Lucifer’s Plan for World Domination

October 3, 2011 at 8:59 AM

It is interesting to know that according to all information available regarding the Illuminati (the global elite, the Council, or whatever else they might be referred to), their belief is that Lucifer is over all.  Lucifer is the one who controls everything and with respect to our planet earth, though Yahweh (a group, not necessarily an individual) created this planet and began life on it as a benevolent dictatorship, the Plan called for the introduction of “negative energy” in order to force this planet and everyone/everything on it to begin the evolutionary climb – both physically and spiritually – so that eventually, all within the known universe would become “one.”

It really does not matter which branch of the New Age you are researching.  It could be the New Age movement itself or individual authors within that movement, or Freemasonry, or some other group entirely.  The main point is that all within the New Age are looking to some great upcoming change within the world as we know it.  They work toward and yearn for this New World Order that is in the works and has been in the works for decades, if not for generations.

There are a number of books out there that detail what has been taking place behind the scenes in order for this coming NWO to appear as quickly as possible.  Sue Ford’s book, Thanks for the Memories, is a book that is difficult to read and just as difficult to not believe.  While I realize that there are and will continue to be people who cast the book off as the ramblings of an incoherent mind, the book is obviously written by someone who experienced something.  Even if only 1/3 of her book is true, that fact alone is enough to make the average person learn the dirty secrets of corruption, blackmail, drugs, violence, and everything else that seems to have taken over our government.

Yet at the same time, if we truly research the situation, we will learn that it is very likely that our nation and the government that grew from it came into being for the sole purpose of being the main initiator of the coming NWO.  I have discussed this before when I wrote about Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and the goals they have for this entire planet.  It has to begin somewhere and what better place would there be than in a country that is new, as was America little more than 200 or so years ago?

The newness of America, literally being birthed through the war with England, gave our founders (and the Global Elite) a clean slate.  They were free to design this country from the ground up and they appear to have done that very thing.  Imagine being an artist with a clean canvas, or a sculptor using clay no one else has used.  You are free to design your artwork any way you see fit.

In order for the Global Elite to maintain a grasp on this country, each successive generation would need to gain control over the powers that be within our government.  If the Global Elite loses control of the government, they have truly lost control.  It is not simply the Federal gov’t that they must control, but the governments at all levels within the United States must be contained and controlled.

Think of the massive amount of energy and manpower that must be used in order to bring the plans of the Global Elite to fruition.  This is not to say that every level or person within our state or Federal gov’t is in on the plan.  Many are simply hard-working individuals who are told what to do and they do it.  The ones who do not play the game are the ones who are put out of the circle (even if they do not know they were ever in such a circle).  These people become whistle blowers or dead.

The Global Elite works best in the deep shadows and within the secrecy of public venues.  While on one hand, we see the public face of our government and the officials who run it, on the other hand, we do not see how deals are made, who really enters into those deals and the actual outcome of those deals.

The public is shown very little.  In fact, the more I study this, the more I am forced to conclude that we are only allowed to see what the Global Elite wants us to see.  It may appear to us as though someone in the government screwed up big time, but in reality, it may well be that the Global Elite determined this to happen because the person they are used to dealing through has either overstepped their boundaries or has decided they no longer want to play “the game” that the Global Elite put in motion long ago.

I’m becoming more convinced that in order to reach the highest levels of government (whether as a governor or as the president, for instance), you must be backed by the Global Elite.  It seems that no matter how much money a person has, if that individual has not been “kissed” by the Global Elite, things will not happen for them.

I recall an election in California that took place where Meg Whitman was running for governor against Jerry Brown.  Brown won and he seemed to win decisively.  Meg Whitman has a great deal of money and on the surface, she should have won.  Brown’s record as previous governor of California is abysmal, yet it seemed as though the people in California were willing to give him a second chance.  Why?  I have to assume that it was became he received the stamp of approval and Whitman did not.

The same thing applies to Barbara Boxer vs. Carla Fiorini.  The latter also has a good deal of money and like Whitman, has a good deal of business acumen.  She should have won the election, yet Boxer remained.  Why is that?  I believe it is because of the Global Elite.

It seems that people who come from the business field and want to switch into politics have a very difficult time doing so.  In many ways, business and politics do not mix.  I believe it is far easier for the Global Elite to control someone who has spent years on the public doles as it were (through election after election), as opposed to trying to work with and through people from industry.

