Lack of Discernment is Becoming the Norm

September 30, 2019 at 11:47 AM 4 comments

Not sure about you, but I spend a good amount of time perusing the ‘Net to learn what the latest attraction is within Christendom. It’s often disheartening. It’s like going onto a social network to read the rantings of the lunatic Left, convinced that President Trump has broken the law and deserves impeachment, while completely ignoring actual collusion with foreign governments by both Obama and Biden. It’s maddening.

This past week I watched several videos highlighting the character of what passes for a movement of the Holy Spirit within today’s Charismatic (NAR) movement compared to what actually occurs within those religions that are not Christian and are in fact, based in some form of the Occult. It doesn’t matter whether it’s New Age meditation or Hinduism, you can watch both groups and see Satan at work. The term “holy laughter” characterizes people under some sort of “spell” that causes them to laugh hysterically and often uncontrollably. People who fall over and onto the floor are said to be experiencing what is called being “slain in the Spirit.” Yet, the exact same type of thing is clearly evident within cults and religious sects that are not Christian at all.

Some like to argue that Satan is the great counterfeiter and as such, he likes to replicate what God is doing. The problem here is that these particular cults, sects and offbeat religions have experienced these things for ages and they only began occurring within Christian “revivals” since the early 1900’s. I highlight all of this in my most recent book, “DECEPTION IN THE CHURCH: Does It Matter How You Worship?

The reality is that there is a great deal of counterfeiting going on today. But more than that, there is a good deal of emphasis on all things emotional. When that happens, discernment flies out the door because our emotions can be overwhelming in pushing out truth, while embracing things that have no basis in truth.

The “church” today – the visible church that we can see – is filled with hucksters, charlatans, false prophets and false apostles. Because of this, it looks more like a circus than anything that brings glory to God. I watched one video last week highlighting some of the things that went on in numerous gatherings only again to be a bit horrified at what I was seeing. People falling to the floor, writhing, a few screaming as if they were on fire, leaders who were teaching the crowds unscriptural things like “take the crown that is on your head and place it on someone else’s head right next to you,” and in general, an assembly of people where order does not reign and absurdity does, all in the Name of our Heavenly Father. You know it’s bad when pastors of Assemblies of God churches come out to condemn many of the antics on display at these gatherings!

Why is it people are so drawn to this type of thing? Why do they allow their emotions to tell them what is true? Are our emotions even capable of doing that? The clear answer from Scripture is a resounding “NO!” How many times does the Bible tell us that the just shall live by faith or that our hearts are deceitfully wicked and who can know them? These truths seem to go roundly unnoticed by too many who call themselves Christian.

I can relate. Honestly, I can. Anyone who has read this blog of mine for any length of time knows that years ago I was involved in the Charismatic Movement. Why? Because of a “felt” need within me that was not being filled. But of course, looking back, I realize that I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. I was expecting, even yearning for God to “speak” to me yet I was not reading His Word daily. I was not praying throughout the day. I was not asking for His empowering to live a godly life. I was setting all that aside so that He would simply “tell” me what it was He wanted and how He was directing my life.

We don’t realize it during those times, but this is all ego. Nothing more and nothing less. God is the Creator. He is the One who sets the rules. He is fully sovereign. He is God Almighty, above all other “gods.” He has the beginning and final word…in everything. He keeps Satan on a leash and Satan is only able to do what God allows him to do. There is absolutely no question as to any of these things. Yet, we want “more.” We want to “know” God and the way we think that happens is through an “inner voice” that directs us, if we allow it.

I’ve written a series of articles on how to determine God’s will and if that subject is confusing to you, I’d like to recommend that you read the series. While God certainly directs our steps, sometimes with inner impulses that are born of wisdom and discernment, He does not necessarily speak to us today as He did when He spoke to the prophets of old or even the apostles in the first century. Why doesn’t God do that? Because we have the entirety of His written Word now and they did not have it then. God had to communicate His will through actual prophets to His people. How else would they know what He wanted from them? He did that then to serve as examples for us and much of what He did through a variety of people like Moses, Samuel, Joshua, David, etc., became what is now known as His Word.

I realize quite well the mental gymnastics that leaders within the Charismatic and NAR movements go through as they attempt to prove from the Bible that the many displays of human emotion found within their meetings are from God. Unfortunately for them and those who follow them, they are 100% wrong. These leaders rip things out of context to make it appear that what they say God is doing today is exactly what He did during Old Testament times or during the first century. It’s nuts. There is no comparison at all.

Slain in the Spirit? Remember on the night Jesus was betrayed and they came to arrest Him? They asked for Him and He responded that He was the One they were looking for to arrest. At that, the men who came to arrest Him fell backward (John 18). The leaders of NAR tell us that this is what is called being “slain in the Spirit.” No, it isn’t. John 18 is simply an example of God’s power but in judgment, not blessing!

