Technocracy: Building the Beast – Transhumanism

August 26, 2020 at 12:17 PM 5 comments

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In the last article in this series, we introduced and generally defined the topic of technocracy. Certainly, it goes into far more depth than what was presented, but it laid the ground work for our purposes. We will continue to further define it as we move through this series.

Throughout the rest of this “book,” we will be delving into aspects of technocracy as it is being built in today’s world as we approach the final empire that God said would come into existence in Daniel 2. This empire will ultimately be ruled by the Antichrist, but interestingly enough, it doesn’t start that way. The Bible tells us he uses intrigue and politics to place himself in the number one position over this empire and will even use murder to assure he keeps his throne. Don’t worry. We’ll get into that.

In this particular article, I want to introduce another term that you may or may not be familiar with and that is transhumanism. Like technocracy, transhumanism sounds very sci-fi, doesn’t it? It sounds that way because that has been done purposefully so that society will not notice what is happening in reality.

Many movies (too many to list here), have included aspects of transhumanism. Splice is a good one. Though I’ve not seen it, it deals with the altering of a human being with animal DNA. The scientists in charge of these experiments hoped to achieve fame by attempting to create hybrid creatures for use in other scientific experiments.

In short, transhumanism is the blending of animal, human or even bio-mechanics in order to achieve eternal life. Transhumanism in its most blatant form is found in the original books like “Dracula” and “Frankenstein.” In both of these, Dracula needed the blood of younger victims in order to continue living and of course, as you’ll recall, could only come out at night because he would be destroyed by the sun. Frankenstein was a creature created from a variety of organs from various “donors” in an attempt to recreate or reanimate life.

Since those books, many other books and movies have been written and produced that take the entire realm of transhumanism to the extreme. Movies of human soldiers being given bionics in order to make them better soldiers. You may recall the TV show, The Bionic Man, followed by the Bionic Woman. These shows were about human hybrids that saved them from death.

Ultimately, transhumanism is the attempt to live as long as possible physically, even without end, if that were possible. The people who believe that it can and will happen and have the dollars to support it, are dumping tons of money into that area of research because they do not want to die. It’s that simple. They have the wealth and with wealth comes the power. They have everything they need, except eternal life. So, they want to make that happen through transhumanism; ultimately the combining of humanity with machine. The resultant “machines” will absolutely include computer technology, which they’ve already been discussing and researching over the years.

Most recently, with Bill Gates’ ID2020, there was serious talk about including microscopic tattoos or stamps via vaccinations, embedded under the skin. These tattoos/stamps would contain our health information that could be scanned at various places (airports, work, etc.), to either allow or prohibit us from entering locations, depending upon if our vaccinations are up to date.

Not all technology is bad, by the way. However, all of it can be used for nefarious purposes. I have a nephew that was born with eye issues. His eyes do not contain the pigment that other people have, which allow us to see. It’s a form of albinism though it simply affects his eyes. There is now technology available that allows him to wear special glasses that bring the world around him into absolute focus and up close.

Without these glasses he has to put everything as close as possible to his eyes so that he can see even a little bit. The technology that he is now getting used to using helps him see much like the average person sees. I can see a day coming when operations will take place that will insert things into a person’s defective eyes so that they will be able to see. It’s good technology but how far will it go?

Transhumanism is also closely linked to eugenics. Eugenics is essentially the area of study that seeks to improve the quality of human beings by selectively mating people with specific and desirable traits. If humanity can be improved, that is a major step toward gaining eternal physical life. Eugenics also includes the negative side; eliminating human beings who are thought to be “impure,” “adulterated,” or simply of poor quality. How is this done? Largely through abortion and intelligent people know that Margaret Sanger’s vision was to eliminate people of races whom she thought to be inferior to other races. Sanger was bankrolled largely by John D. Rockefeller.

Eugenics was big with Hitler’s regime as well. He believed that only Aryans were the best human beings and his goal was to create a race of Aryans that would rule the world. Interestingly enough, Hitler himself was not Aryan but that didn’t stop him from becoming a maniacal tyrant who led the entire world into a global war.

Iceland is said to be on its way to eliminating Down Syndrome through abortion. In Iceland, doctors are mandated to warn expectant mothers that the child they are carrying may have Down Syndrome. It appears that most pregnant women in Iceland simply opt for an abortion rather than take the chance on giving birth to a child who turns out to have Downs Syndrome.

