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Babylon and Its System, Part 3

Van Tassel, in the 1950’s, held public meetings where the public could ask questions of Ashtar and where answers would be provided, channelling their information through Van Tassel. The Ashtar Command revelations were compiled into a book that details future events that will take place on the earth. Interestingly, Ashtar himself is said to be, “a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being.” [3] Fascinating, isn’t it? Angel of light maybe to deceive? I think so. See 2 Corinthians 11:14.

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Out of the Shadows, Pt. 3

In an ideal situation, a democratic government (or Constitutional Republic as in the case of the USA) of any nation is there for one main purpose: to serve the electorate. The elected officials then are to be concerned with the majority needs of their constituency. The are not elected to serve themselves or special (minority) interests who are able to buy votes with money or favors.

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Out of the Shadows, Pt. 2

Last time, we learned the specific goals of what many call the “shadow government.” The question for many is how and when did this shadow government come into existence? Most say that it began with the eradication of the League of Nations, when it was replaced with the United Nations. At the same time this was occurring, another organization came into existence called, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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Out of the Shadows, Pt. 1

I am well aware that there are people who fancy themselves intellectuals of a sort and because of that, they believe they are guided by logic. Logic tells these folks that though our government (or aspects of it) may be corrupt, there is no government behind our government that really pulls the strings. For these people, the plain fact of the matter is that they don’t like anything that smacks of a conspiracy theory because by their nature, conspiracy theories are plainly something that people with tin hats wear. They are the fringe of society, not the mainstream.

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