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August 21, 2020 at 10:13 AM 2 comments

I am going to start offering a “news and notes” update each week or every other week. It will allow me to talk briefly about a number of different subjects and include links for those subjects so that readers can avail themselves of that information and then continue their own research. Consider this the first edition.

There is so much happening in the world today it is impossible for any one site to catalog it all. In presenting News and Notes updates weekly or biweekly, I hope to provide bits and pieces of various subjects that I believe will be of interest to readers.

If you could help me out with this and pass the word, post links on various social media sites, etc., I would appreciate that. I’m concerned about where the USA (and the world) is heading and it’s important to me that as many people as can be enlightened, will be enlightened. I’m not naive enough to believe that everyone reading what I present will immediately see the light. That would be nice, but it’s doubtful. My job (and yours), is to tell people the truth. What they do with it is between themselves and God. Not only does this apply to our evangelistic efforts (our highest priority), but also to everything else. Wherever we can insert truth into the conversation, we should be willing to do so.

Will we be able to stop what is happening? I don’t believe so because God’s Word seems fairly clear about what’s coming. What we can do is become educated to avoid pitfalls that we will likely encounter as this technocratic kingdom comes to fruition.

Technocratic Rule of the Coming Beast
First, I’ve started writing another book and it looks like it’s going to be dealing with the final empire mentioned in Daniel 2 and how it is actually taking shape now and has been for some time. It’s important to me to get this out and like my other books, I’ll be posting individual “chapters” here on my blog first. When I’ve published all of them individually, I’ll then book it in book format so those who enjoy reading actual books and holding it in their hands, will have that opportunity if that’s what they choose.

I’ve already written a few chapters of it and will start publishing each chapter as an individual article here on this blog soon, so be on the lookout for that. The book is tentatively titled “Technocratic Rule of the Coming Beast” (though the final title may change), and will delve into major areas of Scripture that define this last empire.  It will also report on what’s happening in society and the origins of some of these things that I believe are helping to create this coming empire.

If you know nothing about technocracy, please understand that it is a very real thing that started in the 1930s, was shelved for a while, then brought back by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, who began The Trilateral Commission in the 1970s. Technocracy is here and growing and I believe it will ultimately give birth to the “revised Roman Empire” first highlighted in Daniel 2. This empire is the empire that Antichrist will take charge of and because of that will rule the entire globe.

Technocracy or technocratic rule is growing in a definitive way. My first book, Technocracy to Tribulation highlighted the subject and offered explanations of what technocracy is and how it is moving us toward the coming Tribulation. This second book, just underway now, will go much further, largely due to what’s been happening in society for a number of years, even before the election of President Trump.

Mask: Do They Work?
There’s a great deal of discussion on the topic of masks and even social distancing. I’m sure you have your opinion on it and you’ve probably adopted your position based on what you have read or anyalyzed.

I’ve also been doing a great deal of research on wearing masks and try as I might, I cannot find a compelling argument that convinces me wearing masks helps. I’m not going to tell you what you should do. That’s for you to decide. I’m simply saying that when faced with situations like we are faced with today, I want to know the truth and search it out until I am satisfied that I’ve found it.

I believe everyone should feel free to either wear one or not depending upon what a person wants to do of their own free will, exercising that decision free of outward constraints. I do not believe that people should be forced to wear masks at all and I’m a bit frustrated with medical people who continue to espouse the belief that masks help when there appears to be ample evidence to more than suggest that not only do they not help, but they may harm.

If people choose to wear one for a very limited period of time, that’s within their freedom to do so. I’m sorry for those who are required to wear one at work for hours at a time. Re-breathing our exhaled carbon dioxide is never a good thing.

One of the better articles I’ve read recently is written by a surgeon who states he has “performed over 10,000 surgical procedures wearing a surgical mask.” This doctor is also a former editor of a medical journal. As a person who understands scientific myth (his words), and exactly why surgeons wear masks in the first place during operations, he is in the perfect position to tell us what he believes is the realities concerning surgical masks and cloth masks.

He explains not only why surgeons wear masks, but explains the specific limitations of wearing masks. He is very clear in stating that these masks are not designed to keep viruses from going from one person to another.

