Value of an Israeli Soldier

October 18, 2011 at 6:58 AM 2 comments

I read the story, then unexpectedly chuckled to myself.  Gilad Shalit has been held by Palestinians for five years and was just recently released…in exchange for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.  Does anyone else see the irony here?  Without intending to, the Palestinians placed a value on the life of one Israeli soldier, which apparently equals 1,000 Palestinians.

Again, I’m sure the Palestinians did not intend this situation to be viewed in this manner.  In fact, they are obviously filled with glee (from the photos) and believe that a huge victory has been won for Hamas and Allah.  It hasn’t.  They have stated without equivocation to the world that it takes 1,000 of their guys to equal ONE Israeli.  I’m sure God is very pleased and if we consider the truth found in Ezekiel 38-39 (Northern Invasion), this truth is emphasized by God Himself to an even greater degree.

While news bureaus are reporting that Hamas has won this round, I definitely do not see it that way.  Palestinian terrorists seem to be a dime a dozen and this truth was clearly seen in this most recent exchange.  However, Hamas is blind to the irony.  All they believe is that they put one over on Israel and got what they demanded in exchange for one “miserable” Israeli soldier.

One day, the truth will dawn on them, but it will likely be too late for any repentance on their part.  I’m very glad Shalit is home, though seemingly showing signs of malnutrition and a lack of sunlight.  He’s been through a lot, having been incarcerated for five years with no tangible end in sight, in essence, a pawn in the game of political intrigue, just waiting to be played by Hamas.

Shalit has been played, but in my view, he, like Israel, came out of the victors.  Of course, the liberal media won’t see it like that and I doubt that many other individual people will see it like that.  I do.  I see a huge victory for Israel because the people they released literally amount to nothing as far as Israel is concerned.  They’ve had to house and feed them on Israel’s dime and now they don’t.

If some of these same Palestinian terrorists continue with their terrorist ways, they may very well wind up being on the sighted end of an Israeli weapon, instead of heading to prison again.  The Israelis are not stupid.  They may be blind as far as God’s plan for them is concerned (and that will change), but they are by no means stupid.

If you attack Israel, you attack God because Israel is the apple of His eye (still).  Hamas believes they’ve gained a massive victory.  The only thing they’ve gained is 1,000 ne’er do wells who are crazy enough to believe that laying down their life for Allah is what they have been called to do.  Without these crazies, Hamas and all other terrorist organizations would have empty ranks.  Now, the ranks have swelled by 1,000.  Whoopee.

Israel has stayed in the game because God is not done with them yet and has given them the wherewithal to defend themselves and their country against the likes of those who were released to fight another day.  My prediction is that their freedom will be short-lived and may end in death at the hand of an Israeli soldier.

It’s really too bad that these Palestinians cannot see the forest for the trees.  Like Israel, they are unable to see the big picture, but unlike Israel, whether anyone else thinks so or not, God is on their side and it is only for one reason:  for the sake of His glory and His Name.

Certainly, we should not glory in the deaths of Palestinians (or any unsaved for that matter).  What we can and should glory in is God.  He will be glorified.  He will be praised.  He will be exalted and even His enemies will be part of that, whether they like it or not.



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  • 1. JMCS  |  October 18, 2011 at 5:56 PM

    One Israeli soldier for a thousand palestinians? hmmmm….. make it ten thousand and its a deal LOL.


  • 2. Sigdrifa  |  October 18, 2011 at 8:34 AM

    It is fantastic that he is home, although there are detractors in every happy celebration. One Israeli soldier is definitely worth it. Really enjoyed reading and sharing this post, Dr Fred.


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