Hypocrisy, Puppets, and Facists, Oh My!

December 6, 2012 at 8:44 AM

We’ll get back to our series on the Shadow Government soon, but I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some interesting bits of news for all of you.  You might just find these tidbits interesting.

First, from the “that’s hypocritically ironic” department, one of Chicago’s biggest anti-gun individuals has been arrested…for trying to board a plane with a .25 caliber handgun.  Oh no – say it ain’t so!

According to the news, Sen. Donne Trotter “was arrested at a security checkpoint early this morning. A candidate for the 2nd Congressional District seat vacated recently by Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Trotter had a .25-caliber Beretta semiautomatic pistol in his bag. The Chicago Tribune said Trotter told police he worked late last night as a security guard and didn’t realize the pistol was in his bag.” [1]

Really?  A .25 caliber handgun?  Can you say, “ouch, that hurts”  Yes, a .25 caliber handgun can certainly kill but it would have to be a well-placed shot and you would think a security guard would carry a larger caliber weapon than a measly .25 caliber.

Still, Trotter has been charged with a class 4 felony and if convicted, that means he will not be able to own or carry a handgun from that point onward.  However, since he is from Chicago and is a Democrat, what do you think the chances are that the charges will be either reduced or dropped altogether?

That aside, it simply proves what a hypocrite many of these politicians are who advocate one thing, while doing another.  They call for certain things like stronger gun laws while doing whatever they want to do.  Worse yet, they see no problem with their duplicity.

Bob Costas…Again
Bob Costas is at it again.  This time, he basically came on the telly to explain to everyone that his 90-second rant was completely misinterpreted by everyone who heard what he had to say.  Rather than simply admit he was wrong in politicizing a hot-button issue (and where is Thomas Ricks for this?), he tried to make it appear as though everyone who was listening to him is a moron who simply has no ability to understand English.  Thanks Bob for that slap across the face.

Problem is that we did not misinterpret his original comments.  He quoted jackass Jason Whitlock who called the NRA the modern-day KKK.  He conveniently left out the New Black Panthers, which I believe has that title.

Costas tried to explain that what he said is not what he meant and then tried to repair the damage, but only made it worse.  It actually took Charles Barkely to accurately remind everyone that the unfortunate tragedy that occurred with the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker first killing his girlfriend then himself was the result of domestic violence and not an issue of gun control. [2]

Frankly, I’m quite tired of talking heads telling the American people their unasked for opinion because they have a captive audience and we cannot normally and directly respond to them.  We can indirectly respond through blogs like this or social networks, or by attempting to email the individual, but we do not have a camera in our face while speaking to millions of people at the same time.  Costas did and in my opinion, he completely abused his position.  No one wants to tune into a football game and here some politicized comments from some hack broadcaster who thinks it’s time to let the world know about his beliefs regarding gun control, or abortion, or anything else.

Hey Bob, what about your security?  Do they carry guns as they do their best to keep you safe from the public?  There are millions of law-abiding citizens in this country who have concealed weapons permits and most of them have never had to even draw the gun from the holster.  We feel safer because we have the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones from marauders who do their level best to intimidate and criminalize average citizens.  So Bob, do us a favor and keep your opinion to yourself next time, all right?  Even if your opinion tends to agree with mine about some issue, I still do not want to hear it.  It’s not why you’re being paid.  Got it?  Thanks.

Gun Control
The powers that be want to take away our guns.  This is clear except to those who believe society will be safer without them.  There is only one reason that officials want our guns and it is so they can control us.  This is what it is all about.  Unarmed citizens cannot defend themselves against law enforcement officials with guns.

An unarmed populace is much more easily controlled by the government.  Here is a perfect (and very excessive!) example of guns being used by police to destroy two lives who, as it turned out, did not have any weapons at all.  You can watch it and decide for yourself how easy it is for police to kill suspects on the run who had no weapons.  I’m not siding with the criminals.  I’m simply saying that police officers with guns against people without guns is like shooting fish in a barrel.  In this case, apparently 137 shots were fired by the police.  Any particular reason for that?  It’s because they could.

Often, you will see what are termed “false flag” events that are used by the authorities to call for stricter gun control and more laws prohibiting certain types of guns and ammo.  Many believe this is exactly what happened with the massacre that occurred in Australia’s Port Arthur, where one lone individual killed 35 people with handguns. [3]  Just after this event, elected officials called for much tighter gun control measures.  To this day, many continue to believe that the event was somehow planned in order to advocate greater gun control.

Morsi and Egypt
President Morsi may well be in trouble with the puppet masters over there in Egypt.  Anyone who actually believes that presidents or rulers of countries have power in and of themselves, they are sadly mistaken.  This applies to Mr. Obama as well, who for now, is valuable to the elitists who placed and keep him in power as president of the United States.  Still, like all other rulers and leaders, he is nothing but an empty sock, controlled by those who stand in the shadows with all the power and most of the money.

In essence, like Morsi, Obama can be easily replaced and that may happen if is arrogance becomes too much for the global elite to want to continue dealing with for long.  The problem of course, is that Mr. Obama and Mr. Morsi have come to believe their own press.  Morsi’s grab for ultimate power has clearly backfired and the powers that be who seek to control the happenings in Egypt are not amused.

Morsi’s Islamist constitution turns Al Azhar into a virtual supreme court, but Al Azhar is now no longer certain that it will ever reap those spoils.” [4] [5] What this means essentially is that no one is happy with Morsi because it appears he is moving too far, too fast.  By himself, he has created a very intense situation in Egypt and my guess is that our own administration, while trying to downplay that tension, is also taking a wait and see attitude.  Will Morsi prevail?  Moreover, is this something Mr. Obama would like to do with the United States?  Heck yeah!

What these two individuals do not realize is that they are not gods, nor do they have absolute authority to do whatever they want.  They are individuals who have been set in place to do the bidding of others.  If they get too big for their britches, they can easily be treated like some of the leaders of several nations in North Africa were treated.

Internet Woes
The Internet looks to be safe…for now.  At the same time, anyone who earnestly believes the elitists are going to give up their grab to control the Internet do not really understand how things work and what their goal is for the world.

The global elite must control the Internet because they must control what the average person learns about this world.  While the globalists do exercise control of the media, they cannot keep people from going around this same media to learn all sorts of things that globalists do not want us to know. [6]

Just recently, Congress passed a resolution that basically says they do not want control of the Internet to be handed over to the UN or any of its “subsidiaries.”  There are already controls of sorts on the ‘Net, but if the UN gets hold of it, we can literally kiss the Freedom of Speech amendment good-bye.  Of course, we will also be charged for using it as well.  I’m sure the globalists hate the Internet because of what it allows average citizens to uncover.  They need to control it and they will continue to push until they get control.

Mr. Obama will dutifully help them accomplish this by not giving up either.  He will also continue to work toward getting on board regarding the Arms Trade Treaty and other treaties that the UN propagates.  Ultimately, as I have stated, it all involves the UN gaining sovereignty over the United States.  It is not about the issues involved in the individual treaties per se.  It is about control and Mr. Obama (as well as the administrations before his) seem eager enough to buy into the idea that the globalists are selling.

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