When is a Muslim Just a Muslim and Not a Terrorist?

October 12, 2011 at 9:49 AM

You know, all but the blind will have to begin admitting that with respect to Muslims, it is becoming nearly impossible to determine who is and who is not a terrorist in waiting.  A perfect example of this was recently found in the person of “Manssor Arbabsiar, also known as Mansour Arbabsiar, 56, has spent most of the past 25 years living and working in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he is known as ‘Jack’.”

The above listed individual is alleged to be the main conspirator in the recent terror plot uncovered by our State Department.  The plot – if left unchecked – would have resulted in the death of the Saudi Arabia ambassador to the United States.

Of course, the interesting thing here is that the alleged plotter nicknamed “Jack” (aka as “Scarface” due to a scar he suffered in a fight over a woman) was known by many people in and around the Corpus Christi area of Texas.

One individual who knew Jack for some fifteen years is quoted as saying, “I was very shocked to see what happened, you know…That’s out of character for him and he’s a businessman. Maybe he thought it was a joke. I don’t know. I just don’t know what’s going on in his mind.” [2]

I doubt seriously that Jack could have thought this was a joke.  He was alleged to have been working with a man by the name of “Gholam Shakuri, an Iran-based member of Iran’s Quds Force, a special operations unit of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.” [3]

So, if Jack was intending this whole thing as a joke, obviously, the joke is on him.  All of this brings me to my main point though.  If someone like Jack – who was a naturalized citizen of the United States and had been in the country for 25 years can become an alleged terrorist, then how can we know that EVERY Muslim will not eventually do the same thing?  That is a sad statement and the problem is that it comes to the fore because of the LACK of  protesting by people who call themselves “moderate” Muslims.
It is really difficult to know who is and who will not become involved in terrorist activities and this is largely because Islam itself has been the perpetrator of many inhuman and heinous crimes against humanity since its inception.  This ideology is taught directly through the Qur’an and related writings, or through the Imams who teach Muslims.
Obvious, not all Imams teach this type of Islam that is terror-driven, but it is also clear that many do teach it.  For those who do not as well as for those who sit underneath the teachings of an Imam who does not, can we know for sure that at some point, neither that Imam or his students will not turn against America with thoughts and plans for terrorism?  Unfortunately, we cannot know.
Of course, some will come along and maintain that there have been terrorists of a sort in most religions.  They would point to the gunman in Norway who killed just under 100 people and who is said to have been a “Christian” and “right-winger.”  The problem is that even if he actually believed himself to be an authentic Christian, the fact of the matter is that his actions do not coincide with the teachings of the Founder of Christianity.  In that sense then, he is at odds with Jesus and Christianity in general.  Moreover, the number of people who claim to be Christian and do heinous things like kill abortion doctors or gun down 100 young people are rare, especially when compared with the numbers of individuals who have sworn allegiance to Allah and attempt to live just as Muhammad lived.
Muhammad’s Islam was born in violence and it followed him throughout his life.  It was violence that he taught to his followers either directly or through the Qur’an.  History is filled with one long, very dirty laundry list of the campaigns that Muhammad led and taught his followers to do the same. Yes, Roman Catholicism had its inquisitions and as wrong as they were then, they do not continue to this day.
Ultimately – and tragically – the truth is that no one knows that the Muslim living next door will not one day “wake up” to his true calling and conspire with other terrorists to attempt to kill, maim, and destroy those within this country.  Because of this, Muslims have only themselves to blame.
Many Muslims in the present day have no qualms about threatening people’s lives, even if over the Internet.  What we are seeing in Egypt is a perfect example of what happens when Islam (through the Muslim Brotherhood) gains the upper hand.  Churches are destroyed and Christians are killed, all because this is what Muhammad did and what he said Allah honors.
I believe, unless things change, that as we begin to see more of these terror plots unfold in the United States, the tide will turn against Muslims, whether they are innocent or not.  That is the sad fact because of what many Muslims themselves are doing throughout the world.  It is not because people have decided that they simply don’t like or trust Muslims.  It is because the mayhem and murder that seem to be part of the fabric of Islam and is translated to the lives of millions of Muslims.
It must be remembered, we are not speaking of a particular ethnicity of people, whereby someone could charge racism.  We are speaking of a culture of the mind and culture of the beliefs.  Those beliefs guide Muslims throughout their days as they come together to determine the best way to bring the world to the next Caliphate (a world governed by Islam).  To the Muslim, it must happen and will happen because this is the only way to bring the next (and final) Mahdi to the world.
For those Muslims who are truly peaceful (and again, how is that determined?), they will suffer the same fate as the rest of the world who is given the chance to convert or die.  People who are not willing to buy into the hardline Islamic stance that violence can and should be used to promote Islam so that Islam gains and maintains control over the world, will be either done away with or used as slaves (dhimmis).
Was there anything in Jack’s twenty-five year history that would have alerted the authorities to the fact that he might one day throw in his lot with terrorists, becoming one himself?  He had a few driving tickets and tangled with another man over a woman.  Maybe if there is more research and digging, the man’s true character would have been determined, but in truth, a bad driving record and a fight does not a terrorist make.
Maybe Jack himself never saw himself as a terrorist, but when the opportunity came, he was forced to see that this is what he must be in order to please Allah and to imitate Muhammad.  We don’t really know and we may never know.
What we do know is that somewhere along the line, Jack decided that aligning himself with terrorists was the right thing to do as far as Islam was concerned.  How many more Muslims will this happen to in the next six months to a year?  While some may simply understand this as paranoid ravings, the reality is far more consistent with the actual views and teachings of Islam.  It would seem to make us believe that at some point, even moderate Muslims are faced with the choice of remaining on that road, or wandering off down the road toward terrorism.
So what can you do about it?  Except for remaining vigilant, not much.  If you lived in a gang-infested neighborhood, you would know what it meant to be aware of your surroundings and to be vigilant as you walk the streets of your own neighborhood.  Maybe that’s the way we need to be.  Maybe more people need to get their heads out of the sand and understand that the basic teachings of Islam demonstrate that at all costs, Islam needs to become ruler over all.  For those who do not get this, they will only have themselves to blame.
[1] http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/12/alleged-iranian-bomb-plotter-was-well-known-texas-used-car-salesman/#ixzz1aZpwyV68
[2] Ibid
[3] Ibid

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