Babylon and Its System, Part 2

December 30, 2019 at 3:52 PM 7 comments

Last time, we discussed the religious and likely physical aspects of Babylon, based on Revelation 17. In this installment, I want to look at what Revelation 18 has to say about Babylon.

One of the very first things we see in the opening verses of Revelation 18 is an angel who declares with a loud voice, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!” (18:2b ESV)

What is interesting here is the angel announcing what is going to happen to Babylon. It is as good as done and when it’s accomplished, the remainder of verse 2 and all of 3 describe what Babylon will be following that destruction.

She has become a dwelling place for demons,
a haunt for every unclean spirit,
a haunt for every unclean bird,
a haunt for every unclean and detestable beast.
For all nations have drunk
the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality,
and the kings of the earth have committed immorality with her,
and the merchants of the earth have grown rich from the power of her luxurious living.

Babylon will literally become a dwelling place for demons and all unclean spirits as well as unclean birds and unclean beasts. For animals and birds to dwell there, Babylon must be in some physical form. No human will want to go there at all after Babylon is destroyed. This destruction is assured.

Verse 4 is often used by Christians today to warn them to not be associated with the worldly systems. While that is true as an additional application of the text, this particular verse is speaking essentially to Christians who will be living during the upcoming Tribulation period. The angel is warning these Christians to ensure that they are not living within the physical area of Babylon because if they are, their presence would result in their own harm or death. Moreover, to be financially indebted to the Babylon economic system will spell disaster.

This is very reminiscent of Lot and his wife and daughters. Recall that the destroying angels could not destroy the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah until after Lot and family had vacated the area. Once they had gotten to the safety of the nearby mountains, the angels could then destroy the twin cities.

Those Christians living during the upcoming Tribulation will be very tempted to become part of the Babylon system – religiously, economically, politically and socially – and may even want to physically move to that location to be closer to the action. The biblical text causes us to believe that Babylon will have a physical presence and not be a religious, political and economic system only.

One might ask, why on earth would Christians live in Babylon knowing how corrupt that particular city/system will become based on its origin alone? Why are Christians involved in Hollywood today? They believe they can make a difference, I’m sure. They believe they are there to witness/evangelize the lost. Great care needs to be taken when considering involvement in such a secular humanist system such as Hollywood.

Notice in Revelation 18:9-10, we see the reaction of kings and world leaders to the destruction of Babylon and its accompanying systems.

9 And the kings of the earth, who committed sexual immorality and lived in luxury with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning. 10 They will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say,

“Alas! Alas! You great city,
you mighty city, Babylon!
For in a single hour your judgment has come.” (ESV)

These kings and leaders will mourn the loss of Babylon, the “great city, (the) mighty city, Babylon.” They will see its destruction and be overcome with grief because not only will the city itself be destroyed but the multi-system upon which Babylon was founded. This is not figurative speech here. What these leaders are witnessing is the actual destruction of a particular city that they have come to love because of what they gain from it. It has given those who play along riches and power beyond what they could’ve imagined. They are watching their source of riches and power evaporate before them, to their own horror.

Several times in Revelation 18, we are told that this will happen in “one hour.” Should we take that figuratively? There is no justification for that. The fact that God will destroy the city in a literal one hour period of time is not unlike God. Certainly, He’s powerful enough to do so and the shortness of duration tells us that God is completely fed up and that Babylon’s cup is full. This again reminds us of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, a relatively fast destruction. Again, this should remind us of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction.

Not only will kings and leaders mourn the loss, but as we continue reading in Revelation 18, we see merchants mourning the loss of Babylon as well. Why? Because of the fact that they made fortunes from trading through Babylon. Clearly, when the city is destroyed, so too is the economic system that was based in Babylon. Again, this occurs during the Tribulation period, which is still in our future. We’ve no idea how large Babylon will become as a city, but it is clear that it will have a major effect on global trade.

While Revelation 17 describes Babylon as a city as well as a religious system, Revelation 18 focuses on the economic, political and social system that pushes God out of the picture and deifies humanity. All of it will be destroyed by God in one hour of one day, literally.

