Nephilim Nightmare!

February 15, 2010 at 12:56 PM

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It is funny, but when I finished my very first book – Interpreting the Bible Literally (Is Not as Confusing as it Sounds) – I thought I was out of ideas!  The ideas never stopped coming though and even now, I finish one and have ideas for two or three more!

Demons in Disguise is now officially available and as I completed it, I realized that I would have to write another book on the same subject!  Demons in Disguise introduced the Pleiadians, which are nothing more than Nephilim demons, in my opinion.  It is obvious that they are working to create some type of  new world order.  In fact, the more this area is studied, the more the similarities between Pleiadians, Syrius and others come to the fore.

This next book, Nephilim Nightmare, will zero in on how the Pleiadians have been working through individuals, the lies they tell them, and any comparisons to Scripture.  I believe it should prove to be a worthwhile follow up book.

It is incredible to me that people will simply accept verbatim what some of these spiritual entities tell them.  They never ask them to prove their identity, but believe what they say as if they would never lie.  Yet, where the Bible is concerned, these same people have absolutely no problem doubting its veracity at all.  In fact, most of these beings routinely downplay the importance of the Bible, or come right out and deny its authenticity.

When I read of the people who believe they are channeling Michael the Archangel or some other important, and high-ranking entity, it deeply saddens me.  These entities are busy fabricating lie after lie and gullible human beings swallow it, hook, line and sinker.  In fact, these people would look at me as if there is something wrong with me.  How could I NOT believe that these beings are who they say they are?  The plain fact of the matter is that they never offer proof for their identity and they don’t have to, because people are so willing to just accept their words as truth.

I’m not sure which book I will be writing first – Finishing the Race, or Nephilim Nightmare – but I may wind up writing them together, who knows?  At any rate, I will continue to provide updates here and at

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