Technocracy – Building the Beast: Chapter 1

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Our previous article in this “technocracy” defined a few things for us so that we’re all on the same page, regarding interpreting God’s Word. Whether or not readers agree with my reasoning is not the issue. The explanations I provided help lay the groundwork for where we are going in this series and to help readers understand my particular position.

In this article, I’d like to flesh out a term that we will be using throughout this series. The first term is technocracy; what is it and how is it affecting society now?

In a book I wrote titled, “Technocracy to Tribulation,” I spend a good deal of time explaining and providing examples of Technocracy. For simple purposes, let’s use a definition by an author who has also written several books on the subject of Technocracy, Patrick M. Wood (

Technocracy was originally designed as a replacement economic system for Capitalism and Free Enterprise, masterminded by prominent engineers and scientists at Columbia University in 1932. It was to be a resource-based economic system that used energy credits as its accounting system, rather than currency as we know it today. [1]

In 1932, Technocracy was sidelined on the shelf for a while, but then slowly and deliberately brought back off the shelf and adopted by the Trilateral Commission in the 1970s, according to Wood. In fact, as Wood also notes, Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller created the Trilateral Commission with the intent of putting together a “New International Economic Order”[2] that would compete with and eventually replace capitalism. The goal was to replace it with technocracy.

From there, technocracy went to the UN and was adopted, incorporating it into their Agenda 21 in 1992.  Phrases like “sustainable development,” “green economy,” “climate change” and “natural capitalism” are all part of this growing technocracy movement.

Today, Agenda 21 is still in force, but has been significantly expanded through the (UN’s) 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More recently, the New Urban Agenda was adopted at the UN’s Habitat III conference.[3]

Ultimately, as Wood points out, the goal is to replace free enterprise and capitalism with a system where the super rich and powerful can exercise full control over the entire globe. In their eyes, the world will be divided into two societies: the haves (them) and the serfs; those who are allowed to have whatever the haves allow them to have. This is never openly discussed. Instead, the elite’s puppets (politicians, actors and CEOs), all play the game of bemoaning the alleged fact that if we don’t do something to save energy and reverse “climate change,” the world is doomed. I seriously doubt they believe what they’re selling, but most are in the pockets of the super wealthy.

The elite believe collectively and individually that there is only so much room on earth for animals, plants and people. They also believe that there are only so many resources available, like fossil fuels, energy, etc. To preserve these things, there must be a plan in place that is dedicated to ensuring that there are not too many people, animals, plants or valuable resources do not get used up.

The elite also believe that they are here as the true “chosen” people, destined to be the rulers of the world. Who do they believe they should ruler over? All of us who are not part of their elite circle. It’s really quite that simple.

If you understand what this means, then you’ll quickly grasp the reality that things like abortion on demand, saving energy, using resources sparingly, becoming fully sustainable, etc., are all supported by the elite in order to “save the world” from overpopulation and wasting the resources that this earth yields. The unfortunate part is that once they gain control, they will turn most of society into third world countries, while they enjoy the full benefits of the best living one can imagine.

In many Sci-Fi movies, there is usually a dystopian look at the future where the poor people of the earth live in squalor or abject poverty, while the wealthy (elite) have everything they need.  The reality is that the elites have been working very hard to control all energy input and output. This position gives them control over the entire ecosystem of the earth. They will decide how much resources are used and how much the lowly serfs will be allowed to have and use.

Technocracy has made tremendous gains through the UN and pushed all over the world. As noted, many in Congress are foisting aspects of technocracy while not alluding to it at all. They speak of the “new green deal,” “climate change,” using limited resources to preserve what we have for future generations, pushing abortion on demand (and in some cases, all the way up to birth), in order to reduce global population. Remember, they are mainly doing this for themselves and their loved ones. They want the world to last for them and they’re willing to do whatever is necessary to make that happen. This is the lie that Satan has been feeding them for generations and they believe it to be their mission. This may all sound like a fairy tale but no one who has any critical thinking skills and has taken the time to research this would come to any other conclusion if they are honest about it.