Babylon represents all that is opposed to God. It is a physical city, undergirded by a religious system opposed to God as King of kings and Lord of lords. Babylon is also a system that by its very nature opposes everything God is and stands for and we see this on a daily basis. Babylon condones murdering unborn children, selling them for research and organ transplants. Babylon approves of every vice, every sin and everything that denigrates God and His truth.

Lot specifically moved to the city of Sodom. He went there because it originally looked appealing to him from afar. However, after he went there and saw the avarice, the debauchery, the sin in general, he deliberately chose to stay, even becoming a city leader. Why would a “righteous” man do this? It is a warning to all Christians that if we are not careful, we will succumb to the temptations this world has to offer and provide ourselves with the excuses necessary to indulge. We must step away.

There is coming a time when God will say “Enough!” and will bring swift and permanent judgment on Babylon and its systems. Those Christians of the Tribulation who believe that they can live in Babylon (even if that means joining themselves to the economic, religious, political or social system itself), will find themselves caught up in the judgment God sends to destroy Babylon. Had Lot and his family not gotten out of Sodom, they too would have been destroyed as collateral damage when God’s judgment rained down on the twin cities of the plain.

An interesting and plausible connection exists today between the Babylonian system of thinking and today’s Hollywood. Over the decades since its inception, Hollywood came into its own. It was a city (originally known by the name of a major housing development at the time, Hollywoodland), but eventually, the entire film industry took on the name “Hollywood.” It became the major business of southern California; an economic, political and even religious system (New Age/Secular Humanism), that ultimately touches the entire world.

In 1965, a book was published called, Hollywood Babylon by filmmaker Kenneth Anger. In it, he highlighted “the sordid scandals of many famous and infamous Hollywood denizens from the 1900s to the 1950s.” Hollywood has always had that underbelly of debauchery just like Babylon, yet for many decades it was completely covered up by “fixers” hired by major studios to protect their stars.

Some would argue that this is one of the reasons why Hollywood is so opposed to Donald J. Trump because at least some of it is being uncovered and the truth is coming out regarding the pedophile nature and sexual abuse by some very powerful people in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein is only one current example.

But Hollywood is a physical place. Anyone can go there and visit. But Hollywood is also a system, built on economics, politics, and even religion. Decades ago, there were at least the trappings of patriotism within Hollywood and many of its well-known stars, though it turns out that this was often simply a facade. Today, Hollywood has eagerly shed that image and adopted one that is far more truthful. Hollywood is quickly moving toward Socialism and ultimately, Communism. You’ll remember Joe McCarthy and his efforts to oust Communists from Hollywood, which resulted in the infamous “black list” that kept many actors, directors and producers from working in Hollywood. Many continued to work behind the scenes under assumed names. McCarthy was quite right about communism’s infiltration into the arts and we see the results of it today.

At some point in the future, the city of Babylon will become even greater than today’s Hollywood, likely partnering with it. It may very well be that Hollywood will become a very important part of the coming Babylon since Hollywood is founded upon the same principles that strategically founded old Babylon.

There was a time in my youth when I enjoyed acting. I’ve always been involved in it since my days as a kindergartner. I enjoy memorizing lines, memorizing my “marks,” and trying to bring a reality to the character I’m portraying. However, I began to notice the questionable behavior and attributes of “Hollywood’s” imprint on many of these projects. It wasn’t long before I was tired of all of it and simply quit. Now, I involve myself in a church theatrical production because memorizing lines keeps my brain active and awake. This is also the case when memorizing Scripture.

The entire world is rapidly and consistently moving toward a time when Babylon will rule the world under the direction of the Antichrist. It is my understanding from Scripture that at some point, in what may be the near future, Babylon will rise and take on more direct meaning for the entire world. It would not surprise me to see Hollywood tied into it as well as branches of numerous religious systems joining themselves to it. In effect, if we consider what is happening with the Roman Catholic Church as just one example, we are seeing this. I note that many Catholics are disavowing the current pope because he is obviously evil. He changes Scripture to suit him, he constantly pushes for a one-world system and he denigrates aspects of Christianity and the nation of Israel while applauding Islam.

