Technocracy: Building the Beast – Introduction

August 21, 2020 at 11:01 AM 4 comments

This is going to begin a new series that I hope to eventually turn into a book for publication. It will always be here so that those who cannot afford the book will be able to read it free of charge for as long as this blog remains. I know there are some, like myself, who like to hold books in their hand, take them with them to the beach, the mountains or wherever and actually flip pages and highlight things. For those folks, look for the book after this series is done.

Originally, I thought about writing a book about the coming events as revealed in Scripture. While I still may do that, there are numerous books that have already been published by others who cover things fairly well. But because of what is happening in society over the past few years and especially since Coronavirus hit, things in the world seem to have rapidly progressed that reveal a number of solid glimpses into what can only be described as a growing “beast” of a system. This system, will, for all intents and purposes, ultimately allow the coming one world government to be finalized and come to fruition. The foundation is being laid now.

In this series, I will define the “beast” system as outlined in Scripture, supported by examples occurring in global society now. The Bible will be our main text, of course. We will also be focusing on what’s happening in society in order to evaluate the growth of this burgeoning beastly system that the future man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2), or Antichrist will rise up to rule over.

By way of introduction though, let’s discuss briefly how the Bible should be interpreted. The Bible should be taken literally (in its most plain and ordinary sense), taking into account the various hyperbole, metaphors, figures of speech and allegory contained therein. As a rule, the Bible should not be interpreted allegorically as those within the Covenant or Reformed camp do when it comes to the many prophetic portions of Scripture. When arriving to passages that appear allegorical, it should be understood that those passage still have one literal meaning and only one. It is imperative that students of the Bible determine God’s meaning of each passage.

A book I wrote years ago – Interpreting the Bible Literally Is Not as Confusing as It Sounds (2009) – thoroughly defines how to understand or interpret the Bible in a literal fashion. My belief is that we should understand Scripture the same way we literally take words spoken to us in a conversation or in a letter from someone. For instance, during the course of any conversation, a person might use a figure of speech, a metaphor, an allegory, etc. This is normal for conversation between people. But we all understand that these types of speech generally have only one meaning assigned to them. They are not open to the interpretive whim of the hearer or read which would be highly confusing.

For instance, if I said, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!“, unless the person had never heard that phrase before (unlikely), they would understand me to be saying that I was very hungry in an exaggerated way, rather than simply saying “I’m REALLY hungry!” They would not be expecting me to actually find a horse, kill it, roast it up and eat the entire horse. Obviously, this would not be the way I was to be understood.

Metaphors, figures of speech, and allegorical (or poetic) language are part of daily expression. Growing up in a particular culture teaches people what specific metaphors and allegorical phrases mean in that culture. There are many examples of metaphors and things of that nature that I could offer as examples.

For the person hearing that particular figure of speech used above, understanding me to say that I am really hungry is taking the meaning of the figure of speech literally. In other words, the literal meaning of that figure of speech means a person is very hungry, though the words themselves can create a mental picture that’s a bit funny. No one familiar with that figure of speech would misinterpret it to mean, “I’m REALLY sleepy!

This is the exact same thing with the Bible. When a person understands Scripture literally, or in its most plain and ordinary sense, just the way every day speech is understood, things become instinctively clear. Metaphors, figures of speech and allegorical language do not confuse the issue because each has one literal meaning. The words used provide that one meaning, which is to be taken literally. This is true of all language.

This distinction is an important one. Christians have the tremendous responsibility of understanding God’s Word from His perspective, since God wrote it. When approaching Scripture, the student of the Bible is obligated to ensure that to the best of his/her ability (with the help of the Holy Spirit of course), the meaning that God Himself intended is what is gained. Anything else can easily lead to a faulty interpretation and often does.

This would be like looking at a letter that Abraham Lincoln wrote then and deciding he meant something based on how I view or understand things today. In order to understand what Lincoln wrote, one of the things needed is to understand the times in which he lived. What would “four score and seven years ago” mean to today’s youth? Probably not what it meant to Lincoln and his listeners then, but the problem is not Lincoln. The problem is the lack of interpretive understanding of what Lincoln meant because that understanding is lacking today since we are far removed from Lincoln’s culture. It would take research and effort to uncover Lincoln’s meaning for most young people today, much more so for writers like Shakespeare!

That brings us to our next point: context. Many interpretative mistakes of Scripture are avoided if we simply insist on understanding the context in which things were written, even if they have not occurred yet and are still out in front of us. The Bible was written within the context of certain cultures and because of that, those writers used words and phrases that were the normal part of their culture and speech. If we are going to fully understand what they are saying to us today, we must spend time researching what things meant then.

Students of the Bible may need to avail themselves of good word study tools written by people well-versed in the original languages (Hebrew, Arabic or Koine Greek). It also helps if we learn about biblical times. How did people live? What did they eat? What were the customs then? What was it like living under Roman rule? What did Jesus actually mean by “turning the other cheek” and “going the extra mile” and did those things have anything to do with the Roman laws at the time for citizens (whether Roman citizens or not)? Actually, yes, they did.

