Will Christ Physically Reign for 1,000 Years?

February 16, 2010 at 11:49 AM

More and more people today believe that the idea of Christ reigning physically at some future point, from David’s throne in Jerusalem is nuts.  To them, this concept seems to deny the fact that He reigns now, from heaven.

I submit that the two concepts are NOT mutually exclusive.  I also submit that if He does NOT reign physically from David’s throne (His earthly “father”), then He will not have literally fulfilled everything Scripture says about it.

What I cannot help but find fascinating is that Christ has already fulfilled so many prophecies concerning Himself.  I know of NO ONE (including Covenant or Reformed Theologians, Preterists, or even Sevent-day Adventists), who would not agree that all the prophecies that have been currently fulfilled by Christ were fulfilled literally.  They would be complete idiots to disagree with this provable fact, so they agree with it.

Christ was born of a virgin, He lived a sinless life, He fulfilled many prophecies on the day He died alone, after His death, He rose on the third day, and He ascended to the Father after that.  No one who claims to be an authentic Christian denies these facts.

Yet, when it comes to events that are said to be future, there are disagreements.  All of a sudden, allegory comes into play.  We are told that the Tribulation, Christ’s physical return and many other things that have not happened yet are meant to be taken allegorically.  Says who?

I get the feeling that these same people if they had been living during Daniel’s day, or Jeremiah’s, or Ezekiel’s, they would say that what was revealed to these prophets was to be taken allegorically.  Yet, it is absolutely clear from history that the things that have taken place based on the revelations given to these prophets, and disseminated to the rest of us through God’s Word, were fulfilled literally.

Imagine though, hearing Daniel speak of a “ram” who will burst across the earth knowing other things out of his way.  PRIOR to the event  happening, no one would have known that this referred to Alexander the Great.  The temptation to allegorize the text would have been too great for some.

Christ came physically in His first advent.  He lived a sinless life, fulfilling Scripture after Scripture.  He lived and during His life, fulfilled numerous passages of Scripture through healings, feeding the hungry, preaching and essentially being a light to a dark nation and dark world.

When Christ ascended into heaven ten days prior to Pentecost, the angels said to the disciples standing there that this Christ would return in the same manner.  While some insist on saying that Christ has already returned spiritually (in A.D. 70, or some other point in time), they are completely missing the point of the passage in Acts 1. They are deliberately changing the intended meaning of the text so that it says something completely different than it does.

We will delve more into this area of Christ’s physical return and physical reign over the next few days.  The biggest question you can ask yourself in the meantime is if you view passages like the one in Acts chapter one allegorically, WHY?  There is nothing in the text that would intimate that the angels had an allegorical meaning in view.  Why do you view prophetic passages of Scripture (that are to take place in the future), in an allegorical fashion, when you must know that all of the prophecies already fulfilled by Christ have been fulfilled literally?

Give it some thought.

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