Babylon and Its System, Part 3

January 3, 2020 at 4:36 PM

We’ve been highlighting Babylon as a city and political, economic, religious, and social system. You can read our part 2 at this link. What we’re going to discuss today in this third installment ties into very nicely and neatly with the Babylon religious system.

If you’ve never heard of the “modern” New Age Ashtar Command, I’m going to familiarize you with it. It dates back to George Van Tassel (1910-1978). After Van Tassel, the Ashtar Command writings continued to come to us via Tuella, a “…Higher Dimensional Being who walked into the body of a woman by the name of Thelma Terrell.” [1] A “walk-in” is believed to be when a spirit or other dimensional being (in this case, Tuella), “walks into” the physical body (in this case Thelma Terrell), and shares that space with the person. Biblically speaking, this person was demonically possessed, but thought the being was an ET on a higher mission to save the planet. Like Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks), these demons ultimately wear down and destroy the human being they inhabit mentally and physically, but it is accepted by New Agers as the “downside” of becoming “gods.” No pain, no gain.

Terrell tells us that this eventually became a “soul exchange,” where Thelma’s soul/spirit went to another dimension, while Tuella remained in Thelma’s body and from there, spread the “gospel” of New Age teachings regarding the future of earth and its citizens from the ET perspective. They’ve been at this for a while.

The “soul exchange” with Thelma and Tuella took some time to achieve and at first, the walk-in spirit guide Tuella, was veiled from Thelma Terrell; simply resident. Thelma Terrell had a ministry background and at one point experienced what she calls a “soul cleansing” which was directed by Lord Sananda (seen and accepted as Jesus by New Agers), and she was told, “this cleansing was to wash away all of the sorrow from her past, in this life as well as from past lives. This was to prepare her for what was to come.” [2]

After this “cleansing,” Terrell believed she had actual conversations with Jesus, and a few of the apostles. Clearly, she was being prepared for something, but what was it?

Initially, Tuella began a simple newsletter and publishing company. Over time, Tuella eventually wrote a total of seven books. Out of all this work came what is known as the Ashtar Command, as all of this other-worldly information was channeled by Tuella Thelma Terrell’s body and mind.

Ashtar is believed by New Agers to be an extraterrestrial being and as noted above, George Van Tassel was the first individual to claim to receive messages from this being. The information that was channeled through Van Tassel and continued through Tuella became known as the Ashtar Command, which includes transcripts of inter-galactic meetings to discuss the problems of “earth” and solutions for the same.

Van Tassel, in the 1950’s, held public meetings where the public could ask questions of Ashtar and where answers would be provided, channelling their information through Van Tassel. The Ashtar Command revelations were compiled into a book that details future events that will take place on the earth. Interestingly, Ashtar himself is said to be, “a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being.” [3] Fascinating, isn’t it? Angel of light maybe to deceive? I think so. See 2 Corinthians 11:14.

The Ashtar Command revelations state a number of things that are believed by New Agers will come to pass. Notice that this book or work is credited to be from Tuella and the overall title of the work is, “Project: World Evacuation.” What? Evacuation? Interesting. I’ve reprinted the table of contents below:

  • PART I: The Seven Secret Councils
    • 1: The New Strategy
    • 2: The Summons to the Secret Councils
    • 3: The Hosts of Heaven Sponsor a Feast of New Experiences
    • 4: Returning to the Battle
  • PART II: The Three Evacuations
    • 1: Mission of Mercy
    • 2: The Gathering Storm
    • 3: The Cleansing Action
    • 4: The Great Exodus I, II, and III

As you read through this work, several things will hit you right away. First, the overall tone of the book is “love, love, love.” Everything listed in that work is for our “benefit” because these ET’s really apparently “love” us and want nothing but the best. Though some upcoming situations will be painful, like childbirth, the results will be worth the pain. Second, you’ll note that Scripture is alluded to even though it is not specifically referenced.

In the very first paragraph under Preface, we read the following words, “Just as many are called and few are chosen, likewise, many who read this book will neither understand nor receive the information. But those special souls for whom it is intended will rejoice in its guidance and accept its timely and imperative revelation.” [4; emphasis added]

The bolded text above is actually an uncredited quote from Jesus Himself in Matthew 22:14. Notice though that the paragraph reads almost as a “triple dog dare ya.” Who would not want to be one of the “special souls” who would be open to the understanding and guidance provided by the Ashtar Command? No one likes to be left out and for the average person who does not know Jesus as Savior/Lord, it is clear they are especially open to deceptive suggestion. In fact, too many Christians are as well.

Ultimately, the entirety of Ashtar Command are other-worldly revelations designed to tug emotionally at heart strings. In fact, the only way for the average non-Christian (as well as many Christians in fact), to determine “truth” in these situations is by how they feel about it. I’ve discussed that often on this blog and in many of the physical books I’ve written. Either God’s Word is our truth or we allow ourselves to determine truth by feelings. I prefer to accept God’s Word as true and fully reliable.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work… (2 Timothy 3:16-17 ESV).

Either His Word is your standard or you are your standard. “Oh but wait,” some will say. “I don’t put faith in myself. I believe there is truth in Ashtar Command and other writings like it, along with the Bible.” Then you’ve just proved that you are your highest authority because you admit that you believe in the integrity and value of these channeled writings even though it can be clearly shown that in most cases, they completely deny the authenticity of Scripture and place a higher value on their own writings. Too often these writings simply downplay Scripture and God as He has revealed Himself. In that case then, if they are believed, they are believed because they somehow “resonate” within a person, not because they have been proven to be fact and truth.