Context provides a great deal of meaning all by itself. In some ways, grasping the context provides most of the meaning, though not necessarily all of it.

For instance, the word “left” has various meanings. If I tell my wife, “I left my wallet in my other pants,” she would understand that I was not providing directions, but pointing out that I did not have my wallet with me. If I said to her later on as we were driving, “Please help me remember to turn left in three miles,” she would understand me to be providing directions and it has nothing to do with not having something with me. Further, if she asked if I had any money and I said, “I only have two dollars left in my wallet,” she would completely understand what I was saying.

But notice the word “left” has at least three meanings and each meaning is provided by the context. The meaning varies based on the context itself. This is something we automatically understand in every day speech. It doesn’t cause a problem for us because we know that many words have numerous meanings and the meaning is provided usually by the context in which it is used.

All of this has all been explained because it is important for everyone to know where we are going as we move through this series. We are building our foundation on what comes later by emphasizing the two things noted above. First, taking the Bible literally – in its most plain and ordinary sense – takes into account the use of metaphors, figures of speech and allegorical passages because God’s meaning is what is desired. Second, much of the meaning of any conversation or written work has its own context and it is very important for us to understand we must comprehend that particular context to help flesh out the meaning.

The third thing we need to understand is that the best way to interpret Scripture is to allow the Bible to interpret itself. God ultimately wrote the entire Bible, regardless of the many different human beings He chose to use. In the end, God is responsible for what the Bible says and because of that, though the Bible contains 66 books in total, God ultimately wrote all of it. It is because of this truth that when we study Scripture, we allow it to reveal truth based on what other portions of Scripture say.

Often, the Bible provides meaning of some text within that chapter or book. On other occasions, something in Revelation might actually go back to a particular chapter in Genesis. This is why Christians should read and study God’s Word daily because it really takes a lifetime to thoroughly get to know His Word. It doesn’t happen overnight anymore than growing from a toddler to a child to a young adult to an adult happens in just several months. It literally takes a lifetime, doesn’t it?

God’s Word is eternal and reveals some of God’s mind to us. It is imperative that we thoroughly study it and all its aspects in order for it to become profitable to us. Yes, we can obviously learn things along the way, but we should always be adding more knowledge of God’s Word to our heart and minds daily.

Now that we know where we are headed, let’s begin looking at how the many facets of the final empire of Daniel 2 are currently being built all around us. I believe this empire will eventually replace every other system in the world, including the system upon which the United States was founded. This will happen because God says it will. The system that is growing to replace everything else is called Technocracy.

We must wake to the fact that evil people, who willingly (and even possibly unknowingly), do Satan’s bidding, are working very hard to destroy capitalism and free enterprise, to replace it with Technocratic rule (Technocracy), governed by a few elites and will be based on a currency of “energy credits.”

Sound far-fetched? Too Sci-Fi? Whether it does or doesn’t, please understand that when we begin to see the reality of Technocracy being built all around and right underneath us, we will start to see things in a brand new light. We will come to understand how everything ties together, whether it’s BLM/AntiFa, climate change, sustainable development, or all of the Left-wing rhetoric and phraseology they’ve been throwing at us for years.

The final empire is coming according to Scripture. It is being built now. I don’t believe it will finalize until after the Rapture in preparation for the Tribulation, but we do not know how “mandated” society will become and how difficult it will be to move around in society due to mandates.

Knowledge is power. God’s Word provides that knowledge. Society provides examples of how right God is and has been. We need to wake up and prepare for what is coming and never lose sight of the fact that the Great Commission continues to be our primary mission as long as we are on this earth.

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Technocracy – Building the Beast: Chapter 1 Perilous Times are Here: Traitors

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  • 3. Maranatha Today  |  August 24, 2020 at 1:42 PM

    “Knowledge is power. God’s Word provides that knowledge. Society provides examples of how right God is and has been. We need to wake up and prepare for what is coming and never lose sight of the fact that the Great Commission continues to be our primary mission as long as we are on this earth.”

    Tried to comment using the “comment” button but it sent me to an error page. Look forward to more of your thoughts on this.


    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 6:56 PM Study – Grow – Know wrote:

    > modres posted: “This is going to begin a new series that I hope to > eventually turn into a book for publication. It will always be here so that > those who cannot afford the book will be able to read it free of charge for > as long as this blog remains. I know there are some,” >


    • 4. modres  |  August 24, 2020 at 2:56 PM

      Thank you. Not sure why that came up to an error page. I’ll see what I can find and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      I’ve got about 7 or 8 “chapters” (articles) done for the new series. I’ll probably place up one or two (at most), during each week. The whole technocracy situation is unsettling, frankly. A few years ago when I wrote my book on it, it was still “way” out in the future. It’s here now and China is THE model for it. It’s what “they” want for the entire globe and we know the Bible tells us they’ll manage it.

      Thanks again!



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