While the government of Iceland is not mandating abortions for these children, because so many women are choosing abortion, Down Syndrome is disappearing there. Science has not somehow to overcome Down Syndrome and made it disappear. They are simply killing their unborn children if it appears that the child might be born with Down Syndrome. This is eugenics.

By the way, I believe during the coming time of the Tribulation, we will see some of this human/animal/technology hybrid thing in action and we’ll get into that as well. The Bible seems to allude to it.

What is interesting about transhumanism is that it really goes hand in hand with technocracy.

Transhumanism is a metaphysical belief system that immortality can be achieved by applying advanced science to the human condition. It is based on Scientism, as is Technocracy. The Technocracy Utopia would ostensibly be populated by Transhumans. [2]

As noted, transhumanism is really the crossing or combining of human, bio-technics and even animal splicing in an attempt to create “eternal life” physically on the earth. The people who believe and push this have even adopted a Transhumanist Declaration that sums up their beliefs and what they hope to realize.

Eternal life through advanced technology seems like a pipe dream for a society that, until recently, had trouble manufacturing enough masks to save doctors’ and nurses’ lives. Yet Covid-19 may turn out to be just the kind of crisis needed to turbocharge efforts to create what its advocates call a ‘transhuman’ future. With our biological fragility more obvious than ever, many people will be ready to embrace the message of the Transhumanist Declaration, an eight-point program first issued in 1998: “We envision the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering and our confinement to planet Earth. [3]

The people who believe this do not wear tin foil hats. They are critical thinkers, scientists, and people who have the ability to sway others because of their positions of power. How far these folks are pushing is actually horrifying when we seriously consider it.

Today, cognitive scientists often compare the brain to hardware and the mind to the software that runs on it. But a software program is just information, and in principle there’s no reason why the information of consciousness has to be encoded in neurons.

The Human Connectome Project, launched in 2009 by the National Institutes of Health, describes itself as ‘an ambitious effort to map the neural pathways that underlie human brain function.’ If those pathways could be completely mapped and translated into digital 0s and 1s, the data could be uploaded to a computer, where it could survive indefinitely. [4]

Do you understand the ramifications of this? They literally want to play God by mapping all those neural pathways in our brains. Why? As they tell us, so that they would have the capacity to upload new information to override what God originally gave us.

Conceivably, by doing this, a person’s belief in God could easily be overwritten, supplanted with a more culturally acceptable and benign “evolutionary” outlook. If humanity ever gets to the point where even the very thought of God’s existence is no longer viable, than humanity will have become even lower than Satan and his demons. Why? Because Satan knows God exists, as does those fallen angels who serve him.

Satan’s goal has always been to turn people away from God. He obviously and clearly does not want people to learn about salvation through Jesus and to receive that salvation. He works hard to ensure few learn and turn.

But taken to the above extreme, if scientists were successfully able to upload new information to our brains that would successfully override what we were actually born with according to Scripture (Romans 1 et al), then Satan will have created people who not only had no concept of God, but had absolutely no interest in discussing it and for all practical purposes potentially, could not be saved.

The true ramifications of this are absolutely horrible. Yet, it appears that during the coming Tribulation, this is exactly what society will be like for the most part. There, mindless human drones will walk the earth, willingly submitting to whatever Antichrist (and his False Prophet), dictate for the betterment of human kind. This is one of the reasons (if not the most important reason possibly), why people appear to be so hard-hearted during the Tribulation with their resolute refusal to acknowledge God in any way, shape or form, even though there is indication in Scripture that deep, deep down, they understand that God exists. Wow, I’m flabbergasted.

What we are talking about here is Satan’s ability to redefine the programming of God’s Creation. Satan has always seen himself as god, since the day he fell. His goal has always been to usurp God and His authority. What better way to do that but by taking what God created and reworking that creation (men and women), turning them completely against and opposed to the God who created us? This goes way beyond “Frankenstein” to a “new” creation.

The Bible clearly states that we are predisposed toward a belief in God because we are made in His image (Genesis 1:26; Romans 1:21). Within our earthen frame, we carry a living soul (Genesis 2:7).

