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Babylon and Its System, Part 3

Van Tassel, in the 1950’s, held public meetings where the public could ask questions of Ashtar and where answers would be provided, channelling their information through Van Tassel. The Ashtar Command revelations were compiled into a book that details future events that will take place on the earth. Interestingly, Ashtar himself is said to be, “a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being.” [3] Fascinating, isn’t it? Angel of light maybe to deceive? I think so. See 2 Corinthians 11:14.

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Coming Great Delusion Will Unite Humanity

I’ve read many writings of those who believe that a spatial shift is getting ready to occur in our part of the universe that will include our planet. It is amazing how many people are actually looking forward to it because they thoroughly believe these “aliens” who will help bring it about only have our best interests at heart. This is the type of person who will be fully taken in by the coming powerful deception. They want with all the fiber of their being to believe that aliens exist, they’ve been communicating with us and our government will finally tell the world. For these people, there couldn’t be a better day ahead.

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Something Insidious This Way Grows…

Jesus warns His followers to watch out for false prophets. He was speaking of those who deliberately teach falsely. What is their purpose in being false? These false prophets do what they do for their own selfish gain (2 Peter 2; Acts 20). The Bible treats false prophets and teachers as a reality that will always be with us until the physical return of our Lord and we need to be aware of how they work.

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Growing Ecumenical Deception Taking Hold, Pt 2

We are now being told that we must simply get along and if that means setting even the fundamentals of the faith aside, then so be it. Doing so will apparently allow the world to see that Christians truly love one another and start to see Christianity as authentic, true, and something to embrace. But what will the world be actually taught? Doesn’t sound doctrine do the teaching as well as a graceful and humble demeanor? You can love someone all you want but if you never tell them about the sin in their life that keeps them from God and their need for Jesus, your love means nothing. This push for unity is most certainly moving toward something huge. What is it?

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Walk-Ins? Really?

The subjects of walk-ins is a deceptive concept. The belief among many within the New Age is that many of our current leaders are “walk-ins”; individual spirits so advanced and who have chosen this specific time to be in adult bodies, that people follow them willingly while ignoring all of the illicit things they do for selfish gain. These leaders are often charismatic (not in the sign gifts sense), and because of it, they tend to mesmerize people. A coming delusion sent by God Himself will ensure this (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

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Lucifer’s Plan for World Domination

It is interesting to know that according to all information available regarding the Illuminati (the global elite, the Council, or whatever else they might be referred to), their belief is that Lucifer is over all. Lucifer is the one who controls everything and with respect to our planet earth, though Yahweh (a group, not necessarily an individual) created this planet and began life on it as a benevolent dictatorship, the Plan called for the introduction of “negative energy” in order to force this planet and everyone/everything on it to begin the evolutionary climb – both physically and spiritually – so that eventually, all within the known universe would become “one.”

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Byron Katie and Her New Agisms

It is absolutely incongruous to me how the same lie can be repeated so often in so many different forms. Each time, it attracts new people and confirms old ones. Each time, people stand in awe of the absolute prattle that is newly boxed and distributed as if it is the first time it has been stated. These folks are not interested in God at all, so in the end, He gives them over to themselves. That is certainly not what He prefers, but it is what those people prefer. In the end, He will certainly grant them the desires of their heart even if it means that He will let them go whistling down the path that leads to destruction. He does not want that, but He will allow it. I pray that is not the case for you.

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Satanic Strategies…

Our newest book – SATANIC Strategies – is currently at the printer and should be available very soon through our own Web site at: and also via

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Bill Slabaugh Wastes No Time Gettin’ Down and Dirty!

It seems relatively clear that Slabaugh is angry against something and someone. I cannot help but wonder though if his anger is misplaced. He seems to be blending two different groups into one, which ultimately creates a group he labels New Pharisaism. Let’s face it, who does not love to hate the Pharisees? It is my opinion that Slabaugh needs to back down just a trifle, and take the time to determine whether or not there is any truth in what the people he calls Pharisees are saying. Certainly he is convinced that his opinion is the correct one. I’m assuming he would go on to say that there is no Emergent Church, no mysticism within the church, no eastern meditation, and certainly not what would be classified as New Age.

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The New Age Never Disappoints! This Time, it’s Monjoronson…

Satan will never spend the time creating a completely fictional event or situation. He will always try to parody God’s events, and circumstances because he knows that when they happen, he will receive credit. To take the time to teach people things that will never happen only makes him look like an idiot and he will lose a great deal of credibility with his followers. Why would he risk that when he can take what he knows God is going to eventually do, and make it sound like it is his idea?

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