great discernment. It is those folks who believe government does not purposefully commit grievous wrongs, but any wrongs done are simply human error. Interestingly enough, these same Christians have gotten the CV-19 jab and encourage all Christians to do the same.

The government, it is clear, seems bent on removing freedoms as a form of blackmail. This is concerning. For those who comply, they will be rewarded with the return of freedoms. For those who do not comply, more restrictions will be imposed. We are seeing that in Australia and Canada as well as parts of the United States. Yet, there is no pandemic clause in the Constitution that allows elected officials to remove freedoms guaranteed because of a pandemic. For the government and its actors/agents to do what they’re doing is really criminal, as it is an assault on the Constitution, which ultimately amounts to treason.

I fear that a day is coming when people will gather against the government and bad things will happen. I am NOT advocating that. I’m simply noting the growing anger within American society because of the way the Constitution is treated. The Constitution does not grant us rights. It simply recognizes the rights that God Himself has given us. Every elected official who works against those rights is a traitor to the Constitution.

Each person will have to decide where they stand and why they think as they do with respect to the CV-19 injection mandate. I believe that if this mandate is carried out successfully (each person will have the option of getting the vax or weekly testing), more intrusive mandates will be created. I also believe the option of weekly testing will soon be withdrawn leaving the only choice of getting the vax or losing one’s job.

By the way, I hope you are aware that they are now testing the CV-19 vax on infants. Yes, you read that right – INFANTS. Here’s an article detailing adverse reactions and deaths as well as the huge campaign against “anti-vaxxers.” We may expect to see more related to infants now, but I pray not.

What began as a “15 days to slow the spread” to “we need to wait for the vax” has become “there’s no going back to the previous normal.” Yet, there are so many who either fail to see this or believe it is best practice because apparently, of what the experts did not previously know. Is this all for our “health and safety” or is something else at play here?

To me, it appears that Satan is working overtime to bring the world together in the final one world government. God will either allow or disallow it based on His time. I don’t know the answer to that. What I know is there are too many lies and much disinfo circulating society that is imprisoning people by removing their rights. In essence, people are being treated as criminals.

I woke up this morning at 5am and started praying that God would bring the most corrupt to justice. I have no idea if He will do that or not. If He chooses not to, then clearly He has His reasons. In the meantime, I do believe this is a dividing line for professing and authentic Christians. It is time to dwell in the shadow and safety of His wings, to remove ourselves from the system of “Babylon” that controls this world as much as we possibly can. We must learn to trust Him to direct us. If the situation in the world is not going to cause us to throw ourselves on Him, then I’m not sure anything will.





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Government Mandates, Pt 1 God Still Judges Nations


  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  September 28, 2021 at 11:25 AM

    Thanks Modres. As the veil is peeled back, we are beginning to know the truth about many hidden things…basically most medicine is from the pit of hell if we take them being produced using aborted baby cell lines into account!

    I have been watching teachings about Micah recently and there comes a time when God can no longer hold back His Hand of wrath against nations…we are probably nearing that time…the earthquake in Australia was probably a warning to the corrupt…

    “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of thy throne: Loving kindness and truth go before thy face” – Psalm 89:14


    • 2. modres  |  September 28, 2021 at 11:28 AM

      I am of the same mind. My next two articles delve into that with Nahum and Habakkuk.

      We are on borrowed time. The only reason God’s judgment has not fallen on USA is, I believe, solely due to His grace and long suffering. Not sure when He will decide that’s come to an end.


  • 4. Truth2Freedom  |  September 27, 2021 at 2:11 PM

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