While Satan cannot turn that living soul off within each human being, his next best effort would be to create a way for every person to be able to ignore that truth completely and live as if God does not exist. That is the end game for Satan so that he can accomplish all he would like to accomplish against God.


Footnotes and Further Reading:



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  • 2. Jen b  |  August 27, 2020 at 11:17 AM

    Modres in reading your comments on trans humanism I am reminded of Genesis 6 where, depending on your view, satan tried to corrupt mankind in order to prevent the coming of Messiah. I recently switched my thinking on this after much study and I do hold that is likely what was going on when the “sons of God” intermingled with the daughters of men and with the intent the offspring would corrupt mankind and if satan had been successful would have left mankind without the possibility of redemption. Notably, God then destroyed with the flood. Similarly, this trans humanism, seems to be another plan of satan to corrupt mankind rendering men beyond redemption, which would certainly make sense as directly preceding the final wrath.

    I am curious if you’ve heard of or read David L. Cooper and his exposition on the book of Revelation? Very thorough. He asserts that the church will be here for russian invasion of Israel, and for the revived Roman Empire (Technocracy?), which will fall, and lead to 10 kings/kingdoms from which there will arise the antichrist. He places the rapture at the time of the unveiling of the antichrist who exerts authority over all the others. So, yes, technocracy will likely take over otherwise how could anyone rule this entire world? (Except God) It’s quite an undertaking. But the 4th kingdom won’t be able to hold it, which is not a surprise when you see the low level of these people. Just like none of have been able to in the past (Stalin, Lenin, Hitler…all dead, and didn’t hold it for long). this 4th kingdom rule will break down to the 10 kingdoms/kings who will be advised by the antichrist, leading him to power over all with the other leaders as “yes men”. He will also have his religious counterfeit who heads up the false religious system.(false Christianity mixed with the occult and paganry) Cooper lifts out of scriptures that the antichrist will be assasinated and then raised to life. This might also have a trans humanist aspect as perhaps he will be raised with technological advancements. After this he will rule with brutality, break his covenant with Israel and attempt to destroy Israel until the return of the true Jesus.

    Somewhat off topic, With regards to the upcoming vaccine, It seems in terms of Biblical timeline, in order for this vaccine to be the “mark of the beast” the beast would have to be known and in authority (he is not) and the temple would need to be in place for him to sit in and claim to be God (it is not) and he would have to be assasinated and appear to live again (would take several years into the tribulation). Plus the church would not actually be here to take the mark, if one believes in the pre tribulation rapture, which is the most scriptural view. .

    We are studying through Nahum and I was blown away by these verses pertaining both to the literal destruction of Nineveh and looking on to the future harlot system ..”All because of the many harlotries of the harlot, the charming one, the mistress of sorcerers, who sells nations by her harlotries and families by her sorcerers. Behold, I AM against you, declares the LORD of hosts; and I will lift up your skirts over your face, and show to the nations your nakedness and to the kingdoms your disgrace. I will throw filth on you and make you vile, and set you up as a spectacle. And it will come about that all who see you will shrink form you and say, Nineveh is devasted! “

    But to His faithful ones he says…

    “Because you have kept the Word of my perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.” I AM coming quickly, hold fast what you have so that no one will take your crown”. Revelation 3:10-11

    Blessings upon you.


    • 3. modres  |  August 27, 2020 at 12:25 PM

      Hi Jen,

      I hear what you’re saying. I wrote a book a while ago called, “Nephilim Nightmare” which addresses this topic regarding the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.” Ultimately, there really is no way to know for certain, but I believe it is possible for angels to do many things that we humans do, including eating and taking shape as humans. Could fallen angels have taken on human form to deceive women into propagating with them? It’s possible, though some scholars believe that would be impossible. It might explain all the giants that existed though. It would also explain why God chose to destroy the entire world except for Noah and his family, who somehow escaped being corrupted in their DNA.

      I really don’t know, though I tend to believe that this is what occurred. I guess we’ll find out in eternity 🙂

      Regarding David L. Cooper, I’ve not heard of him but I’ll look him up.

      Regarding the upcoming vaccine. I do not believe this new CV-19 vaccine WILL be the “mark of the beast.” However, I believe that due to the technology that is growing there will come a time when that technology WILL be utilized by the Antichrist that causes everyone great or small to accept the mark (which MAY include some type of vaccine). For those not accepting it, they will face death if caught.

