Social Network’s Continued Censorship Against Conservatives, Christians and Patriots

October 3, 2019 at 12:35 PM 2 comments

Well, if finally happened. I’ve been posting on Twitter since April of 2013. I have nearly 11,000 followers and I follow nearly that many as well. In all this time, I have never been suspended or my account cancelled…until today.

I wasn’t even going on TW, but received an email that indicated because of a post they considered “inciting,” I was being put in TW jail for 12 hours. Of course, I had to “verify” my phone number first and be willing to delete said “offensive” tweet. Before I did, I took a screen shot of it and I’ve included it in this article.

Because of my suspension, I can go on TW, I can send direct messages to those who follow me, but I cannot tweet, comment, or RT other posts from other people. If you look carefully at my tweet, what I said is based on truth. If these people are TREASONOUS, the full power of the law should be brought to bear against them, which may include being hung for treason. Clearly, I was implying that they should first be found guilty in a court of law and then receive their just punishment, which might include hanging, but doesn’t always have to include that.

I’m sure some mealy-brained Leftist reported my tweet. It’s what they do whenever they find something “offensive” tweeted out by conservatives, patriots, and Christians. It’s how they temporarily “win” the argument because they have caused someone they disagree with to be “silenced.” It’s what the Left does because their arguments are pitifully mindless, which is why they become enraged so quickly.

Leftists in general have no real rationale. Here’s an example of a woman who tweeted out a completely absurd tweet having to do with human reproduction. Notice how she equates the male sperm with a fertilized female egg. The stupidity of the Left surpasses anything I’ve ever encountered. It’s massive oblique and neanderthal. There are only a few Leftists whom I respect enough to listen to even though I disagree with their position on most things. Forgive the frank grammar used by the Leftist, but she knows not only not what she does, but she has no clue about actual facts.

On any given day, one can view the vile absurdity as well as the inciting posts of people like Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, John Cusack, and many other Leftwing celebs who hold virtually nothing back in their condemnation of President Trump. Many people have reported their tweets simply to have TW respond that they could find nothing in their tweet that is offensive, inciting, or anything else for that matter. TW knows it and doesn’t care.

That’s perfectly fine with TW that those on the Left spew their vitriol, vehemence, and wishful violent thinking against Trump and the GOP. No problem at all. They’re allowed to continue unabated without fear of being censored of put in time-out.

With the way TW censors anyone who doesn’t agree with their political bias, it’s a wonder more conservatives, patriots and Christians are not booted from the platform, though that is happening to a degree. But stop and consider what that would mean for TW if they successfully kicked all people off of TW with whom they did not politically agree (including President Trump). How long would TW actually last? Not long at all. It would become nothing more than an echo chamber where Leftists would spew their vitriol on a daily basis with no reservations (like they do now), but there would be no one remaining to argue with or attack. Wouldn’t that make for a “fun” platform? Not at all and even Leftists would get tired of not having anyone around to harass. They’d go find a social network where they could harass conservatives.

Now that I’ve been sent to TW jail for the first time ever in the over six years worth of time I’ve been on that publishing platform, it’s very likely that I’m now in their sights. This means that they’ll keep an eye on my tweets and it may even pick up steam for any Leftist out there who wants to silence me. It’s easy enough to report people on TW and if you’re a conservative you’re generally seen as guilty with no chance of defending yourself. It’s kind of like Red Flag laws.

At the same time, you can report a Leftist for some of the most heinous, vile “hate” speech that involves inciting others to commit actual crimes against people like President Trump and those Leftist are usually ignored. But in my case and in the case of many other conservatives, patriots and Christians, even mentioning the lawful retribution that should be pronounced on people who commit treason is verboten when it speaks against those whom TW holds near and dear.

You’ll notice in my tweet, I not only cited Clinton and Obama, but also Bush. I believe they’re all guilty of crimes against the USA. Will they ever see a court of law?

