Politics, Social Networks and Liars

September 4, 2018 at 12:49 PM 4 comments

(Warning: This article contains information that is of a political nature.)

Reading through the Bible reveals a great degree of politics alive and well in all societies since inception. Political correctness (PC), a form of Cultural Marxism is designed to push an agenda by how people feel about things. It is designed to overthrow the established rule of law by emphasizing the use of emotion to literally swamp truth with lies.

Case in point. Nike just signed Colin Kapernick to be their “face” in upcoming advertising. Kapernick, as most know, was essentially not first draft material. He was simply an “okay” player. But since he was not given what he desperately wanted by the NFL, he chose to make the issue about race. It began the “kneeling” movement each time the national anthem is played prior to each game. It’s a form of hucksterism that has legs because of how people feel.

If Kapernick was white, everyone would simply agree that he was not the best QB in the NFL. Nike would not have reached out to him to sign him as their face. All of this would be a complete non-issue, but he’s a minority, therefore, it is alleged the one and only reason he has not flourished in the NFL is due to the color of his skin. Absurd considering that the majority of players in the NFL are black. This is the PC culture we live in today.

In another example, years ago, Hillary Rodham (Clinton) was called a liar and unethical by her old Watergate boss. I and others contend she was likely fired because of it.

It is intriguing that though Snopes (the infamous left-leaning “fact” checking entity), admits that Hillary was in fact labeled a liar and unethical by her old boss, but was not fired as many allege. I was recently attacked on a social network because I alleged that she was fired for her unethical behavior. The Left came out of the woodwork (all six of them), to accuse me of not doing the research and believing lies. It is interesting that these same folks had no concern over the fact that Hillary was labeled a liar and unethical. They assume because they say there is no concrete proof of her firing, she was not fired. It is difficult to imagine her boss, having labeled her as a liar and unethical, would have kept her on as part of his team. In any case, he summed up her character, which the Left ignores.

Yes, the Internet sometimes makes it difficult to learn the truth, so continuing to seek it is important, from numerous sources. I pay no attention to the mainstream media (MSM); any of them. They are essentially worthless. There are actual independent reporters like Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) as well as John Solomon (@jsolomonReports). These folks really dig and get to the bottom of things. They’re panned and hated by the Left of course because of the truth they force to the surface.

But let’s take a quick look at some other truth that needs to be disseminated, having to do with these social networks. It’s important to know.

I’ve mentioned before that if you are simply a casual user of the social networks, the owners of those networks probably don’t even notice you. You provide no threat to them even if you’re a Christian, conservative, or patriot. The problem comes in when you start making your conservative, Christian, or patriotic notions known. You then become a target.

Last week, the QFD filter, which had a hand in shadow-banning conservatives, patriots and Christians, was lifted. Thousands of people on Twitter noticed that it was simply gone. Why? Most likely because the owner of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is testifying before Congress today. He will be able to truthfully say that to his knowledge, no conservatives are being shadow-banned. In fact, in a recent post, Q stated as much.

Q has previously dropped crumbs that point to the fact that Facebook was created by DARPA, deep within the Pentagon. It is either surprisingly coincidental or purposeful that on the same day Pentagon stopped their program, Facebook was created. Notice that Pentagon’s project was called “Lifelog.”

The actual purpose of Facebook is to be able to track a person’s entire existence and it is done willingly. People don’t get it. If they go eat at a restaurant, they’ll not only post it, but indicate that they are there right at that point, with full location visible. If they leave there and go to a mall, they’ll post that. The government does not have to actively spy on citizens. Too many are willingly providing all sorts of private information about themselves, making it very easy for government agencies to “listen” into our lives. Criminals also take advantage of that information. Be careful what you put on social networks.

Q also notes Jack Dorsey (@Jack) and Q asks, “Shadow-bans lifted [24]?” Not sure what the 24 represents because I haven’t had time to research it, but the point is that yes, shadow-bans were lifted. Q asks, whether or not this was done as “legal cover” regarding Dorsey’s testimony before Congress? Personally, I don’t think Jack Dorsey would care if he lied. I think though, he would not want to get caught lying. The purpose of lying of course is to not get caught by the truth. Jack Dorsey would be caught. But now he can go before Congress and state truthfully that to his knowledge, no one is under any form of shadow-banning.

However, even here, this is not truthful. I’ve seen (as well as many others), that Twitter manually removes “likes” and “retweets” of conservative accounts. I’ve seen it happen in real-time. I’ve also tried to like or retweet a tweet only to be told that it doesn’t exist, even though I’m looking at it. This means I have to go to the person’s timeline and like or retweet it from there. When I do, it retweets easily. This is all done by specific algorithms that Twitter and other social networks use to control the narrative. Much harder to find and define, which makes them even more of a problem.

Notice Q states, “>Twitter re_engages ‘shadow-banning’ across entire platform….” likely meaning that as soon as Dorsey is done testifying before Congress, the shadow-banning will go back into full effect. We’ll probably see it later today or tomorrow.