      Interestingly enough, during the Roman Empire, soldiers would often tattoo the names of their commanders on their foreheads or arms. This was a sign of deep loyalty and affection and these soldiers did this willingly, but of course, it was not mandated then. There is coming a time when it WILL be mandated that everyone receive the mark, whatever it is and most will do so very willingly to express their loyalty to Antichrist.

      While reading an article yesterday on Dr. Mercola’s site, he outlined the ways that are being studied now regarding which message might be employed to propagandize society to accept the upcoming vaccine willingly. There are 12 different messages Yale is currently studying to find out which one(s) might be better. Apparently, this campaign will kick-off in November IF the vaccine becomes available.

      If you consider all the propaganda we routinely hear and see in stores and on roadway electronic signs regarding the dangers of CV-19 and how to avoid it, they are clearly doing their best to instill palpable fear in people so that as many as possible will step up to receive the vaccination.

      I don’t want to take it for several reasons: 1) they are skipping major steps in the production of the vaccine, 2) it will contain things that MAY alter our DNA (according to numerous medical doctors and researchers), 3) CV-19 is a vaccine, which is currently weakening all by itself, 4) they’ve never successfully created a vaccine for ANY version of Coronavirus that has been around since 2007.

      I think the vaccine can do more harm than good. Once people start taking it, I wonder how much harm it will cause or not be efficacious at all? They’re saying that everyone needs to take the vaccine for it to be effective. Why? That makes no sense. If the vaccine works, then clearly those who take it will be safe, right? Those who don’t will still face the risk of coming down with CV.

      It’s like masks. Supposedly masks work, right? If so, then for those people wearing them, they should be fine, right? Why does everyone have to wear them if the people wearing them are protected?

      The concept of “the beast” dying and rising again might be applicable to Antichrist. It also may be referencing the final empire first mentioned in Daniel 2. Rome “died” but in the end times, will come back again (Revised Roman Empire). It could mean either. Certainly, there is reason to believe that Antichrist might “die” and return to life in an effort to imitate Jesus’ death and resurrection. If you read six commentators, you’ll get six views or they’re split down the middle.

      In Revelation 13, we read that the false prophet (or second beast), gives power to the first beast’s image so that it speaks (is alive seemingly). Anyone who does not worship this animated statue will be executed (Revelation 13:12-16), then comes the mark of the beast, so you are correct, we are not there yet and I don’t believe the Church will be here for that either, though I’m wondering if we’ll be able to see how things unfold from the vantage point of our heavenly abode?

      Nahum (and many other prophetical books in Scripture), all speak to the final destruction of Babylon, the first anti-God system designed and built by Satan himself as first seen in Genesis 10-11. Even though the city of Babylon has been destroyed several times and currently is just ruins (though Saddam Hussein tried to resurrect it during his reign in Iraq), the SYSTEM of Babylon continues undeterred. There is a very real possibility that Babylon the city, will rise again to some extent during or just before the Tribulation, from which Antichrist may make his headquarters.

      Yes, the final kingdom (the Revised Roman Empire; the rebuilt 4th kingdom or the 5th depending on how you look at it), will be first ruled over by ten kings for “a little while,” but then Antichrist, who is not one of these kings (but is the 11th), comes from outside and through political trickery and intrigue rises to the top. He then possibly deposes (or kills) three of the kings and the remaining seven submit their authority to him. He then becomes the 8th.

      Ultimately, I believe this is why Satan is creating this final kingdom. While the globalists believe they are going to finally rule over the earth, it will be short-lived. They’ll be doing all the grunt work to make it happen then Antichrist wrests control from them and becomes THE ruler over this final empire of Daniel 2. I don’t think a better mystery/thriller novel could’ve been written, frankly.

      Regardless though, it is clear that all of it is fully destroyed in the book of Revelation (as echoed throughout Scripture), physically if it once again becomes a city and ideologically as a corrupt system that has been the foundation for merchandising on planet earth.

      It’s been a while since I’ve delved into Revelation. I need to do some more searching. Thanks for your comments!


  • 4. Maranatha Today  |  August 26, 2020 at 2:53 PM

    The only social media I have is What’s App. My contacts are probably fed up of me by now…but I will continue to share because I feel lead by the Lord to be a Watchman on the Wall.

