News and Notes Update: August 25, 2020

August 25, 2020 at 2:23 PM 10 comments

Technocracy Series:
I published the first in a large series of articles on Technocracy, this past August 21st. I have about five more articles (chapters) written in draft form that I will be publishing here about once per week. At this point, I have no idea how many chapters/articles will be included before I’m done with this series, but I don’t want to overwhelm people by publishing too many at once.

False Teacher Series:
I’ve also decided to publish a series (not sure how long it’ll be), on well-known false teachers. This is sure to rankle a few people because some of the individuals I’m going to showcase are highly regarded and loved by many within Christendom today. It makes me wonder where discernment is among Christians because the heresies that the people I’m going to highlight espouse are clearly against Scripture.

I want to be clear that my goal is not to simply point fingers and rail against people. The actual goal is to provide examples of their teachings as compared with Scripture. I plan on highlighting folks who are often household names but who appear to have set the truth of Scripture aside for their own personal gain. Christians need to discern the lies and avoid those who espouse them.

Coronavirus & Technocracy:
Coronavirus continues to be in the news. I’m reading more and more examples of how many deaths are all attributed to CV-19. Yet, we are hearing from more and more doctors say they’ve seen not one of their patients who die from CV-19 itself. They’ve all had underlying health issues that had weakened their immune systems and allowed them to contract CV-19. It wasn’t CV-19 that killed them.

Now that much of society is reopening, of course there will be a rise in CV-19 positivity. However, as Herd Immunity continues its job, that rise will be reduced. In fact, here in my state, which is largely open now, the rise in CV-19 cases is quite a bit less than it was just several months ago, according to our governor and our governor did not issue a mask mandate. While there are folks who wear them, there are also quite a few that do not. This means that not only is Herd Immunity doing its job, but in all likelihood, the virus itself is weakening as is also normal for any virus.

In spite of this information, many governors are keeping their states fully locked down. The governors say they are doing it because they want people to be “safe.” However, it can be shown that those states that did NOT lock down to the severity that other states did, have far fewer instances of positivity and death.

Minnesota’s COVID fatality rate is nearly double Wisconsin’s, and more than double South Dakota’s. Moreover, both of those states’ economies have suffered far less than Minnesota’s. In fact, Minnesota has both the highest per capita rate of COVID fatalities in the Upper Midwest and the highest rate of growth of jobless claims–a remarkable exacta of policy failure” (“Covid Confusion Is Largely Intentional,”, Aug. 16, 2020)

In Kansas, counties with mask mandates have about 77% more daily cases of coronavirus than counties without mandates. Kansas Department of Health Secretary tried to mislead the public by manipulating a chart (“KDHE doctored a Covid case chart to justify mask mandates,” The Sentinel, Kansas Policy Institute, Aug. 7, 2020).

But why is it these governors (or mayors), continue to lock down their states (or cities), with mandate masks? I believe it has everything to do with the growing technocracy as I explain in the book I’m currently writing. These governors cannot be that clueless to continue doing something that much of their constituents are building up a very real anger toward. There has to be something else driving these governors and I believe it has everything to do with the “payback” that they receive or will receive from globalists. Again, these governors would not be going out on such a serious limb by themselves if they did not have a net underneath them. It’s too obvious. They are doing what they’re doing because they are trying to please the globalists who helped get and keep them in power.

If this is too much “conspiracy theory” for you, believe me, I get it. But that’s also the main reason I’m writing my second book on technocracy. It all fits too perfectly. China is the model of technocracy and technocratic rule. It is this model that the globalists (under Satan’s direction), are working to bring to the entire world.

Here are several videos I’ve placed here and I’d encourage readers to view them. The first, from Spiros Skouras is informative and backed with plenty of documentation and he discusses the coming vaccination mandate, and what is being called the “great reset,” which some of my readers already know about. This is all being pushed for a couple of huge reasons. First, the globalists want a completely cashless society (which ties in with the “energy credit” system under Technocracy), and they also want absolute control over global society. They see how well their efforts to create a full-blown Technocracy in China worked. That was their first major attempt and model. That’s what they want for the entire world. As a sidenote, you may wish to download to your computer videos by Spiro since they often end up getting pulled from YouTube for “violating” community standards.

The second is from Dr. John MacArthur on the update from the situation regarding Grace Community Church and the courts. He talks about the impact of CV-19 in reality against the narrative. As he states, it is difficult for thinking people to continue to believe the narrative that is being repeatedly stated by the media and governments (my paraphrase).

By the way, I went to my doctor for a check up/blood draw recently and talked to her about what some doctors are touting as a daily regimen for warding off CV-19. The regimen is Quercetin (500mg), Zinc (25mg) and Vitamin C (1000mg) all taken once daily. She agreed that it’s a good regimen and one she also takes. She further mentioned that if people get sick from CV-19, they should increase Quercetin to 1000mg twice per day. These are all readily available over the counter since they are supplements/vitamins, not prescription medication.

Please note, I am NOT providing this information as a directive for readers to do this. Please talk to your own doctor and determine for yourself if this is a good route to take for you. Always discuss supplementation with your healthcare provider. I simply throw that out there because I’ve read numerous doctors who discuss this regimen and I wanted to find out what my own doctor thought about it.

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Problems:
I don’t even like discussing this situation, frankly. Apparently, allegations have surfaced of sexual impropriety that involve Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife and a pool boy. I’m not going to go into detail here at all, but when the allegations came out (backed by text messages and photos), Jerry Falwell Jr. threw his wife under the bus, blaming her for her “indiscretions,” and saying the accuser had tried to blackmail them. The accuser shot back saying this wasn’t true and had plenty of evidence to prove it. There are plenty of articles out there and some of them are very compelling (including pictures that Falwell Jr. himself originally posted then deleted.