Whether it’s Seth Speaks, the Ashtar Command or some other individual claiming to channel ET’s, I’ve noted with my research that they all essentially say the same general things. Their number one tenet they pawn off on humanity is that we humans are already gods, but most of us have simply not realized it nor have we actualized our “deity” if we have realized it. Their job (they tell us) is to lead us down that road to divine actualization. That’s essentially their entire purpose, though different entities go about it differently. The end result is basically the same though, a movement away from God and toward Self. It all began in the Garden.

However, what Ashtar Command does is a bit more pragmatic. The writings speak of a coming time when there will be an evacuation from planet earth. In fact, Ashtar has revealed that there will be no less than three of them at various points in the future. I find that interesting, don’t you?

For decades, Christians have argued about whether or not there will be a “Rapture” of authentic Christians. There have been no less than four views of the Rapture: Pretribulation Rapture, Midtribulation Rapture, Posttribulational Rapture, and a fairly recent view, the Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church.

Then of course, there are those who adamantly believe that there will be no Rapture at all. They don’t believe it is in the Bible. They believe it is largely an artificial construct created by men who erred in their interpretation and understanding of God’s Word.

I’m not going to get into the arguments regarding the various Rapture views. I’ll let you do the research and draw your own conclusions. Read and study God’s Word and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth. Once you’ve arrived at what you believe is true, don’t use that position to start beating other Christians over the head with it.

What is fascinating here is that if it is true that there will be a biblical rapture at some point in the future, clearly Satan would be aware of it, correct? If it is taught in Scripture, then yes, Satan would be aware of that event. That much is clear. So if there is to be a Rapture at some point in the future, what would Satan do to prepare his followers (non-Christians) for that event? Certainly, Satan would not simply allow it to happen without offering deceptive propaganda to explain it, correct? If there was no chance of a biblical Rapture occurring at all, then to create an alternate explanation for something that isn’t going to happen is a complete waste of time on his part. I cannot see him doing that.

However, if the biblical Rapture is going to happen, he knows it and it would clearly serve Satan’s purposes to create an alternative, plausible explanation for that upcoming event. He would do this so that when the event does happen, there will be people who will understand why it happened (from Satan’s alternative explanation), and be able to calm the fears of the rest of the people of earth who had no clue about the event itself. Does this make sense?

So…it would seem that what began with George Van Tassel, continued on with Thelma Terrell (aka Tuella), and a myriad of others like Barbara Marciniak, is Satan’s alternative explanation for the biblical Rapture, called the “Great Evacuation” or “Great Exodus.”

Here is the upshot of what the Ashtar Command reveals regarding the upcoming “exodus.”

In the darkest hour that can come for this planet, when its very existence would be destroyed were it not for the intervention of the Father’s Hand, the millions who have dared to trust in Him when they had no other evidence other than their own faith, will be rewarded openly by being lifted into His Ark of Safety. As a hen gathereth her chicks under her wings, this Ark provided will be the great armadas of floating cities that orbit the Earth on their MISSION OF MERCY! [5; emphasis added]

What is stated above is very interesting. There are two ways to take the text, especially the bolded section. Either the demon (Ashtar) is actually pointing truthfully to what is going to happen and “Father’s Hand” is actually referring to God Almighty of the Bible, or Ashtar is referring to Satan when he refers to “Father’s Hand.” However, it is more likely that this is a bit of truth among thorny lies. It is God in Christ who controls the Rapture and calls His Bride heavenward. Satan’s part is to try to stop that from happening, though he knows he has no chance of doing that.

Barbara Marciniak and other New Age writers actually wind up doing the same thing when they write down information channeled to them via demons but think they are simply benevolent ETs. These demons are capable of telling the truth, though quite often truth is mixed with their lies. Too many people – Christians included – fall for these lies because they have some semblance of truth connected to them, they don’t know their Bibles well enough, and because of their “feelings” that makes them agree with the lies.

New Age writer, Barbara Marciniak refers to this exodus as the Great Evacuation. She believes some 20+ million people will be removed from the planet at some point in the future. For her though, she believes the people being evacuated are what she calls the “malcontents” (Read: Christians); those keeping Mother Earth and humans from evolving to the next spiritual level. She connects herself to an ET group called The Pleadians, not necessarily Ashtar.

All of this is designed to make people believe that when the actual biblical Rapture occurs, it will have happened because Ashtar and other extra-terrestrial beings were correct in warning us all the way back to the 1950’s with George Van Tassel.

This all makes sense if we consider that authentic Christians are the ones who will be taken in the upcoming Rapture, leaving behind only those non-Christians, many of which are involved in some sort of apostate secularized religion under the auspices of the New Age. These people will conclude that now with the “malcontents” gone, everyone can finally and rapidly move toward their true spiritual destiny and Antichrist with his False Prophet, will help guide them to that next spiritual plane. Nothing can stand in their way. The Restraining influence has been removed.

For those who are alive when the Rapture happens and are not taken because they are not authentic Christians, it won’t take long for most of them to embrace the false New Age religious system in earnest. But I also believe there will be plenty of people who will have heard the gospel message in their lifetimes, pooh-poohed it as being not true, only to realize that it was true. At that point, they will come to truly receive Jesus as personal Savior and may end up paying for it gladly with martyrdom (Revelation 6:9-11).

Satan is on the move. He is busy deceptively informing the majority of people on planet earth. Don’t be one of them. Set your feelings aside and trust God’s Word alone.



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