Why are they doing this? Why is truth being censored in all these and many other cases? Because it is imperative that the narrative be controlled. If the narrative is controlled, the agenda can also then be controlled and determined. The name of the game is to create a one-world order, complete with a one-world government. This is the game plan and we know that at some point in the future, this will become a reality, based on many sections of Scripture. It is simply what will be.

Satan has been working toward that end since his fall. He almost brought it about with the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. It wasn’t time yet, so God stepped in and confused languages and cultures. Satan has been rebuilding his “multiculturalism” since then and it is clear from Revelation alone that he will succeed. He will build his earthly kingdom (allowed by God), over which he will place his spiritual son, Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2), the final man of sin, to rule as his representative.

So what does this mean about President Trump? After all, he certainly appears to be doing whatever he can to fight the globalist menace. It may not appear that he is winning because we have not yet seen arrests of very high-profile people. Is Trump on the up and up? Is he the guy who is going to squash the dreams of the globalists or is he secretly working for them?

I like to think that President Trump is on the up and up and that he is trying very hard to bring the hammer down on the globalists. Though the Left refuses to admit it, Pres. Trump has taken back parts of America. He has given Americans a much-needed tax break. Unemployment among minorities is the highest it’s ever been. There are so many things he’s accomplished and he keeps on going.

However, we must realize that Satan isn’t going to give up. He isn’t going to lie down and wave the white flag. It may very well be that Pres. Trump will continue his assault against evil powers and that he will gain more victories. Personally, I think we will see the day when certain very high-profile people are perp-walked to courtrooms and those may actually be military tribunals, in which case, we may not see anything until after the fact.

But the globalists, especially at the top of the pyramid, are completely sold out to Satan. He grants them wealth and power beyond their dreams in exchange for their loyalty to him. This is also clearly seen in Scripture even though not described like this. How is it so many kings of Israel and Judah or other nations were so fabulously wealthy and corrupt? Because they sold themselves to Satan’s purposes (whether it was through Dagon, Molech, Baal, or some other false god, it was really Satan they had dedicated themselves to), and benefited mightily because of it, even if short-lived.

Notice in all of these cases, God has the final word. Reading through the prophets bares this out. Ezekiel is told to take up a lamentation against Tyre, against Ammon, against Babylon, and against many other nations. Why? Because ultimately, God is in charge of all of these things. Even when He allows Satan to seemingly succeed, God does so for His purposes and glory. This is the way it has always been and will always be unto the end.

In the meantime, political correctness plays a very important part in recreating society. For instance, even though we have duly passed laws that govern immigration policies, created by Congress long before Pres. Trump got there, the PC push today is to ignore those laws, in favor of being a “social justice warrior.” How could we not feel compassion for people from 3rd world countries? Why shouldn’t we simply throw open our borders and let anyone come in who wants to come in? Because we are a nation of laws that seek to protect the United States from unlawful invasion and because the United States cannot afford to do this. Trump wants USA protected. AG Jeff Sessions does not “seem” to want that, or care.

Q has repeatedly defended Sessions in spite of Pres. Trump’s negative, accusatory tweets about or to Sessions. Interestingly enough, the Left is becoming more and more willing to defend Sessions because they hate Trump and it appears Trump wants Sessions out. Is this all just optics? I believe so.

If the Left comes out rallying around Jeff Sessions but Trump is blaming him for not doing anything, then when Sessions starts taking down members of the cabal, the Left won’t be able to say anything because they’ve spent their time supporting him publicly.

It will be interesting to see how all of this turns out, won’t it? Because of the Internet and social networks, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Interestingly enough, the globalists loved the idea of the Internet. However, that is backfiring on them now because Q team is using the same Internet to track them and there is plenty of dirt on them as well. It won’t end well for them because they’ve not been careful at all.

One of my books details the “Internet of Things” or Technocracy that is enveloping global society. You can purchase Technocracy to Tribulation via Amazon. Unfortunately, while the Internet has good things to offer, it will ultimately be society’s downfall.

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Glenna Hartfield  |  September 14, 2018 at 8:29 AM

    Thank you for this information. I was on youtube to find out how to delete FB in its entirety and you have enlightened me even more to get off FB. I use FB to spread the word about the end times and advise people to get back to serving the only God. I have lashed out at God for allowing abuse to children and animals, but deep down, I know God is in control at all times and that the work of the Devil is rampant today. We have forgotten God. It’s an evil world we are living in and it continually gets worse as each day passes. God help us, oh Lord, who say we are Christians, but we do not take a stand for Jesus Christ who was crucified for each and everyone of us because of mankind’s sin.


    • 2. modres  |  September 14, 2018 at 8:44 AM

      Amen. Thank you, Glenna.


  • 3. David Moody  |  September 4, 2018 at 4:57 PM

    The internet and gps will be part of the antichrist’s tools to track everyone. Almost every app you download now wants to know your location. This may be done for marketing and security reasons now but will that be the same in the future?


    • 4. modres  |  September 4, 2018 at 6:37 PM

      Hi David,

      I couldn’t agree more. Surveillance has come of age and George Orwell would be aghast at what is happening today.



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