Moses: Anger, My Greatest Regret

July 19, 2016 at 10:54 AM

mosescaptureRecently, I presented a study at my local church on Moses and his evidenced anger recorded in Numbers 20. There, he was at the rock in the wilderness of Zin (second time in nearly 40 years), and once again, just as before, the people needed water for themselves and their herds. Interesting how history can tend to repeat itself and in this case, God allowed these instances to occur for very specific reasons. I deal with that within the presentation itself.

In the second instance of God bringing forth water from the rock using Moses, and unlike the first, Moses made an egregious error, allowing his own anger to bubble over. He directed his anger at the people and it caused irreparable harm for him. Certainly, it did not glorify the Lord at all.

In reality, I believe Moses’ anger not only kept him from entering the Promised Land, but ruined the perfect imagery that God Himself had desired to provide through the two instances of bringing water from the rock through Moses. Once the mistake was made, there was no going back and even though surely forgave Moses his sin, the consequences of Moses’ sin remained and he was not allowed to enter into the Promised Land but died and was buried outside that Land in a place known only to God Himself.

You can watch the video (roughly 48 minutes) in which I present a PowerPoint to the gathered group at the following link:

Conversely, you can also simply listen to the audio version of this presentation, which can be found here:

I have several other presentations I’ll be highlighting in the coming weeks on numerous Old Testament leaders. Look for those soon.

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