Increasing Persecution of Christians in the UK and Europe

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Shhhh...don't talk loud enough to be heard especially if you're going to talk about God, sin, and the need for people to receive Jesus as Savior. Got it? Carry on!

Shhhh…don’t talk loud enough to be heard especially if you’re going to talk about God, sin, and the need for people to receive Jesus as Savior. Got it? Carry on!

It’s a sad fact that is becoming all too normal throughout many parts of the world today. Christians are being shunned, bullied, jailed, and even killed simply because we are not of this world and our attitude and beliefs bear this out. Because of it, it puts us directly in the oncoming path of Satan’s evil kingdom. It cannot be helped. The only way to avoid it is to avoid the world and Paul has told us that this is impossible.

If you head on over to The Infidel Watchman (, you’ll see all sorts of videos that portray what’s happening in the UK and parts of Europe. Because of Angela Merkel’s “social experiment,” thousands of innocent lives are being impacted negatively. As one college professor intoned (as he interrupted her speech), that he was very concerned for his children’s lives and since Merkel did not know the outcome of her social experiment, it posed grave danger for all people of Germany. Of course, he was escorted out and the college not only disavowed his concerns, but has threatened to expel the man from his teaching position.

You can also read about a recent ax attack perpetrated by a Muslim (who shouted praises to Allah during the attack), that occurred on a German train. Ultimately, the number of injured has reached more than 20. The Muslim was 17 and he carried out his attack as revenge for Western airstrikes. This type of attack in Europe is becoming more common and unfortunately, it is likely we’ll see more of these here in the United States as well, all the while our elected leaders will caution us about jumping to conclusions. Of course, the home grown Black Lives Movement (BLM) is considered a hate group by many and does nothing but pushes their message of hate and violence on unsuspecting and innocent people.

But in one particular video on The Infidel Watchman, a Scottish Christian street preacher is seen preaching to a gathering crowd on the streets and he is eventually arrested because of what he says. Ironically, he had been previously arrested for the same offense and acquitted only to be arrested again. Either the police did not get the message or they enjoy arresting someone for what he says. But that is a growing problem in areas like Scotland and England (as well as other areas of the world), due to a tightening surrounding what is now “allowed” speech in public areas where the potential for others to hear and be offended comes into play. The crime is called “breach of the peace” and it can land you in jail.

There were many comments under the video and more than one person pointed out that Muslims seem to be allowed to say whatever they want to say and nothing ever happens to them. There is a growing disrespect for law enforcement because it would seem that they are content to pick and choose who is arrested and who is ignored.

But in reality, we Christians know that this is the way it is going throughout the world and the only thing that keeps us relatively safe from arrest here in America is the 1st Amendment, which guarantees the freedom of speech. Those opposed to absolute freedom of speech point out that you cannot legally yell “fire!” in a crowded place unless there actually is a fire. Doing so is illegal because of the potential physical harm that can result from a crowd of people trampling one another.

However, this is far different from simply addressing issues of today. A person should be able and allowed to speak freely and frankly even if someone else is offended by it. But in today’s “progressive” and politically correct society, anything that smacks of “hate” speech is verboten and should be illegal, according to many. Of course, the question then becomes who gets to decide what constitutes hate speech?

I recall when I still lived in California, those opposed to same-sex unions quickly learned that any verbal opposition to it meant being classified as a “hater,” one who expresses “hate” speech. Things quickly escalated to the point that anyone who stated that homosexuality or same-sex unions were wrong was seen as a “hater” and someone who spread malicious hate speech. So even though it is not illegal to express a dissenting opinion toward homosexuality or same-sex unions, who wants to be seen as a hater? Moreover, because the issue has become so polarizing, who wants to be solely defined by their position on that particular subject?

If I say “homosexuality is wrong” and I also say “prostitution is wrong,” I would be considered a “hater” with the first one, but with respect to the second, it would simply be relegated to my “opinion.” So note how political correctness dictates how things are viewed?

In England, it is actually a crime to state publicly that homosexuality is wrong. I’ve read (or seen videos) of many street preachers who have been arrested for making statements like that. It’s also illegal to denigrate someone else’s religion. In one particular case, a couple who owned a bed and breakfast got into a short discussion with two Muslim guests and the conversation was started by the Muslims. Because the two owners (who were Christians), expressed their beliefs and views, they were reported and eventually arrested and fined.

Similar laws exist in Canada where if a preacher is heard over the radio or on TV denigrating homosexuality, that preacher can be fined. In America, it is very difficult to make laws like these because of the 1st Amendment, so the left (and those opposed to the 1st Amendment) go about it through a form of peer pressure called political correctness. In this way, many in society are shunned or even silenced because of the fear of being repudiated by those who disagree with their opinions, especially if that opinion is biblically based.

It is important for Christians to understand where this world is headed and what we can expect to come our way. Because I do not want to be defined as a Christian by one issue (homosexuality), if someone ever asked me publicly what I thought of it, I’d ask them why they wanted to know and what does my opinion have to do with anything?

Being defined by one hot-button issue makes it very difficult for Christians to minister and try to reach the lost. Oh, but some might argue that we are to reach out to homosexuals. I agree, but I also believe that God has a growing number of people coming out of that lifestyle and into Christianity who are so much more well-equipped to reach other gay people than I can. Certainly, I can and should present the gospel to them as I would present the gospel to any lost person. However, was Jesus defined by one particular issue? No, His concern was for all people.

Paul tells us some very important truths that we need to pay attention to in this day and age. In 2 Timothy 3:1, Paul tells Timothy (and us), point-blank, “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.” He follows that one statement up with descriptions of how people will act and what they will be like. We are seeing this repeatedly throughout society. While there is much that American news bureaus are not showing us (that includes all of them; don’t be taken in by the seeming conservative nature of FOX News), we are not getting the big picture. If you take the time to search for the truth, it’s there in numerous places and I would encourage you to do that. I don’t want you to do this so that you become angry by the hate, anger, and lawlessness that exists and is growing throughout the world. I would rather encourage you to understand that all people need Jesus and the need is tremendously great.

After Paul explains to his protegé Timothy how bad things will get, he follows that up with one startling verse in 2 Timothy 3:13, which plainly tells us “But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

We must do what the apostle Peter tells us to do in 1 Peter 1:13, when he says, “…prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The times are becoming more difficult for all people, but especially for Christians, because I believe God is allowing Satan to gain dominion over this world for the coming seven years known as the Tribulation/Great Tribulation. It will kick off when one man steps onto the world’s stage and brokers a peace agreement with Israel and the surrounding Arab nations (Daniel 9:27). That man – the Antichrist – will eventually rise to the top of the heap and will be allowed (by God) to rule this entire planet for seven years. Ultimately, it will be Satan ruling through Antichrist, who is really Satan’s spiritual son. In that sense then, Satan will fulfill, to some degree, his promises he made to himself (yet God heard because of His sovereignty and omniscience), that he would become “like the Most High,” (Isaiah 14:14).

Of course, we also know that his rule will be very short-lived because when Jesus physically returns to this planet, He will destroy the works of Satan and Antichrist himself with one breath (2 Thessalonians 2). This is truth we can count on, which makes the evil of the day that much more bearable.

In the meantime, we have a commission. It is called the Great Commission (Matthew 28), and as soldiers of the King of kings, we must render our service to Him in loyalty and complete dedication. There are souls who need saving. Only He can save, but He has asked us to tell the lost about their need for salvation. Will you do it? Will you ignore the evil, the persecution, the hatred and continue to reach out to the lost?

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