Gun Control Bait and Switch?

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In today’s world, people are aghast (and should be) at the number of mass shootings for a number of decades. It’s almost as though society is being forced to reconsider its “love affair” with the gun. History is replete with example after example of dictators who outlawed guns from their society. The first thing they did once they’d taken care of the gun “problem” where law-abiding citizens were concerned, is to round up “dissidents” and torture or execute them. This often included entire families of people.

It’s pointless to debate this with the Left. They’re not interested in truth or reality. They’re interested in narrative and anything they can use to push their narrative is what they repeat in hopes of ultimately repealing the Second Amendment.

But what is more concerning to me is the fact that even people who claim to be conservatives seem to be adopting the mantra that Red Flag laws should be passed because they are simply “common sense” legislation that would shore up some loopholes and save lives.

In 2000, Donald J. Trump wrote a book called The America we Deserve. He stated he supported a ban on semi-autos, universal background checks and longer waiting times to buy a gun. Years later, in 2013, Trump stated on Twitter “The reality is that no gun bill will ever stop tragedies. And as we have learned from ObamaCare, Washington only makes things worse!”

So at one point, Trump stated one opinion about guns and in 2013 stated an opposite opinion about guns. Now, some six years later in 2019, are we seeing a return by now President Trump to what he previously believed regarding guns? It is starting to look like it.

Look, people’s opinions change. We’ve probably all changed our opinion over something in our life. We think one way, we gain new insight and information and so our view begins to change according to that new information. I get it. However, where the Second (or First) Amendment is concerned, it’s pretty self-explanatory. “Shall not be infringed” is very clear except to bleeding heart politicians that will use emotion and “feelz” to do what they can to overturn the Second Amendment.

Trump appears to have at one point believed that more gun laws were needed. Then years later believed that no gun laws would stop the tragedies of mass shootings. Now, he appears to be adopting his original belief system where guns are concerned. Why is that?

Well, I’m going to offer my opinion. You’re free of course to accept or reject it. What I’d like to state unequivocally is that I have not yet decided (as some of my conservative/patriot friends have), that Donald J. Trump is pulling the wool over our eyes regarding gun control. At the same time, it is very possible that what we might be seeing is a plan that involves removing guns from society. Unfortunately, it may well be that Trump is either spearheading this or simply being a fall guy for it. Some of my friends believe he was put in as president for the express purpose of removing guns or at least creating more anti-gun legislation that will ultimately make it easier to remove guns from society.

Let me switch gears for just a moment and come back to this gun control issue in a moment. What I’m going to discuss briefly may not seem to tie into it at all (and this is where my opinion may be null and void), but at the same time, it certainly may be connected.

The video below was uploaded to YouTube Monday morning, August 12th, by journalist Jim Hoft. It is a snippet of a Varney & Co interview with Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne. The video is just under four minutes long and it is totally worth the watch. In it, Byrne discusses his believe (knowledge?) that AG Barr is going to release information that will be cause the arrest of at least ex-CIA Director John Brennan and ex-FBI Director James Comey. Take a listen.

What’s interesting is that you can tell CEO Byrne was not necessarily prepared to discuss that topic but did. He was there to discuss crypto currency. The brief video is an eye-opener and if it is truthful, then we can expect to see some arrests in the near future. When? No idea and like everything else, it’s best to not get our hopes up too high that these arrests will occur “tomorrow,” but there seems to be a good chance they will happen.

Okay, what’s my point? It’s simply this and you may not like hearing it, frankly. I didn’t like thinking about it but it should be considered. Is it possible President Trump is either being used by the Left or of his own volition to push for more gun control? Is it POSSIBLE? If it is possible, that means he may ultimately sign something passed by Congress that will put further restrictions and infringements on the Second Amendment. Of course, these infringements will only affect law-abiding citizens. These laws passed by Congress and signed by a President never have any effect on criminals or mentally unstable people obtaining guns. Never though the Left believes differently.

But what if arrests do start happening and we see “perp” walks by some of the biggest names in Obama’s corrupt government? Brennan, Comey, Yates, Lynch, Holder, even Hillary and/or Obama and numerous others? What would it feel like in society? Wouldn’t it actually be jubilant? Would the average law-abiding citizen leap for joy? You know we would.