Technocracy is here and growing. I’d recommend that readers go to the link below and do some studying about the subject. A lot has been published and not just from Patrick M. Wood. He notes another author who happens to be a leading scholar on globalism – Dr. Parag Khanna – who published a book called Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State (he’s FOR it!). In this book the author insists in, “America’s need for a ‘direct Technocracy’. Among other things, he calls for the abandonment of the Senate and for the Supreme Court to directly modify the Constitution as it sees fit. Khanna believes in a borderless world where global Smart Cities and mega-regions will be connected to create a global society, or a giant city-state.”[4]

This is why so many object to the building of the wall on America’s southern border. While they say it is “bigoted,”
“inhuman,” “unnatural” and “racist,” the reality is that many of those who object are part of the group working with elite people who want a completely borderless society. Others who object are simply “useless idiots” who go along with the crowd because it feels rewarding (Social Justice Warrior), and helps them believe they are making a difference in a cruel world. There’s a good reason for this, which we will also get into. For now, suffice it to say a borderless society allows for the remaking of world maps. Without borders, people can come and go at will and as needed. Without borders, elite can take whatever they want from anywhere on the globe and no one can say they shouldn’t or can’t. A truly borderless globe means no one owns anything and the elite own it all.

Technocracy will benefit one group of people – those who hold the power. The rest will be subjugated by that power. Some might argue, “Isn’t that happening now in America?” To a degree, yes. However, we still have rights and power guaranteed by the Constitution though many believe we are living in a post-Constitutional USA. Until that document is finally shredded – and it will be one day – we the people still have some measure of power. When it’s gone and technocracy comes fully into favor with the world, we will have no power and the elites will have total control.

If there is nothing else I can help you understand, it’s that a Technocratic World Order equals one in which a few people in the world have complete control over everyone else in the world and it’ll all be based on so-called “energy credits” within the system of technocracy. These energy credits would replace all other currencies and become the world digital currency. As people earn or preserve energy, they are issued “credits” that would be used to buy things. This will be the system that Antichrist steps up to gain control over to the chagrin of the ten kings of Revelation 17. More on that later as well.

The goal of the coming energy credit system allows people to save or “bank” energy instead of using it. This provides those people who save or produce energy, credits that are assigned a value, which can then be spent on goods. Think of energy tax credits. We are talking about a type of energy credit. In California for instance, there is a huge push for people to convert to solar power for their homes. People receive huge tax breaks for having solar panels installed on their roofs to help reduce their electricity usage from power plants. In essence, when they do this, since they are using less from power plants, they “earn” credits by using the sun. Power plants use energy to create energy, whether it’s a coal, nuclear or water powered plant. Energy is expended to create electrical energy used by society.

People who install solar panels on their homes rely less on power plants to produce energy. Some people are able to produce enough energy so that the local power plant has to buy their extra electricity back from them.

In the world that technocrats envision setting up, everything would be perfectly balanced so that what was used would be offset by what was created so that there is ultimately zero usage. The more a person saves energy, the more they can “bank” in terms of gaining energy credits.

Technocracy uses terms like “smart appliances” or even “smart cities.” The goal is to have everything that we use to be “smart” in that it will be able to use electricity to the best of its ability. Most of us have “smart” phones, “smart” TVs, “smart” meters, and many other appliances that are referred to as “smart.”

Essentially, the inclusion of “smart” has come to mean anything saturated with technology designed to control the object of its focus.[5]

Of course, what they don’t want us to know that if it’s “smart,” it can be controlled by others because most smart technology has wireless access. The “Internet of Things,” which loosely stated, is a vast network that is not the actual Internet, but a subcategory of Internet that runs on its own frequencies, is what controls smart appliances.

Since the installation of smart electric meters for instance, it is much easier for the local electric company to shut people’s electricity off without ever leaving the plant. A flick of the switch will turn off a person’s electricity or an entire block’s worth or neighborhood (or city), all from the computerized control panel at the local electric plant. This is why California can currently use “rolling brown outs” throughout the state as an excuse to “save energy.” They have that control because of smart meters and the Internet of Things.

Technocracy is a reality. It is here and growing and pushing the world toward the inevitable arrival of the final global empire of Daniel 2. It’s coming.



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