First, let’s be clear. The premise that surgeons wearing masks serves as evidence that “masks must work to prevent viral transmission” is a logical fallacy that I would classify as an argument of false equivalence, or comparing “apples to oranges.”

Although surgeons do wear masks to prevent their respiratory droplets from contaminating the surgical field and the exposed internal tissues of our surgical patients, that is about as far as the analogy extends. Obviously, surgeons cannot “socially distance” from their surgical patients (unless we use robotic surgical devices, in which case, I would definitely not wear a mask).

The good doctor states without equivocation that masks cannot and do not stop the transmission of viruses. He further notes that a surgeon wearing a surgical mask during an operation is in a sterile environment and that situation actually limits the negative effects of wearing a mask. This is so due to the colder temperature in surgical suites, the fact that the air is exchanged quickly with large air handlers, and a surgeon wearing a mask will change it out during surgery if needed when he/she realizes that the mask has become compromised.

Unlike the public wearing masks in the community, surgeons work in sterile surgical suites equipped with heavy duty air exchange systems that maintain positive pressures, exchange and filter the room air at a very high level, and increase the oxygen content of the room air. These conditions limit the negative effects of masks on the surgeon and operating room staff. And yet despite these extreme climate control conditions, clinical studies demonstrate the negative effects (lowering arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide re-breathing) of surgical masks on surgeon physiology and performance.

He has more to say about wearing masks and if you’re interested, I would recommend you read the entire article.[1]

Grace Community Church
Dr. John MacArthur is senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles County, California. Originally when Gov. Newsom issued his CV-19 mandate that literally prohibits churches from meeting together, MacArthur’s church went along with it because it was understood to be a temporary situation that would last only for a few weeks. When it became clear that the mandate was actually an indefinite period of time, MacArthur and the leaders at Grace chose to disregard the order.

Since that time, Dr. MacArthur has come under fire by the county and threatened with everything from turning off the water and electricity of the church to being assessed fines, to actually being arrested.

The legal team that represents Grace Community Church (Thomas More Society), has numerous articles about the situation but their latest confirms that a court of appeals upheld Grace Community’s desire to continue worshiping. In other words, the court upheld religious freedom as outlined by the Constitution’s First Amendment.

Is the fight over? Likely not and with recent Supreme Court of the United States rulings, the religious freedom may actually suffer a defeat. Certainly, we need to pray for not only Dr. MacArthur and the leaders at Grace Community, but for other pastors who are also going through the same type of situation in California and other states.

This is an outright attack on religious freedom under the guise of a pandemic. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now – there is no pandemic clause in the Constitution, nor is there anything in that document that implies, suggests or outright states that it is the job of any government to keep us “safe.” It is my responsibility to keep myself safe. The government’s job is to not suppress our rights, but to uphold and enforce those rights. The Constitution does not “provide” rights to us. It simply recognizes that God gave us certain inalienable rights and the government’s job is to ensure that our rights are not revoked or stamped out.

Why is this happening today? It is due to the rise of technocracy and technocratic rule, which is going to usher in the final empire of Daniel 2. It’s really that simple and all we need to do is look to China to see the perfect model of Technocratic rule. My upcoming book delves deeply into this and exposes how technocracy is being used today to overthrow capitalism and free enterprise, replacing it with a group of elite technocratic rulers (Revelation 17; the ten kings). This will come about even as it is being created under us right now.

Want more news and notes? Check out Way of Life’s news briefs.




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Perilous Times are Here: Fierce People Technocracy – Building the Beast: Chapter 1


  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  August 21, 2020 at 11:40 AM

    Lol…you’re already aware of what’s going on…Great!!!!! I don’t know if you’ve seen all I sent, but anyway, we continue on our knees awaiting our soon coming saviour.

    Blessings Modres…Lol…


    • 2. modres  |  August 21, 2020 at 11:50 AM

      Yes and so glad you and your husband are as well! I’m doing what I can to make people aware on social networks. It’s exciting to know that there are quite a few I’ve run into that are aware of all this as well.

      Thanks again!


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