Technocracy: Actually Building It

September 8, 2020 at 2:17 PM

We’ve dealt with a few definitions previouslytechnocracy, transhumanism and eugenics – and how they work together to usher in this final empire that the prophet Daniel first highlighted in Scripture. Now it’s time to talk about that kingdom that is literally being built around us. I’m calling it Technocratic Rule and it will engulf or swallow up the entire world at some point in the future.

By the way, in this brief video, Bill Gates, can be heard talking about the new RNA-type vaccine and how it has the ability to, through instructions placed in the vaccine itself, create “code” inside a person once given. In essence, using RNA and Crisper technology to cut, remove and create new DNA is what this new CV-19 vaccine may include. This is in spite of all the “fact-checkers” out there denying that this is possible. Take a listen yourself and then do the research. If there is “code” in this vaccine, then someone had to create that code.

If we stop to consider it, the final global empire of Daniel 2, that will be destroyed at the physical return of Jesus, really has roots all the way back to the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. We understand that from a biblical perspective because the Bible itself highlights that through line from Genesis to the book of Revelation. It’s very clear the “mystery” that is Babylon first started in earnest in Genesis 11 and won’t be destroyed (the physical or spiritual aspect), until the second half of the Tribulation. When Jesus returns, He will physically deal with the leader of this final empire – Antichrist (and his false prophet) – and whatever remains of the empire itself (Rev 20). The text of Daniel 2 tells us that upon Jesus’ return (the Stone made without hands), the entirety of this empire with remnants from previous empires noted there, will be absolutely and categorically destroyed and scattered to the wind (Daniel 2:33-35).

Though we are moving in that direction, seemingly with great speed, we are not there yet. In fact, the final man-led empire that will swallow up the entire world is still underground. However, it is clear that the world is currently witnessing the birth pangs Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 (The Olivet Discourse). This final empire is not yet visible to a large degree, but it is coming. We can see only facets of it and we certainly are not privy to know who the Antichrist is or when he’ll rise on the scene, though I certainly believe he walks this earth now as a grown man and could very well be part of the UN or some other august political body.

So what we need to do is look seriously at the Bible and society now to determine how far this future empire is in its creation. Are we in the beginning stages? Are we on the cusp of seeing it revealed to the world? Are we somewhere in between?

I’m not a prophet. I cannot see into the future nor can I even see every aspect of this future empire in the making. I can see bits and pieces here and there and I can see that only because of the research and work others have done and because of what the Bible teaches. I stand on those shoulders.

The one thing that is missing for all of us is the timing. We do not know exactly when this empire currently building in the shadows will be brought out into the open. In fact, we don’t even know exactly how that will happen, though we have what appear to be clear signs in society now. Will it happen quickly or will it take a number of years yet to finalize? It really is difficult to know. But I believe we are watching this final empire take major shape, due largely to Coronavirus-19 and the resultant shutdowns and social mandates stemming from it.

Last August, life was humming along for most of us without so much as a thought about the possibility of some “pandemic” shutting down global society happening in the near future. There was no thought about what would occur this past January to March. We never expected to have to deal with mask mandates, gloves, social distancing, the shutdown of our economy and the permanent closure of thousands and thousands of businesses with accompanying loss of jobs and even the suicides of many who could not live with that type of hopelessness. But we are there.

Knowing what we now know about technocracy, transhumanism and especially eugenics, do the number of deaths either from CV-19 or suicide surprise you given the fact that the elite seem determined to reduce the population of the planet? They do this for themselves because they believe the world only has so much in resources and the more people who live on the planet, the more those resources are used up.

This explains the unproven, unscientific hypothesis “climate change.” What’s it really about? California is virtually on fire and rolling blackouts have begun. Climate change or simply due to forest mismanagement and far-left environmentalists blocking everything?

When CV-19 began, remember that Gov. Cuomo of New York took many CV-19 patients and did what with them? He sent them to nursing homes where the elderly are housed. These elderly are frail, often bed-ridden, and more often than not, on their way out of this life. It’s simply a matter of time.

Why did Cuomo (and a few other governors), place people infected with CV-19 into nursing homes where the elderly could easily contract it? Would it have anything to do with potentially eliminating thousands of older folks in New York State? I’m simply asking the question that has been asked before by others. Some estimates say that upwards of 60,000 people in New York State nursing homes contracted and died from CV-19. Similar situations occurred in Washington State as well as elsewhere. Is it possible that what was was not done accidentally or with the best intentions, but done to eliminate a large segment of people who had become nothing more than “leeches” on society? I’m simply asking the question.