TW has become a cesspool, like many social networks. It tends to bring out the worst in people. Social networks appear to help people by giving them a voice. I’ve noticed more and more that even when we’re allowed to speak (though I’ve nearly always been shadow-banned by TW, which means my tweets are kept from being seen by most people including those who follow me), it still does not accomplish anything. I see people on TW getting all ramped up about this, that or the other thing. People are constantly saying things like, “Retweet if you want to see (fill in the blank) arrested and sent to prison),” etc. But let’s be real. While the retweets provide greater exposure for the original person making the tweet, no amount of tweeting takes care of the problems that this country is facing. No amount of talking about it will create change. Change will happen only if people with the power to do so create the change. It’s not enough to vote because too many RINOs run as GOP only to “come out” as the Democrats they are after the election. Then we have to put up with them for a year or four until they can be voted out. It’s asinine.

Have we seen anyone arrested? Oh sure, I receive the DOJ’s list of people who are arrested on a daily basis, but for the most part, these are no-names, people who are known by no one outside their small circles. They are not household names, known by all people with few exceptions.

Has Andrew McCabe been arrested or charged? James Comey? Nope. The DOJ refused to indict the latter. Who else is still walking the streets? Virtually everyone.

Where’s Q? On hiatus. The 8Chan forums/board where Q posted? Gone, though I keep hearing they’re coming back…soon.

I’m also hearing that it’s going to take much more time for arrests to start happening because the swamp is so deep. Folks, it’s been nearly three years and President Trump as well as those who support him continue to be hammered from all quarters.

The more research I do, the less that I believe anything will actually happen to change things. Feel free to disagree with me if you like, but this is where I stand. The Bible clearly states that things will continue to worsen and worsen, leading up to the time of the physical second coming of Jesus toward the end of the Tribulation. Satan has built an extremely well-oiled, corrupt machine that he hopes to use against God. One day, the final conflict will happen and nothing Satan has built will be able to achieve what he hopes to achieve. In fact, in a moment, upon the return of Jesus, Satan’s hopes will be destroyed.

While there will appear to be some semblance of peace in the not-too-distant future, it is also very clear that Satan remains in charge, granted so by God Himself because God has several things He needs to occur (read about them in Daniel 9). This ramping up of evil will not be precipitated by a “new age” of reason, enlightenment and brotherly love. However, it will tend to look like that from a New Age perspective.

If you have not noticed, Christians are being persecuted mightily. Even those who are not Christian but are conservative and patriotic are finding it difficult to carry on conversations around Leftists who don’t want to hear anything except their particular political bias. They want to shut us down.

I’m okay not talking about politics on social networks. In fact, I’m arriving to the point where I’m really wondering if I need to be associated with these social networks at all. What good are they actually accomplishing? While it might feel like it brings patriots, conservatives and Christians together, the Left still has the microphone. They control Big Tech and they decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t based on their own rules of political correctness, not the First Amendment.

I think it’s very possible that the Lord is telling me to pull away from these “social” networks. I may still continue to post my blog articles there, but as far as interaction? I’m not sure it’s really worth it with Big Brother TW looking over your shoulder all the time.

In spite of censorship, Christians in America still have it good, but the Left is in all out attack mode doing their best to chip away and negate the First and Second Amendments to start. They’ve been using political correctness to auto-correct anyone who does not speak their language. They created the term “hate” speech as a weapon against conservative ideologies to shut down the First Amendment without actually negating it.

What can we do? I’m not sure anymore. As many conservatives, patriots and Christians as there are in the USA, the people who own the social networks are all far Left politically and because of that, they control our voice. If we were to boycott all of them for their political opinions, we’d be making our own clothes, growing our own vegetables, raising our own cows, chickens and everything else. It becomes thoroughly cumbersome unless that’s something you truly want to do.

I don’t have to be involved with social networks. That’s a choice I can freely make and maybe this particular situation occurred because God is reminding me of that fact.



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  • 1. Marie  |  October 3, 2019 at 1:15 PM

    So sorry….it’s getting hateful and crazy out there for Christians….. and free speech. But try MeWe….I am on that and check it out once in awhile but if Facebook gets worse or I get in face book jail …..I’ll go there. Have not felt well lately….will write more later….preparing for our move to Arizona… taxing at 75 for me. Love you guys….

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    • 2. modres  |  October 3, 2019 at 3:20 PM

      I’ve heard of MeWe but haven’t tried it. Thanks for your thoughts. God bless, Marie. 🙂



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