Oh sure, the Left would start having cows, moaning and groaning about the “lies” etc., but if enough of the actual facts came out that not even the Left could deny, it would have a tremendously positive effect on all of society. Overnight we’d probably watch MSM (mainstream media) become honest! Those of us awake would have a difficult time believing MSM had actually changed, however, the brainwashed ppl on the Left would most likely go along with the change.

So while all these arrests and fallout from them are happening, patriots and conservatives would likely be celebrating BIGLY! Why not? Those who’ve caused the most damage to the US Constitution and American society, will finally be paying for their treasonous crimes.

But what if during all these news stories 24/7 on just how bad people acted, could something be happening behind the scenes that would draw the curtain a bit more on gun control? Would people even notice? If they noticed would most simply say, “Oh well, that’s fine because look at all those high-profile arrests taking place!

I am of the opinion that because most would be so absorbed in all the daily court (military tribunals?) proceedings that it would be very easy to miss what might be happening via sleight of hand with respect to the Second Amendment in Congress.

You may think this is far-fetched and you may be right. I’m hoping that I am absolutely wrong here.

However, consider the Roman Empire and the phrase “breads and circuses.” It was coined by historians who understood that IF you make people (the citizenry) feel good about life by giving them essentials (food and entertainment), those same people either won’t notice when you remove freedoms or they’ll go along with it because of all the “benefits” and freebies given out by Rome.

Since President Trump has been elected, we’ve seen some wonderful things happen in the USA and that enthusiasm is catching on in various parts of the world. The US economy is going full bore with the lowest unemployment ever for black people in America. People are keeping more of their hard earned money thanks to tax relief Trump helped push through. The wall is being built. Mexican authorities are working hard to stem the flow of non-Americans into America by up to 45%. ICE is working hard to catch and deport those who are illegally here and where courts have issued their verdict that they are not eligible for asylum in the United States.

The US has not gotten into any new wars even though the Left warned us that Trump would get us into war with North Korea. When that didn’t happen, it then became war with Iran. When that won’t happen, it’ll be something else. The Left continues to warn us about the “despot” in the White House with his finger on the nuclear button because they need to gin up the fear in society.

Even China is being forced to do things Trump’s way or will be tariffed a great deal if they do not cooperate. China steals as much as they can and have done so for years. It’s common knowledge that they respect no copyright laws at all. They’re being forced into a corner, just like Mexico and other countries. Overall, things are going very well for most people in America.

So I’m just wondering aloud whether or not IF we arrive to the next stage that includes public arrests of high-profile offenders, will that become the icing on the cake? Will that be the “bread and circuses” that cause society to not notice their freedoms being removed – both the Second and First Amendments?

Only time will tell and frankly, I don’t know what to think. No one really knows the answer until all of this is actually fleshed out and we see what happens. Will Congress create new anti-gun laws that will further infringe on the 2A that most will not even care about or notice because they are so swept away by all the arrests and tribunals?

Right now Congress and President Trump are in the talking stage and what I’m hearing, I don’t like. We have the same RINOs (Republican in Name Only) senators and representatives pushing Red Flag laws and other things that are essentially seriously whittling away at the Constitution’s Second Amendment. So far, President Trump seems encouraged by it and has indicated that he will certainly consider signing into law what Congress passes.

Either President Trump is playing Congress and has no intention of signing anything that further infringes on the 2A or he is honestly considering it. The fact that he has ordered the ATF to outlaw bump stocks and is considering banning suppressors is enough to make me very concerned. It is not far-fetched to think that President Trump is truly in favor of Red Flag laws, which will be abused by the Left to simply confiscate guns from law-abiding people.

I mean seriously, does anyone honestly believe that even IF guns were removed from a criminal or mentally incompetent person, that they would simply never be able to obtain guns again? Daily, we read of felons who were not supposed to have guns, not only have them but use them in the commission of other crimes. They don’t obey the law. Only law-abiding citizens do that but if the government continues to push things, even law-abiding citizens will soon decide that they’d rather follow the freedom of the Second Amendment than submit to the fascist, tyrannical push by the federal or state government.

If President Trump is not careful, as I’ve said before, he will alienate much of his supporting base. Some will never remove their support and I see those people on Twitter. For them, Trump can do no wrong. He’s a “genius” therefore his 4D version of chess is not understood by the average person.

We need to be very careful as I think it’s very possible that one way or another, under Trump, the Second Amendment will be further eroded. Just my opinion and believe me, I really want to be wrong.

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Gun Control, Red Flag Laws and POTUS Problems with Today’s So-Called Prophets

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