Out of the Shadows, Pt. 2

December 6, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Last time, we learned the specific goals of what many call the shadow or invisible government.  The question for many is how and when did this shadow government come into existence?  Most say that it began with the eradication of the League of Nations, when it was replaced with the United Nations.  At the same time this was occurring, another organization came into existence called, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Anyone who takes the time to seriously study this organization will quickly come to several conclusions.  First, the goals and aspirations of this council are very closely aligned to Nazism (National Socialism) and many of the names associated with the group are well-known to Americans and most of the world.

The overthrow of the Constitutional Republic known as America began decades ago and the Council on Foreign Relations has been at the forefront.  This has been accomplished by placing CFR members in high positions in the following areas:

  • “the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government
  • who control television, radio, and newspaper corporations
  • who head the largest law firms
  • who run the largest and most prestigious universities
  • who direct the largest private foundations
  • who direct the largest public corporations
  • who direct and staff the major think tanks and University Institutes
  • who hold top commands in the military” [1]

So the CFR is part of the shadow or invisible government that we do not see and only discuss in terms of conspiracy theories.  According one website, “THERE ARE two governments in the United States today. One is visible. The other is invisible.

“The first is the government that citizens read about in their newspapers and children study about in their civics books. The second is the interlocking, hidden machinery that carries out the policies of the United States in the Cold War.

“This second, invisible government gathers intelligence, conducts espionage, and plans and executes secret operations all over the globe.

“The Invisible Government is not a formal body. It is a loose, amorphous grouping of individuals and agencies drawn from many parts of the visible government. It is not limited to the Central Intelligence Agency, although the CIA is at its heart. Nor is it confined to the nine other agencies which comprise what is known as the intelligence community:

  • the National Security Council
  • the Defense Intelligence Agency
  • the National Security Agency
  • Army Intelligence
  • Navy Intelligence
  • Air Force Intelligence
  • the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research
  • the Atomic Energy Commission
  • the Federal Bureau of Investigation

“The Invisible Government includes, also, many other units and agencies, as well as individuals, that appear outwardly to be a normal part of the conventional government. It even encompasses business firms and institutions that are seemingly private.” [2]

If it is true that our government is essentially merely a front government that allows people to believe that they have a voice in said government and policies that come out of Washington, with the real power emanating from a hidden government where the individuals associated with it are neither voted into office or held to account, we must be concerned with origins.  When did this entity begin?

According to most sources, the shadow government begin right around the same time that the UN came into being.  In effect, just after WWII, the United States became a rising nation representing the power of the west and democracy.  In this position of power, the United States had the ability to stand against communism of the USSR.

Because of the existence of communism, a huge network of intelligence was created to apparently combat the spread of communism through what has been the Cold War.  Because of the existence of this intelligence network, it became far easier for our government (and hence, the shadow government behind it) to hide things from public in the name of “national security.”

What we do not know about this invisible government would probably knock our socks off, but it safe to say that the cloak of invisibility has worked in their favor to do what they have needed to do to bring about what will become a total collapse of American society by overburdening America with debt, regulations, and unnecessary laws.

It is also interesting to note that National Security Agency (NSA) was created by President Truman, however, due to problems with secrecy, an outside group came into existence to actually shield the NSA from outside scrutiny and interference.  That group became known as the Bilderberg Group. [3]  Named after the hotel they first met at in 1952, this group, in many ways, became one of the basic groups that sought to govern world affairs.  Interestingly enough, numerous sources indicate that the NSA was essentially created as a watchdog group dealing with the possibility of alien invasion.

The main problem with our government has been the creation and evolution of too many secret groups and organizations that exist without any accountability to the American people.  We can see that groups or councils like NSA or CFR exist with their own agendas and ulterior motives.  They do not exist to for the safety of the American people.

This leads us to our next question.  If these secret organizations do exist and have existed for decades, what they have done to ensure that their work not only remains secret, but viable?  In other words, what are they working toward?  We’ll attempt to deal with that as briefly as we can in our next installment.

[1] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_cfr_09.htm

[2] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_secretgov_5a.htm#THE%20INVISIBLE%20GOVERNMENT

[3] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mj12_1.htm

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