Folks, Babylon – the city, the system – is on the way, morphing into some huge global conglomerate that one day will be used by the Antichrist and his False Prophet to gain control of the entire world in the final Gentile Kingdom of Daniel 2. All of this leads to the physical return of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords who will destroy the Antichrist with the breath of His mouth (or a word; 2 Thessalonians 2).

The ramifications of a rising Babylon are a bit unnerving but we know that God is fully in charge. His purposes will come to fruition. Amen?


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  • 2. Susan Jull  |  January 4, 2020 at 9:53 AM

    Fred, Saw you interview on YouTube. You are a sincere Christian, and I appreciate your testimony. But, dear one, I am such a ‘stranger’ on this old earth–It seems you couldn’t ‘self-identify’ with me if you even tried. Why not? You see, it was the Lord who set me on a path that is ‘foreign’ to modern Christianity–though it is Biblical–Christianity today cannot accept my works as being ‘righteous works’–God (not the church organizations) has done great things in my life to enable me to ‘overcome’ long-held myths and fables that have corrupted Christianity –1975 He spoke to me while I was sleeping and called me by name saying He loved me…when I was 30 and at the end of my ropes (suicide). I had been married, divorced, no kids, and gotten so mixed up in my head. Not many Christians ‘self-identified’ with me even back then…within just 2 yrs. time, my life was changed so completely even my Mother was shocked. The Lord called me unto Himself to live a holy life before Him. I was given gifts of the Spirit to remain ‘single’ and I spoke in Tongues to glorify and praise God declaring Jesus ALONE was my Lord and Savior. I also met briefly with a holy angel, I was blessed by ‘her’ — strengthened in my faith, God preparing me for my new life in the H.S. which then would be a 180 from all expectations of “Family Values” Christian meant I would find much opposition by my dear Christian lady friends who wanted me ‘married’. Being a Protestant Celibate, I was definitely not ‘schooled’, nor taught, by any Protestant leaders. There are no ‘convents’ for Protestant ‘nuns’– Our Lord spoke to me, “Don’t bother going to the churches, for they will not understand you.” I just couldn’t comprehend WHY would I not be understood. I tried for 40 yrs. after that to find someone to fellowship with–only my middle bro. who also was ‘single’ and dedicated to the Lord ever did.
    To this day, my words fall on deaf ears.–I am never going to be seen as being ‘close’ to the Lord Jesus. I’m seen only as an “old maid who just couldn’t find a husband.” 1. I don’t go to ‘church’ 2. I’m not married. 3. I worship in the Spirit in great and awesome Tongues (which bothers those who don’t believe in Tongues.) 4. I don’t participate in community of any sort (being excluded). 5. Christians say I have shut off myself and since I’m only ONE and they are MILLIONS–I have to be ‘out of the Will of God’ and cannot at all be pleasing to the Lord. I had to accept being rejected It was hard.
    Fred, I tell you these things knowing you too will probably think ill of me, or question my sanity–BUT I AM SO FAR REMOVED FROM PROTESTANT/CATHOLIC CHRISTIANITY TODAY IT EVEN FRIGHTENS ME. Because I see 2020 Christianity completely CONSUMED by myths, fables and utter lies of the devil. I have wept before the Lord asking Him, “What’s wrong with these people, why can’t they SEE?”….Then I have to remember how the Lord had to pull me out of this generation’s web of lies and myths over 40 yrs ago…by His grace, for His own good pleasure–I have had to ENDURE hardship with humility. MARRIAGE is a HUGH stumbling block–since Martin Luther married a Nun. If my being ‘holy in the body’ was rejected by the MARRIAGE/Family Values Christianity–then the Lord sent the LGBT community to fellowship within their ‘sacred’ walls.
    It is only JUST — that TODAY Christianity has become a PERVERTED RELIGION that has risen from the pit, to glorify FLESHLY Marriage — The Falling Away from Christ…as the Mother Harlot arises in the hearts of this people. Go in Peace, dear one.


    • 3. modres  |  January 4, 2020 at 11:04 AM

      Thank you, Susan, for sharing all of this. I will be in serious prayer for you.