Falwell was placed on indefinite leave as president and chancellor of Liberty University. Reports indicated this morning that he had officially tendered his resignation, though other reports quote him as denying he has done that.

I’m a bit frustrated with this sort of thing. I’m not trying to judge the man because the Bible forbids me from judging another person’s motives or intentions. However, we are to judge another’s actions or words.

Certainly, we should pray for the Falwells and if the allegations are true, we need to be praying for the people who have been affected by this situation. Moreover, if the allegations turn out to be true, then Falwell needs to do the right thing and step down because he has canceled himself out of serving as a leader in any form of ministry.

BLM/AntiFa & Protests:
BLM activists continue to destroy parts of downtown Kenosha, WI and other areas of the country. Furniture stores, car dealerships and much more have been targeted and set ablaze. The governor finally sent in the National Guard to quell these “peaceful” protests. This latest situation occurred because a black man was shot in the back resisting police (by not obeying lawful commands), and for trying to flee the scene.

Until governors, mayors and the federal government quells all of these violent riots, lootings and protests, they will just continue. If you live in or near these places, the best advice seems to be to be fully aware of your surroundings because at a moment, things can change. Don’t have the attitude that “It won’t happen to me.”

But again, both BLM and AntiFa are Marxist organizations and if you know anything about how Marxism operates, it strives to change society through violence. The attempts to intimidate, overwhelm and harm is what drives Marxists because they see capitalism and free market enterprise as the enemy of the people.

There are reports of BLM activists going into restaurants where people are dining and demanding they raise their fists in solidarity with BLM protesters. Those who don’t are harassed or assaulted. This is a new tactic so be on the lookout for it.

I believe all of this is being done to create another civil war. If/when that happens, we can be assured that the second amendment will come under major fire again. Notice no one has called for more gun control now in spite of the fact that there have been numerous examples of BLM/AntiFa activists waving guns around and even shooting at police and/or threatening citizens. It won’t be until patriots are goaded into defending themselves, which may include using lethal force to do so, when the Left will begin demanding more “gun control.” Count on it happening because Marxism has used this same thing in the past in other societies.

Again, this all ties into the growing technocracy, in my opinion. Marxist “protesters” are being used as the foot soldiers, much the way Hitler’s brown shirts were used to affect change and overturn Germany’s society. If they can intimidate enough people and coerce them to fear for their lives, change will happen.

Life is going to be getting even more difficult and the Christians who will spiritually grow during these times are the ones who remember to draw close to Him, to learn to trust Him in all things and to understand that the Great Commission has not been rescinded. If we can keep our heads about us and focus on God and His Word in the midst of all of this upturn and violence in society, God will bless and keep us. That doesn’t mean we will be kept from experiencing violence. It means He will never leave us in the midst of even that.


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Perilous Times are Here: Traitors Technocracy: Building the Beast – Transhumanism

10 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  August 26, 2020 at 2:10 PM

    These are who are behind the Great Reset

    We soldier on in prayer and research…May many start to wake up and realize time is short!


  • 3. Maranatha Today  |  August 26, 2020 at 1:15 PM

    Thank you Modres. We continue praying and trusting God. We pray for God’s intervention.

    Bill Gates is a psychopath!

    Jesus said “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed. Life does not consist of an abundance of possessions.”

    He said “I tell you the truth, it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven….”

    “Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity, than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.”

    DR. ROBERTO PETRELLA – He’s trying to raise the alarm in Italy

    Blessings to you and your wife.


    • 4. modres  |  August 26, 2020 at 1:49 PM

      I just learned of Petrella (and Tritto), yesterday. Thanks very much for this info. Prayer is an absolute must. I have more articles in the works and what I’m learning is astounding. I’ll probably have to do more than one News and Notes Update each week just to try to keep up with it all.

      Thanks again!


  • 7. Jen b  |  August 25, 2020 at 9:35 PM

    Thanks Modres for this careful and needed guidance. I very much look forward to your false teachers list and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment in that regard.

    The current events really emphasize the idea that for the believer the “world is crucified to me and I to it”. I’ll be honest, in these days as the news grows darker and almost outrageously theatrical, It gets wearying and the joy is hard to be found. I’ve committed to more organized and aggressive scripture memory. I’ve loved studying and reading God’s Word for a decade now and yet I’ve never felt farther From Him than these times. Too much time in headlines and not enough of the Word sown in my heart ready to be used as my sword. It’s making me lose focus that God is in control as well as making me a fretful wife and isolated Christian. Ive found it’s imperative that I think rightly about events and that I don’t attribute sovereignty to satan. He isn’t a rival or equal to the Lord. It’s a great challenge to grasp events while keeping before me the truth that God is sovereign and is still intervening in the affairs of men. Otherwise I fear that I May start to think like a deist or a pagan at times. My greatest need is to abide in the living Savior, not just as an idea, but that I truly am in fellowship with Him, otherwise I will not be able to endure the madness.
    May you be strengthened in grace in Christ Jesus as you continue to instruct, exhort and encourage The saints.


    • 8. modres  |  August 26, 2020 at 8:02 AM

      Amen! I agree that memorizing Scripture is essential. I need to be doing that more as well.

      Your comment “darker and almost outrageously theatrical” is a very accurate assessment of what is occurring in society. It’s so dark and asinine (the lies, etc), it’s almost hilarious for those of us who can see clearly.

      Yes, it can be rather easy to allow the circumstances to cast a dark pall over things and conclude that God isn’t in control. We must do everything possible to mentally rise above this knowing that God is in control.

      God bless you and yours.


  • 9. Luther Golden  |  August 25, 2020 at 5:51 PM

    Love your articles. Thanks for the insights you offer.



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