As I read through the books where authors are willing to name names, I arrive at the only conclusion that is really plausible: these authors are, for the most part, telling the truth.  In the case of Sue Ford and her book, she names so many names and describes so many parts of the world and the inner workings of the government structure, that it becomes difficult to not believe her, unless a person simply does not want to open their eyes to the possibility that what she says happened, actually happened.  In that case, it simply becomes easier for them to dismiss the book as the ravings of a lunatic or dreamer.  However, the fact that she (and others) would be so willing to name the names she does name means either she is crazy or it is true.  Certainly, she has opened herself up to tremendous amounts of litigation (even if she is telling the truth).  The fact that she has not been sued may simply mean that those mentioned in her book feel that she is not worth the time or she is telling the truth/not telling the truth and suing her would bring more notice to her book.  It is likely that those mentioned in her book believe that the public will not see the stories as credible because of that person’s own public image.

I am becoming far more convinced that those who want to run for the big show by becoming president of the United States have absolutely no chance of getting there unless the Global Elite allows it.  For that to happen, the person must be pliable and willing to come under the control the Global Elite.  I frankly do not see any other way.

So as we approach the next presidential election, the thing I keep in mind is this:  how is the Global Elite moving to put their next selection in office?  As far as this country goes, I do not believe it happens any other way and that is tragic if true.

Let’s look at Mr. Obama for a moment.  He rode onto the scene seemingly on a white horse who was going to right all the wrongs, created by the previous administration.  However, if George W. was also placed in power because of the Global Elite, then it becomes little more than a game they enjoy to see how they can “play” (fool) the public and how elaborate the hoax must be in order to appear legitimate.

So Mr. Obama comes riding in.  His one big phrase is “Change is coming!” No one knows what that means, so people are left to attach their own meaning to it.  People become excited, thinking that Mr. Obama will correct things and finally restore this country to its rightful place as world leader.  He will bring jobs back to this country that went to other areas of the world, etc.

During his election campaign, due to his oratory skills, he impressed people wherever he went.  He likely loved the attention.  He became the media’s darling and everything they discussed about him was positive.  During those times when questions were asked about his eligibility, the retort was a resounding charge of “racism!” which generally shuts people up very quickly.

Since it is very likely that the Global Elite controls the media in America, it was simply a matter of “puffing” Mr. Obama up.  This is not unusual as this is exactly what William Randolph Hearst did where Billy Graham was concerned.  Up until that point, Graham was largely unknown, but with two words, Hearst catapulted Graham into the spotlight.  Those words were to “puff Graham.”

The media placed Mr. Obama on their collective shoulders and vilified everyone who stood against Mr. Obama.  It was a machine that was unstoppable.  Mr. Obama could have stood at the podium and read from the phone book during a speech and the media would have labeled it “brilliant!”

In the meantime, I also believe that the Global Elite targeting John McCain as the “challenger.”  They did this because they knew that McCain could not win.

I am wondering if that same thing is happening now.  We have Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain as the frontrunners for the GOP nomination for president.  Perry came out of the gate like a true racehorse, establishing himself as someone who was not afraid to say “God bless you and God bless America.”  He was not afraid to call attention to the things that most people in America can relate to and he also sounded very sincere and even humble during his speech in which he announced that he was running for president.

Interestingly enough, the media has begun picking Perry apart and lo and behold, Herman Cain is fast becoming the individual who may well wind up on top of the heap.  Why is that?  If what we know about the Global Elite is true, it may well be that they think they cannot control either Romney or Perry to their liking.  So what do they do?  They “puff” Cain artificially so that he will become the front-runner.  If this goes all the way and he becomes the GOP candidate to stand against Mr. Obama, then the Global Elite may find a way to ensure that Cain loses.

What is interesting is how things play themselves out.  We see so little that goes on behind the scenes and because of that, we do not really understand all the subtleties.  For instance, how was it that George Bush (Sr.) at one point was so opposed to Ronald Reagan throughout the campaigns leading up to the election, but when it was time for Reagan to pick a running mate, he and George had completely worked things out so that they were now on the same team?  We have no idea what occurred to make that happen, but somehow it did happen.  Did the Global Elite have a hand in it?  If people like Ben Fulford are correct – that the Global Elite controls America – then obviously they had their hand in that one.