      • 4. Susan Jull  |  January 4, 2020 at 12:26 PM

        Fred, The last time a pastor said to me, “I’m seriously praying for you,” was in 1979. I got the message and left his church–a year later, I heard that this man, his wife and 3 kids had taken money from the church, moved out of the parsonage in the middle of the night, taking with them all the parsonage furnishings. No one ever saw him again.

        Be careful, dear one, how you lift your head and pat yourself on the back. We each have a great deal to learn about humility. If I have offended you, I apologize. If my understanding doesn’t meet with your approval, what can I say–join in the long line of millions of others gone before you. The burden I have is not mine…it is the burden of the Lord and His concern for His people. I was given ‘grace’–I cannot boast, I didn’t ask for this burden, but did not shrink back from it, either. I merely strengthened myself in grace–having no merit of my own, no hope in this life, but willing to suffer loss, so that I might attain to the Promise of a hear it said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” The prize, to have a better name than ‘married’. I have endured the mocking of those that loved this present world and all its glory therein. I only wait patiently for the Coming of the Lord of Glory.


      • 5. modres  |  January 4, 2020 at 12:34 PM

        You haven’t offended me one iota. You’ve merely shared.😎


  • 6. Susan Jull  |  January 3, 2020 at 4:17 PM

    Fred, it is amazing how Hollywood has gained ‘esteem’ and yet Christianity ‘marginalized’ in our lifetime. After WWII, when the spoils of war filled Fort Knox–and the Middle Class was born–$houses/cars became symbols of a Christian’s ‘success’. Rags to Riches–from baby in a manger to King–this Prosperity Gospel teaching was born, justifying our wanton pleasures as being ‘God’s Promises’ to make us rich –“Movie Stars” (not the “Bible”) filled our hearts and minds with wonder and admiration. Picture shows and magazines–the world jumped out at us as ‘exciting,’ ‘fun-filled,’ being ‘the Future’ American Dream–and Rock-N-Roll flooded our youthful hearts with worldly songs of passion and excitement. The TV was to be in every home.
    Old-styled Christianity was about ‘self-denial’ and a bloody death on a cross–but now Jesus was being ‘remembered’ as a Historical Biblical Character–and St. Paul’s words were so “Not For Today” discredited. The gospel was eventually replaced with Joy to the World songs and ‘happily-ever-after-heaven-on-earth’ replacing the ‘fear of sinning against a holy God’ in the Christian Churches. Christians were then free to be smiling right along with the World–joining in decorating their churches with the pagan Babylonian colors of red and green “Christmas”. But never declaring such celebrations as SIN, most of the Churches continued to justify themselves…Christmas became ‘keep Christ in Christmas’–and celebrate His birth — still, some know they are compromising with the world, but feel it doesn’t do them any harm…without feeling guilt, they do not repent. As many have said, “If it feels so good, how can it be so wrong?”
    In fact, today, the Churches are so ‘compromised with the Babylonian World’ they are utterly useless in discerning the holy vs the profane. Defiled in their consciences–hearts hardened by the deceitfulness of sin!! Who can set this people free? They are mockers and scoffers.
    The way of righteousness is ill-spoken of. I remember one Apostolic pastor telling me, “Girl, what century are you living in?” We know the Bible has long ago been discredited in this generation. I found myself as well ‘discredited’ and could no longer partake of their foolishness they call “Worship”. Then they declared me ‘unsaved’ and ‘out of the will of God’—-May God remember me on the Last Day!


    • 7. modres  |  January 3, 2020 at 4:41 PM

      It is very sad state that the world is in right now and it is destined to get much worse. Hard to believe, but it’s going to happen. Our job as Christians is to be faithful to God’s revealed will. He has a moral will for all Christians and a specific will too. While you and I might not be traveling the same exact path in all things, all Christians share in the responsibility to not be friends with the world and its vices and to obey the Lord in all things. We don’t do this to GAIN salvation. We do it because of a growing love for our Lord who gave Himself so that we might live in Him. It is incredible to me how blatant Hollywood and much of the world is getting where God and Christianity are concerned. But a good understanding of His Word informs us that this is what is going to be happening increasingly. When Jesus returns to this earth, He wonders if He’ll find faith on the earth? It’s a great question. If I were to die today, would I be declared faithful?

      Thanks again, Susan.



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