    Most of my contacts are in UK and Nigeria and boy are they asleep. Many are saved but just can’t fathom the Govt would allow the wickedness being set up to happen! Forgetting they allowed this! A friend sent it and honestly between Islam and Technocracy we true Christians are between a rock and a hard place…BUT GOD!!!

    Be blessed Modres.

    “TAKE OVER of Britain who to blame for passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion?
    Mayor of London … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rockdale … MUSLIM.

    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK.
    Muslim Women … 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing.
    Muslim Men … 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing.
    Muslim Families 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing.
    Now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT !

    All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!!!
    This is an eye opening for all non-Muslims – ….. ….. Forward this if you are concerned!!!

    Turkey is in the present day Europe and partly in Asia.
    ■Apostle Paul was a citizen of Turkey because Tarsus exists in Turkey.
    ■Christianity existed in Turkey for about 1,023 years while Christianity has only existed in Nigeria and Ghana for 172yrs starting from when Rev. Birch Freeman came to Badagry in 1842.
    ■The seven churches Jesus spoke to in Revelations 2 & 3(Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea) existed in the old Turkey.
    ■Turkey once had the largest Christian auditorium in Europe called Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.
    ■Mary the mother of Jesus was taken to Turkey by Apostle John and till date, her room has become a tourist centre.

    ■Present day Turkey now has 96% muslims & 0.02% Christians(less than 130,000).
    ■The Hagia Sophia(once largest church in Europe) was taken over by muslims and converted to a mosque for over 400yrs and later used as an Islamic Museum. Just this month of August 2020, the country’s president signed a new order converting it into a mosque and to be handed over to the Islamic leaders.

    ■Emphasis on doctrinal differences weakened the Turkish church.
    ■Rivalries amongst denominations.
    ■Petty politics in church coupled with ethnic biases.
    ■The Turks were building big cathedrals instead of building men.

    ■Osman Ghazi discovered the disunity amongst Christians and used it to fight a Jihad that led to a mass genocide of the Armenians, the Hellen and Turks of that day. In fact, the weapon of war used was designed by a Turkish Christian.
    ■Many Christian women converted to Islam to save their lives and some were raped and killed.
    ■Osman Ghazi started the Ottoman empire which gave muslims political post and made it a religion of the state.

    ■Virtually all the mistakes the church in Turkey made, the Nigerian/Ghanaian church have made it.
    ■We are building Cathedrals at the expense of discipling men.
    ■Disunity amongst churches.
    ■Ethnicity in the church.
    ■Denominational rivalry, etc.
    ■Sharp division along doctrinal lines.

    ■The spiritual foundation of Turkey is stronger than that of Nigeria/ Ghana and Christianity existed for over 1000yrs in Turkey unlike ours which is just 172yrs but Islam Radicalism uprooted it. If it happened in Turkey, it can also happen in Nigeria/Ghana if we are not careful.
    ■The menace of Boko Haram has destroyed a lot of churches in the Northern Nigeria, and it may take another 200yrs to evangelize Borno State alone.
    ■There is a secret agenda to Islamize Nigeria and other African nations as contained in Abuja declaration of 1989.


    ■HEART-FELT Intercession.
    ■Aggressive evangelism – the terrorist reached out to the youths in the Norths first and gave them AK-47 and bombs. lf we had reached out to them on time, they’ll be carrying BIBLES today.
    ■Mission support – God is holding the church responsible for Boko Haram, yet we are blaming the government. If we had supported missions and
    missionaries, we would have had those insurgents to Christ long ago.
    ■Unity of the church is key in winning this battle. The last but not the least christians should be actively involved in politics. Enough of these Muslims, holding political offices with Islamic agenda.

    Please, send to Bishops, General Overseers, Pastors, Christian WhatsApp groups and all Christians on your contact list.
    May God bless you as you spread the word.
    You are the Church!
    Let’s work in love, the time is short.”

    PS – the amount of information coming at us is unbelievable!


    • 5. modres  |  August 26, 2020 at 2:55 PM

      “My contacts are probably fed up of me by now…”

      That’s funny, but I know the feeling 🙂

      Yes, the amount of info coming at us from everywhere is truly unbelievable. It’s difficult to stay on top of everything, another reason we need each other. Thanks again for all this.



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