Gun Control, Red Flag Laws and POTUS

August 6, 2019 at 11:27 AM 2 comments

If Hillary had won the 2016 election, we can assume we would be seeing even more mass shootings until society became overwhelmed enough to demand the government “do something” about all those guns. That appears to be part of the  Left’s “plan.”

From 2008-2016, under Obama, gun-related mass shootings increased by as much as 246.7%. [1] Moreover, Time reported that between 2008 and 2016, there were a total of forty (40) mass shootings [2], taking the lives of 312 people and wounding 319.

During these same years there was a total of 309,494 people killed in motor vehicle accidents, approximately 33,000/year. [3] This does not include people who were injured but not killed.

In just 2019, there have, so far, been 293 gun-related homicides in the city of Chicago alone. [4] More people have been gunned to death in Chicago in one year (and 2019 is not over yet), than over several years of mass shootings.

Still, politicians are using mass shootings to politicize the “need” for more gun control. On Twitter, you’ll see one Democrat politician after another (and RINOs as well), tweeting out the need for several things. First, they all condemn President Donald Trump’s “racist” rhetoric, though I’ve yet to see one of them give us an example of his alleged racism. Second, they all with one voice denounce the “easy” ways people are able to obtain guns and kill wantonly. Third, they tie in these mass shootings with what they call “white supremacists” in spite of the fact that there have been numerous mass shooters from the black, brown, or Asian communities. It also appears that many to most shooters are Leftists, supporting people like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Many of these shooters hate Donald Trump. The Left says they hate him because of his “racist” rhetoric. The only racist rhetoric I’m seeing are from those on the Left. They are ginning up the violence with their words.

Many of these same people claim we simply need more “common sense” gun laws. The problem of course, is that there are nearly 10,000 anti-gun laws on the books currently and some of them are not even being observed by the authorities. We need more?

The newest form of gun control is found in what are referred to as Red Flag Laws. These laws would essentially strip people of their right of due process. All it would take would be someone to petition a judge to remove a person’s legally owned guns for “fear” that the accuser believes the individual might be either a harm to him/herself or others.

Astoundingly, I’m seeing more people support Red Flag legislation. If you ever saw the movie, “Minority Report,”  you understand what the problem is with Red Flag laws. It assumes guilt before the person ever does anything wrong. The idea is that weapons should be removed from that person (normally a law-abiding person), before they harm themselves or others.

This is George Orwell’s Big Brother from “1984” closing the loopholes regarding the rights of citizens under the Constitution. It is very clear that the Left needs and wants to remove guns from law-abiding citizens in order to set socialism into place. They know that if law-abiding citizens of the USA continue to keep their guns, they will be able to fight back and many, many patriots would do just that. Removing guns from society is the Leftist objective to ensure that their plans to convert our Constitutional Republic to a socialist nightmare comes to pass.

California is stepping way ahead of the game in this. It has just been reported that the state of California, led by Darrel Steinberg (D), who spent years in the California legislature, then mayor of Sacramento, wants to confiscate many guns. You can read the article from David Harris, Jr. and decide for yourself if California has seriously crossed over into Orwellianism, but here’s a snippet:

California is on the verge of instituting the toughest gun laws in the nation. They will ban all semi-automatic weapons, restrict magazines, limit the amount of ammunition you can buy and literally rip the Second Amendment to shreds. The new law will require the immediate confiscation of 166,000 sporting rifles. Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, unveiled the gun control package at the state capital last Thursday.

Now, here’s the kicker. They plan on adding crimes that make someone ineligible from owning a gun, but it won’t apply to illegal aliens because it is a sanctuary state. They don’t turn in illegals for owning illegal guns, even if they are used in a crime. Earlier this year, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats killed a bill that would lead to their deportation. No such allowance for American citizens.

Harris goes onto outline all the things this new legislation plans on dealing with and you’ll notice clearly that not one of these things will keep criminals or mentally incompetent from gaining access to guns. In fact, criminals and gangbangers in the once golden state are probably celebrating because they know it’ll be easier for them to do the crimes they commit without having to worry about semi-automatic rifles used against them.

With this legislation, California is also creating a slew of new crimes that would make someone ineligible to own a gun. Common sense is lost on these people as they are puppets for globalists who want, at all costs, guns removed from society.

Currently, Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation, yet every weekend, people continue to be either wounded or killed by people wielding illegal guns. What did mayor Rahm Emanuel say about that one time? Essentially, that those with illegal guns were coming into Chicago from outside Illinois. He offered no proof for his claim, but the reality is that criminals and gangbangers have no problem obtaining guns illegally on the streets. Many of them carry two guns just to be prepared and they live in and around Chicago.

While we’ve come to expect this type of anti-second amendment from the Left, what is disheartening is when Donald Trump, as president of the United States, speaks of his support for Red Flag laws or intones that yes, something must be done about our “gun” problem.

