New Scam Hits the United States – Beware

October 30, 2011 at 7:59 PM

My wife told me a story tonight after she got off the phone with her mother.  Apparently, she (mother) received a phone call from someone who tried to get money out of her by pretending that they were related and were being held by the police in Peru.

The young man acted scared and was saying he had gone over to Peru on a cheap flight with a friend.  They rented a van while there, the friend had been drinking and damaged the van.  They were both being held by the police and the police needed to speak to her.

My wife’s mother talked with the “police officer” who said that he didn’t want to give the friend a ticket but he could not let them off without getting money to repair the van.  The amount was $3800 USD.

My wife’s mother was so concerned and was certain that the young man on the other end was one of her nephews that she actually went to the bank and withdrew the cash, went to a Western Union and they said they could not take the cash, only a debit card or cashier’s check.  They told her to go across the street to the Rite-Aid and when she got there, the cashier was very concerned that she was being scammed.

My wife’s mother had been so concerned, that she canceled Bible study for that night and had gotten the money out as quickly as possible and told the cashier.  That’s how concerned she was and she needed to send it to the Embassy in Peru.  The cashier was still concerned and said he did not have the complete address and would need to look it up.

Finally, it began to dawn on my wife’s mother that she should call the nephew that she thought she had been talking to.  She called and there was no answer.  She waited a few minutes and tried again and the nephew answered.  She asked him where he was and he told her in Philadelphia (where he was supposed to be working on his medical internship).  As soon as my wife’s mother started telling her nephew what had happened, he instantly told her that she was being scammed!

The next week, she went to the Bible study that she had canceled last week and found out that four of her friends had also had nearly been victims of the scam.  In fact, one had sent money.

I’m amazed that these crooks can come up with something new.  I still get the emails and you probably do too telling us that we’ve won millions in a lottery in the UK, or that someone from some part of Africa has inherited millions of dollars but golly gee, they can’t get to it and need the help of a complete stranger.  Funny how industrious these people are when they want your money.

Once I was attempting to sell my first motorcycle using Craigslist and in my ad, I specifically stated that I would NOT ship the motorcycle, that the person had to pick it up personally and I would only accept cash.  There would be no exceptions.  I received two emails from people telling me that my motorcycle looked exactly like what they wanted from the picture and without seeing it in person or test-driving it they would buy it.  Then they told me they would send their “man” to pick it up and he would have a cashier’s check to cover the cost of the motorcycle AND the cost to have it picked up and shipped back to them.  All I needed to do was to deposit the check, then pay the shipper out of the money that they had included to cover that cost.

It amazes me that people can be manipulated into doing things like this, but it is because in our heart of hearts, we tend to trust people.  We certainly don’t think that we will ever become the victim of a scam artist.

Another one I noticed recently are the emails I’m receiving from people (with Muslim-looking names and from Islamic-dominated countries) who want me to send them money so that Bibles can be purchased for Coptic Christians (and others) in their nation.  The bleeding heart letters go on to express their sadness that these Christians have nothing, etc.

There are actual organizations in the world that do purchase Bibles and make sure that they get where they are supposed to go throughout the world.  Why on earth would I overlook those legitimate organizations to give money to someone whom I’ve never heard of and who simply shows up one day via email?  It makes no sense.

Scams are everywhere and in this day and age with the world’s economy looking pretty sad, people are going to resort to doing whatever they can to take the hard-earned money that you have.  I recently read that even street gangs are turning to white-collar crime, gaining their money through identity theft and stolen credit cards, etc.

The world’s criminals seem to not sleep.  They count on us being asleep at the wheel, or simply giving into the natural sympathy we may have for those who are less fortunate than we are in many ways.

This past weekend, my wife and I stayed the night in Savannah, GA.  We’d heard it was beautiful with so much to see so we were looking forward to it.  Um…it was not the greatest time at all.  I enjoyed being with my wife but the historic downtown area of Savannah was engulfed in boarded up projects and what seemed like the walking dead.

At night, along the river walk, people were hustling and bustling to get from one bar to the next or one restaurant to the next.  The gift shops were open and people were hanging outside of those places all along the walk.  So too were those who knew that tourists were a good choice to play the con.  One woman was being cajoled into giving away money to help get his friend to the hospital.  I heard her say as she reached into her purse, “Make sure he gets some help.”  The man waiting with his hand out said, “Yes, I will.”

The crowd swept us along before we realized what was happening and they were too quickly out of view to help.  The reality is that she might not have paid any attention to our warnings anyway even if we could have gotten a word in.

New scams seem to be popping up all the time.  Don’t get taken for a ride.  If someone calls telling you that they are locked up in a police station in a foreign country, hang up, call the person they are claiming to be to see if it is true.  Better yet, just hang up.  You’ll probably save yourself a good deal of time and trouble.

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