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Brazilian Rain Forest “Visitor”

At least one website today was highlighting photos that appear to contain an image of an alien and a flashing light not far away. The photos were actually screen grabs from a video taken by British tourists to the Brazilian rain forest and while they video-taped the immediate surroundings, in the back, not really in screen, stands what appears to be a gray alien, with a bluish light not far behind him.

It’s certainly interesting to consider the fact that an alien may have been there and may actually have allowed itself to be video-taped. Certainly, the experts will weight in on the validity of the photographs and video, but for now, it certainly looks like the real deal.

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Francis Schaeffer’s Son Franky

Schaeffer was and remains an interesting man. But possibly even more interesting is his son, Franky. Franky grew up in that home, allegedly became a Christian, but now has essentially thrown it all away in favor of something else entirely.

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Our Study in the Book of Jude

For those who have been following our programs at, we will soon be finishing our study on “Living in the Last Generation.” Beginning in November, we will be opening up the book of Jude.

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5 Foreign National Muslims Arrested After Attempted Break-in

Occupy Wall Street, foreign nationals arrested for “burglary,” and the like. Yep, it’s just another normal day in the United States of America! Hoo hah!

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My Visit to Prophecy in the News

Just a very quick update. It’s late and I have just returned home from spending a few days with the delightful people at Prophecy in the News.

While there, I was interviewed twice by Gary Stearman for two different upcoming episodes and I’ll have more on that soon.

In the meantime, I also recorded two Daily Updates with them and one went up Tuesday and the other will be placed up on Wednesday.

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Value of an Israeli Soldier

Israel has stayed in the game because God is not done with them yet and has given them the wherewithal to defend themselves and their country against the likes of those who were released to fight another day. My prediction is that their freedom will be short-lived and may end in death at the hand of an Israeli soldier.

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Prophecy in the News

We are heading out today (Monday) to film a few episodes for Prophecy in the News that will air sometime in the near future.  Should b a fun trip.  If you have not heard of or checked out Prophecy in the News, feel free to check them out at

Also, be on the lookout for the latest book in which I contributed a chapter, published by Tom Horn’s Defender Publishing:  God’s Ghostbusters

October 17, 2011 at 7:38 AM

Debating is Often Pointless

If we state what we believe to be the truth and then let it go at that, is not God able to use what we’ve said to accomplish His purposes, or do we believe we need to beat people over the head with our words until they submit? I wonder what changed the mind of the one thief on the cross? One minute, he’s reviling Jesus; the next he’s asking to be remembered. What happened? I have no idea, but it is clear that Jesus did not preach to the man until he repented.

Go and debate if that’s what you want to do. Enjoy yourself. Knock yourself out and puff yourself up. You’ll have to excuse me if I choose to ignore you, all right? Thanks.

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Let’s Not Jump to Conclusions Over More Muslim Atrocities…

As the State Department would say (if any of this were broadcast via mainstream news sources), they would caution all of America at jumping to conclusions regarding stereotyping Muslims in America. They would gravely intone that the actions of a “few” should not be the template by which all Muslims are judged.

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When is a Muslim Just a Muslim and Not a Terrorist?

You know, all but the blind will have to begin admitting that with respect to Muslims, it is becoming nearly impossible to determine who is and who is not a terrorist in waiting. A perfect example of this was recently found in the person of “Manssor Arbabsiar, also known as Mansour Arbabsiar, 56, has spent most of the past 25 years living and working in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he is known as ‘Jack’.”

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