These soldiers who came to arrest Jesus did not fall down in uncontrollable laughter. They were not doing anything those in NAR meetings do. The soldiers were likely flabbergasted that here was the Man they were to arrest who was not trying to flee. Moreover, the power within Him was a direct reaction to their approach. Just as when Jesus approached the demoniac in Luke 8:26-39, what happened? The human being who was possessed by many evil spirits (they called themselves “Legion”), approached Jesus and fell down before Him. Folks, this man was not slain in the Spirit either. He was possessed! It was only after Jesus sent the demons away that the man regained his sanity and appeared “in his right mind” (v. 35).

Folks, I could go on about this all day, but suffice it to say that there are many brainwashed people today. Many of them are on the Left politically and many of those people attend some type of church. But even if they are not politically Left, there are still too many people who are in “church” for what they can get out of it. They’re not interested in following God, doing His will, bringing Him glory. They are like I was years ago; caught up in the lie that I needed to “feel” God’s Presence or I wasn’t really an empowered Christian. If my life wasn’t surrounded by miracles and emotional euphoria, then clearly, I was a second-class Christian at best. Something needed to happen to help me get into the Spirit’s realm. Hogwash.

We have a new grandson who is just seven months old. Watching him grow is fun. Sometimes, he gets frustrated because he’s hungry or because he’s had too much to eat. He cannot communicate with English to tell his parents or us what’s going on. He cries or he is happy. He makes sounds that are not English but to him, they mean something. As he grows, he will learn English by osmosis. As he continues to grow, he will learn language by being taught the letters of the alphabet and how to put them together to make recognizable words. He’ll learn to read at the same time. However, he will never be done learning though he will get to a point where he will be able to communicate easily.

We enter this world as baby blobs. We grow over time and it takes years. The biggest problem I think Christians have is the problem of expecting too much, too soon. I was 13 when I received the free gift of salvation. I was feeling great for a while, then things went south and I started searching. By the time I was 17, I was involved in the Charismatic Movement and its offshoots. Why? Because I didn’t think I was “close” enough to God so I thought that being in those type of meetings would get me there.

Was I reading God’s Word daily? Nope. In fact, I remember trying to read it and thinking, “This makes no sense!” and I quickly gave up for a time. There is no shortcut to getting to know God, just like there is no shortcut to getting to know another person.

When I met my wife I was completely enamored. I was floating during our courtship. I didn’t need sleep and didn’t need food (though that didn’t stop me from eating) and life was just grand. Eventually, those feelings subside (thank goodness) and we find our place in life. Often, life is a series of incidents or even battles that we must push through to get to the other side.

I still love my wife. I can only imagine what life would be like if she died. It wouldn’t be pleasant at all for a while. Are my feelings toward her now the same that they were during our courtship? Not at all, however, the other important question is do I know my wife better now than during our courtship? Absolutely, beyond doubt! She knows me much better as well. Our separate lives together have blended into one and so far, it’s taken 34 years to get here.

Isn’t our life with Christ the same way? How is it possible to get to know Him if we are not reading His Word every single day or if we’re not taking all of our problems to Him on a regular basis?

Just recently, our transmission on our main vehicle began giving us problems. Just about three years ago we had it completely rebuilt for just under $3000. It’s in the shop again today and I’m waiting to hear if we’re going to need the transmission rebuilt again. In the meantime, we began figuring out how much money we’ve poured into repairs for this vehicle and over the last 34 months, we’ve put at least $8,200 into it. This means if we average it out over 34 months, we’ve been paying approximately $240/month. The vehicle is a 2001 and has over 333,000 miles on it. We’ve also replaced the engine. My wife and I just hate car payments.

But, is the Lord possibly “telling” us that we should consider investing in something else? We’re both thinking that’s the case. It just makes sense after we went to Him in prayer. Notice there was no “voice” telling us what to do. There was no being “slain in the Spirit” or anything like that. It was simply discernment based on what appears to be wisdom from Him. If I get a call today and hear that I need a new transmission, it’s time to trade in the vehicle for something newer and more reliable. I’ll never buy a brand new car because there are plenty of great used cars available.

God gives wisdom to those who ask for it and it often doesn’t come with any type of ecstatic experience. It’s just knowledge born of wisdom and discernment. It’s very “pedestrian” compared to the antics that are on display at too many meetings and churches today.

Folks, run from them and run to His Word. You will not regret it!

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  September 30, 2019 at 6:08 PM

    Thanks for another great article…🙏

    “Just as when Jesus approached the demoniac in Luke 8:26-39, what happened? The human being who was possessed by many evil spirits (they called themselves “Legion”), approached Jesus and fell down before Him. Folks, this man was not slain in the Spirit either. He was possessed! It was only after Jesus sent the demons away that the man regained his sanity and appeared “in his right mind” (v. 35).”

    Anyone calling them self “they” has a demon! It has become a new trend with even news, blog and other articles in being written this way. I once read one – and I will not be reading another like it – and it nearly sent me insane with confusion…I knew they were writing about a man yet the article kept using they…never again!

    We are in sad times and my only prayer is Jesus’s soon return.



    • 2. modres  |  September 30, 2019 at 7:58 PM

      Thank you and God bless.


  • 3. dlt54  |  September 30, 2019 at 1:31 PM



    • 4. modres  |  September 30, 2019 at 2:05 PM

      Thank you. God bless.



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