Millions to be spent on mapping the brain?

February 26, 2014 at 8:51 AM

Your brain is controllable...

Your brain is controllable…

Mapping the brain will ultimately allow scientists to reconfigure it

Many may be unaware of the action taken by the Obama administration back in April of 2013 to spend millions of dollars so scientists would be able to create a very detailed map of the brain. Officially, it’s called BAM, the Brain Activity Map project. Do we have anything to worry about?

According to Daniel Estulin, “the stated goal is the mapping of all neuronal activity in humans.” [1] Certainly sounds okay and obviously, there are some good things that can occur if science can nail down this extraordinary information. The more medical science knows about the brain, the better position they are in to successfully treat ailments related to our brains.

However, some are concerned that this detailed map of the brain will give science the means to completely reconfigure the brain, its memory patterns, the way people think in general, the ability to replace a person’s moral compass, and more. In other words, is mapping the brain to that extent truly worth the risk? Certainly it would be if there was never a chance that the information could be used in the wrong way. However, that is always the possibility in today’s world because this world is becoming more and more evil.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that our country’s foundational moral fiber is not only being attacked, but forever changed. We have kindergartners being caught attempting to have sex with one another in a classroom bathroom to Miley Cyrus imitating sex with inanimate objects. We have gay couples putting small companies out of business and now they are suing to ensure that churches cannot turn them away when they want to have a marriage ceremony at a particular church.

The world is turning ugly with growing violence, massive surveillance, unprecedented rejection of traditional morals, and attacks on Christians and Christianity. It seems ridiculous that in the midst of this chaos, science is so bent on learning everything about how the brain works. Regardless of what is being publicly stated, it is difficult to trust those statements in light of how much it appears our government has turned against us. Fire can be used for cooking (a good thing) or destroying (a bad thing). It depends upon who wields fire’s power.

Like Daniel Estulin, it is easy to see this type of information being wrongly used to create a type of Minority Report society, where thoughts will be read via detected neural pathways and action will be taken based on that.

Neuroscience studies the nervous system, what makes it tick, what are the control centers, how it works in general and even specifically. “Intelligence agencies have been spending millions of dollars on neuroscience research in the hopes that it will soon deliver extremely advanced tools for projecting national security.” [2]

They call it “national security” but in reality it appears to be something far from it. Is the NDAA or the Patriot Act really for our safety? So far, it appears that the Patriot Act alone (signed into law under George W. Bush) has simply given the federal government the means to eradicate our 4th Amendment rights and spy on us. What has it done to make us safer? Has the DHS ever caught a terrorist before he/she got on a plane? If they had, don’t you think they would have bragged about it far and wide?

Military agencies have been working on what are known as psychotropic weapons for years. Mapping the brain will give them the ability to not only pursue this further, but will allow them to alter the way the brain processes any stimuli. “Psychotropic weapons are those that can remove and replace memories in the human brain.” [3] Replace memories? If our government (or any government) can get to that point, it simply does not bode well for society.

Once the government can literally get into our brains, the game is over. Of course, there are those who believe that would never happen. These people have never heard of or studied things like “Project Pandora,” in which specific aspects of psychotropic warfare has already been unleashed during previous conflicts between the U.S. and the USSR during 1953 to 1976. Our government’s military is usually way ahead of the game.

Even sources like the Huffington Post have reported on it in September of 2010. “The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] has cursed the earth with unmanned missile systems, all-terrain robots and machines that feast upon, and then fuel themselves with, human flesh. The group, which works directly for the U.S. Department of Defense, now hopes to turn actual humans into controllable, mindless and murderous cyborgs.” [4] If a leftwing rag like Huff-Post is concerned, then maybe there is something to be concerned about.

The book of Revelation tells us what the final few years of life will be like on this planet prior to the physical return of Jesus Christ. It is not going to be pretty. It’s going to be very ugly, as if the denizens of hell will be unleashed to usher in an age of darkness led by the devil’s spiritual son. In fact, that is exactly what will happen and the world is quickly moving to that point now.

There is a great deal coming down the pike. You can either stick your head in the sand or you can open your eyes to the truth of what’s happening. The choice and the consequences are yours.

[1] Daniel Estulin, TransEvolution (2013), p. 196

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