This all comes down to the quality of our leadership, doesn’t it?  I believe more than ever, Mr. Obama is probably one of the biggest puppets and patsies the Global Elite has ever used.  Because he is black, the race card can be played all the time, any time.  This would obviously not be the case with a white president.  Even if the current president was a woman, being called “sexist” does not carry the same weight as someone who is being called “racist.”

It should be clear that ever since Mr. Obama took office, more changes than ever have taken place in this country.  However, our current presidents were not guiltless either.  We can go all the way back to Jimmy Carter to see how he stood against Israel for instance, though publicly, America maintained that we continued to be an ally of Israel.  Yet clearly, this alliance was eroding, slowly but surely.  This continued with Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr.  It was a slow erosion though, one that was not easily noticed by the average person.

Now with Mr. Obama and what the Global Elite believes is their safety net (the racism card), he has been able to go much further than previous presidents in distancing himself (and this nation) from any real alliance with Israel.  In fact, he is the first president who has outwardly stated that he not only supports peace in the Middle East through a two-state solution, but has publicly stated that Israel must be willing to go back to its pre-1967 borders.  Of course when that blew up in his face, he backtracked saying that all he meant was that borders would have to be defined by the actual parties involved.  If that’s what he meant, that’s what he should have said, but it was not what he meant.  The Global Elite pushed too hard and fast and had to back up.

We could name any number of times Mr. Obama has had to backtrack because of something he said or did.  He is being played and he went into this with his eyes closed, thinking it was going to be a cakewalk because his narcissistic nature gravitated toward that position and the Global Elite knew that.  What they did not consider was though Mr. Obama would be putty in their hands, he also had a mind of his own and he did not have the staying power they needed to have in that office.

So what is the Global Elite doing now?  It is very possible that they are ready to dump Mr. Obama.  Notice the media is now beginning to look in other directions.  Conservative journalist are calling for Mr. Obama to step down and liberal journalists are not on the attack for saying it.

Is there a wind of change in the works?  I believe so and the person who becomes the next president will obviously either be from the GOP or from the Democratic party, but the only thing that matters to the Global Elite is how pliable that person is and what they can accomplish through him/her.

It is likely that Hillary Clinton might throw her hat in the ring to rise against Mr. Obama.  If so, that will be a first, at least in recent history where the party from which the sitting president came is challenged by another member of his own party.

The Global Elite desperately wants a NWO and they will do anything to gain it.  I’ve read of murders, blackmail, and other forms of corruption at the highest levels of our government from any number of authors who seem to be in the know.  Is it all true?  Are they making things up?  It would be foolhardy to place themselves on the radar of the Global Elite if the things they are saying are not true.

We may be reaching a level of unalterable change for America.  I’ve written about this before, but the truth may be that either the Global Elite will get what it wants using the same measures they have always used, or they will fall completely apart.  In one strong sense, it does not matter because God will have His way, but for so long the Global Elite have thought that they controlled all things and why not?  They did seem to do just that.

If we consider a few things about Satan, it will help us understand the potential truth in what is being written as revelation with respect to the Global Elite and their strong desire for a NWO.  Jesus told the Pharisees and religious leaders that their father was the devil.  “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies,” (John 8:44).

If Satan can gain control of a group of people who were the religious leaders of the chosen nation, Israel, then how difficult is it for him to gain and keep control of governments?  In essence, the Sanhedrin was the ruling party over the nation of Israel in all things pertaining to Judaism, yet it is clear from Jesus’ own words that Satan controlled them, lock, stock, and barrel.  Satan was their “father” – ouch!  They were his offspring – another ouch!

Why did Satan even seek to control Israel’s religious leaders?  For no other reason than to corrupt them and the nation of Israel through them.

Why would Satan want to control governments and kings?  For the exact same reason.  He needs to do this in order to bring about the NWO that he has been revealing to those who worship him and dutifully follow him, completing his directions.

Paul says that Satan is the prince of the power of the air (cf. Ephesians 2:2 and 2 Corinthians 4:4).  The physical rulers of this world are completely blinded to Satan’s actual schemes.  They have bought the lie that “Lucifer” is bigger than and over Yahweh.  They believe they are working to bring in a NWO that will see peace cover the land.  It is a lie, yet these people are blinded to that fact because of their allegiance to Satan.  Because they worship him, he willingly blinds them to his real motives.