If President Trump continues down this path, he will lose a good portion of his base. It’s already happening as I see more conservatives and patriots saying that Trump “lost” their vote for re-election. The problem though is if not Trump, then who? Who will step up to be a better candidate than the current president? If Mr. Trump is not careful, he will continue to alienate more of his base who will either not vote in 2020 or vote for someone else who has no chance of winning, out of principle.

The sad fact of the matter is that guns do exist. They are everywhere in society. The mass shooters are, by and large, people who have severe mental problems and those issues need to be addressed.

Ever since the GOP agreed with the DEMS about closing the insane asylums years ago, society has seen an increase in deranged people, whether they are people who believe in 53 genders, those who identify as something they are physically not, or those who think it’d be fun to take a gun and kill people. The reality is that there are plenty of sick people in society and I mentioned that previously in my article about violence in movies. Many of these people seem outwardly okay but they are time bombs waiting to go off. Even though there were numerous signs that they provided which drew attention to their mental illness, these signs were largely ignored by people in positions to do something (schools, jobs, etc.). In many cases, these individuals were simply kicked out of school or fired from their jobs because of the oddities they exhibited or comments they made on social networks.

Society has a problem. It is not the gun. It is the person whose warped view of life and death causes them to do what they do. In England, knife and acid attacks, along with vehicular assaults are up by a large percentile. Guns are extremely difficult to obtain legally in the UK, yet gun-related crimes still occur.

Recently, a Muslim man with a sword attacked another man in broad daylight, ultimately killing him while the victim’s young daughter watched in horror. I believe this occurred in Germany. What was Angela Merkel’s response to this? “Things happen.” Turns out the perpetrator talked about Allah and sacrificing to Allah. This is happening more and more and it has been happening in the USA. Remember under Obama when a black man beheaded a co-worker? Turns out, the guy was connected to Islam.

Yet, in spite of the increase in deadly violence from insane people as well as Islamists, our politicians want to take away guns from average law-abiding citizens because we “might” do something. The only thing I and millions of other law-abiding citizens will do is protect ourselves and our families from potential assaults by crazy people in society. Those people don’t care because they don’t think straight. There is something desperately wrong with them for which they are receiving no help at all.

Society is littered with these types of people and these same politicians want more of them to enter the US and be giving all sorts of privileges that US citizens do not even receive. California is a sanctuary state so nothing happens when an illegal alien, who happens to possess a gun illegally shoots and/or kills someone. Illegal aliens receive passes because of sanctuary status.

The world or at least parts of it is completely upside down. It’s so absurd that I sometimes think we are living in the Bizarro World of the DC comics I read growing up as a kid. Everything is backwards. Bad is good. Good is bad. Up is down, etc.

I picture it getting worse as we lead into the 2020 election. Here it is August 2019, with the next election over a year away. So, we have that much time for things to increase in volatility, stupidity, and lies all to support the narrative that guns are the problem.

I actually read a tweet this morning from a well known politician. She essentially said that the problem in society is not the mentally ill. It’s the guns. That’s like saying that cars are at fault for all the carnage and death every year. These people continue deadpan, making these completely asinine statements. They don’t bat an eye even when confronted with the truth. They continue to parrot their untrue talking points. They all do it. They essentially say the same thing.

It’s as though they all receive their talking points at 4:00 am, memorize them, then spit them out repeatedly. These are the same talking points that the mainstream media (MSM) spews routinely. They have no shame. They are bold liars with seared consciences.

If things continue, I can actually foresee a time when another Civil War occurs. No, I’m not wishing or hoping for that to happen, but I’m simply saying law-abiding citizens will only be pushed so far for so long and will then push back.

Years ago, when I was a kid, there were these two kids who picked on me routinely. It was unnerving. One day, they were following me home and had a rake handle that they kept poking into my rear end as they walked. I tried to ignore them but they kept it up. At one point, the kid holding the wooden handle accidentally dropped it after poking me. Something “snapped” inside and I turned around, bent down, picked up the handle and ran after them as fast as I could yelling at them, swinging the handle above my head. Because they were taller than I was, they were able to outrun me, which made me angrier. Eventually, I stopped, having literally chased them away. They never bothered me again and something changed inside me that day.

Is this what America is coming to? It certainly seems that the Left is pushing for it. They appear to be salivating over the whole thing and with President Trump seemingly siding with them, it is starting to make patriots and conservatives really concerned.

All I can say is that we need to wait and see, but be prepared for what might happen. Is it possible that Trump is using optics to appear neutral where gun-control is concerned? If so, he’s not doing a great job at it.

Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t let your guard down. Be alert. Pray. What else can we do?






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The Stones Would Cry Out Gun Control Bait and Switch?

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  • 1. Darwin Texas Dar Schmitz  |  August 6, 2019 at 3:12 PM

    Very well said Sir………God Watch over the American People………



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