In fact, if we consider everything associated with CV-19, it is difficult to come away thinking that there has been no ulterior motive in all of it. But maybe it’s just me?

Because of CV-19, we were first told there was nothing really to worry about by “authorities” like Dr. Fauci and even politicians chimed in with their opinions. Go to Chinatown! We were to go about our business and not worry. CV-19 would pass.

Shortly after that, the number of infected people quickly rose to scary numbers and these same people changed their tune. They then told us that we should try to start avoiding close contact with people and recommended even wearing masks. That eventually turned into, “Fifteen days to ‘flatten the curve’.” After two weeks of people not going to work and closing their businesses and essentially becoming shut-ins, we started hearing that even though the curve had been somewhat flattened, we should continue being shut down so that we could then “slow the spread,” which has no real endpoint. This is where we are today, nearly 200 days later, continuing to “slow the spread,” but never ending it completely. The governor of Oregon just extended the shutdown order until November 3. Others will follow suit all in the name of keeping us “safe.”

Why can’t we end Coronavirus? Because CV-19 already exists in society. Once in society, it cannot be put back into the bottle. It’s out and about. The only thing that can happen is that we develop herd immunity to CV-19 just as most people develop immunity to each season’s flu, as well as other viruses and colds.

But this is not something that the elite wants us to know or believe. Let’s face it. They have us where they want us, masking up, social distancing, wearing gloves, washing our hands numerous times each day, standing behind Plexiglas panels in every store we go into, and in general, teaching society that every other human being out there is potential lethal and dangerous and if we do not avoid them, we could contract CV-19. If we contract it, it could very well kill us. This is the message.

Not long ago, we drove across the USA for our vacation. We were thinking it wouldn’t happen but it did. We drove though numerous states and frankly, it was wonderful to see the USA again! But what I could not help notice is that on every state highway were electronic signs doing their best to brainwash all travelers, saying things like, “Mask Up!” or “Cough into your Arm, Wash your Hands!” The roadways were filled with these signs.

Everywhere we stopped, we’d go into a store to hear the constant loop of PSAs regarding how that particular store is working really hard to keep us safe and asks that we do everything possible to help keep others safe too. Go to almost any website and you’ll be met with a pop-up window that has something to say about CV-19. These things are not accidental. They are brainwashing society for the change needed to usher in the final empire. Outlooks and opinions must be changed. People have to come to abjectly fear CV-19 as the most dangerous virus ever. Yet, a 1/4″ piece of cloth over our noses and mouths is supposed to keep us from contracting it.

In essence, the Hegelian Dialectic is hard at work to create the needed foundational change in society. To summarize, Hegelian Dialectic puts a thesis and antithesis against one another to create a synthesis. This synthesis is what people come to accept as true even though it is often the result of two opposing and contradictory opinions.

For instance, a really simple example looks like this: butter is not the same as margarine. Butter is made normally from dairy cow milk. Margarine is made normally from man-made ingredients and blended with colors to make it appear to be butter. However, in today’s society, if you’re at a restaurant and you ask for butter, more often than not, the server will bring something that simply looks like butter but is in fact, margarine.

Another example might be the ACLU not supporting the government’s support of white women’s businesses. However, the same ACLU will support the same government supporting black women’s businesses. On one hand, they oppose “discrimination” promoted by giving white women help for their businesses, but support “discrimination” when it applies to black women vs white women. Even though this is contradictory due to discrimination, most people will simply accept the support of black women’s businesses by the government as not being discriminatory in nature.

Our society is filled with plenty of examples of Hegelian Dialectic, which at its root, is a Marxist technique to divide and conquer society. We see this with BLM and the mantra, “Black Lives Matter.” There are plenty of corporations who are donating money to BLM and supporting them, but if someone says, “All Lives Matter,” that is normally seen as offensive and racist based on the erroneous belief that blacks are all too often unfairly treated by law enforcement officers. This has been shown to be untrue, nonetheless it continues to be propped up.

The final empire is coming, being built as you read this. It will divide the sheep from the goats in Christendom. I firmly believe that. Choose this day whom you will serve.

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