Paul says that Satan is the prince of the power of the air (who now works in the sons of disobedience – Ephesians 2:2).  This is an amazing truth if we will take the time to understand it.  Jesus said in John 12:31 that Satan is the ruler of this world.  Even though he was judged by the work of Christ, he is still allowed to be ruler.  Because he is ruler of this world and, as Paul says, of the air, he controls a great deal of area.

While God can and does overrule Satan, he is still given remarkable amounts of freedom to do what he wishes to do to bring his NWO to fruition.  God will simply use this NWO for His own glory, which is why He allows it to exist in the first place.

I fully believe that most, if not all governments are corrupt to some degree.  Certainly, because of the way our founders thought, they made this country appear to be a Christian nation, while essentially in service to Lucifer.  This is what is behind Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Global Elite, the Cabal and many other groups who work hand in hand with one another to do Satan’s bidding.

On the surface, groups like the Masons, the Shriners, and others appear to be groups that work for the common good.  They are simply clubs where men can come together and enjoy the things they share in common.  Sure, much of what they do is secret, but much of the world doesn’t care because of the outward appearance that these groups show to the world.

It reminds me of the Godfather movies.  In one of them, we are reminded of how Robert DiNiro’s character gained notoriety and climbed up the ladder of success.  He actually killed a “godfather” of that area of Italy.  Interestingly enough, though the godfather was terribly evil, the people saw him as something else.  When he attached his money to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic parade, the crowd applauded and cheered.  Certainly, part of that was due to the rumors surrounding this man and how brutal he could be.

But the man’s public face was far different from his secret face.  DiNiro’s character was not afraid to take him out and in doing so, because the new godfather and was respected (fear) publicly because of it.

Like the Global Elite, Satan works in the shadows.  He loves it there because his true character and motives are covered by the darkness.  We can guess, surmise, and even come to believe that what he is doing through the Global Elite is abject evil, it is difficult for us to prove.  Those who have been behind the secret veil know differently.

I’m really not sure what our next presidential election will result in, or mean for us.  Will Mr. Obama be re-elected or will another Democrat take his place?  Will a member of the GOP be used to become the loser to Mr. Obama in the next election, or will a member of the GOP actually take the prize of the Oval Office?

In the end, it will not matter because they are both cut from the same cloth.  Only the ones who are useful to the Global Elite come into power, but their power is used heavily by the Global Elite and they are the puppets.  It is clear (or should be) that presidents come and go, but the power of that position remains and is used by others for their own ends for as long as they “own” the United States.

Even if – as Fulford and others state – the Global Elite (Illuminati) machine crumbles to the ground, it will only appear that the worst is over.  Satan is still in control (under God’s watchful eyes) because he still physically rules this planet and the air above it.  That makes this planet pretty much like a fortress.  While God can and does get through to His own people and continues to govern the affairs of this world so that what Satan is planning and trying to create is going according to God’s ultimate plan.  That may sound as though the two are working together, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Satan does what God allows.  God allows Satan to accomplish things because those things will in the end, be used for His glory.  How galling will that be to Satan when he realizes through experience that all that he has created, all that he has attempted to accomplish were ultimately things that brought tremendous glory to God?

I have no idea who will be our next president, but I do not this: as long as the Global Elite have access to and control of our governments (state and federal), work toward the NWO order will continue.  Unless the Global Elite society is brought down, the next president will be their candidate, not ours.

So what are we left with; are we to give up voting then?  No.  We are to vote as God would have us vote.  For me, the top thing that I will consider is how the person views Israel.  After that, I will try my best to determine if there are other things in their agenda that will counteract what they publicly say about Israel.

In the end, I want to vote for someone who says he/she will support Israel, but their entire platform must prove that, not disprove it.  I have a feeling I will be voting for someone who has no chance of winning because their particular platform is so opposed to the Global Elite’s.

As I say, in either case – whether the Global Elite maintains or loses its power – Satan will continue to bring forth a NWO and God will use that same NWO to bring down Satan and glorify Himself.  It’s a win-win situation for God and a no-win situation for the devil and those who worship him.

In any case, I’m not worried.  God is the Victor.  Oh, by the way, which side are you on?

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