Janeane Garofalo is a Liberal Racist

September 30, 2011 at 11:52 AM

Funny, but apparently Janeane Garofalo believes she is extremely intelligent such that she can easily determine that the GOP is racist even IF members of that group tend to want to root for Herman Cain, who is running for the Republican ticket for president of the U.S.

Her accusations are ambiguous and in reality, tip her hand at her own racism, which is inherent in most liberals.  She says, “Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican Party. Conservative movement and Tea Party movement, one in the same.” [1]

What a buffoon, or as Chris Matthews said about Sarah Palin, what a balloon head!  She actually believes the tripe she is trying to sell?  So to her, if you are conservative, you are automatically racist.  That’s essentially what she says, isn’t it?  In one swell swoop, she has deemed conservatives, the Republican Party and the Tea Party as racist, which is the only reason we like Cain.

First of all, there has been absolutely NO evidence – video, written, or otherwise – that proves that anyone in the Tea Party is racist.  What we DO have on occasion are people who PRETEND they are members of the Tea Party carrying signs that lean toward racism, but no actual members of the Tea Party have been found to be racist.  I guess Garofalo believes – as do many simpletons – that if you repeat something often enough, it becomes truth.

Herman Cain is a shrewd businessman.  I would vote for him in a Georgia minute and if he continues to gain in the polls, that’s who I WILL vote for.  But of course, implicit in Garofalo’s statement is the charge that conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party members are only appearing to back Cain, but don’t really want another Black man in office.

I really like the way David Asman put it.  “[Garofalo’s statement] implies that Cain is either an idiot, or a willing participant in a fraud to cover up racism among conservatives. It also implies that African Americans need white liberals to tell them what they should think. Those African Americans who refuse to bow to the rules of the liberal plantation are either idiots or sell outs.” [2]

Garofalo is mildly funny when she plays a role as she did in “Mystery Men.”  Beyond that, who cares about her sarcastic rejoinders with the world of politics?  Certainly, she has a right to believe what she wants to believe but that does not make her right, or even remotely accurate.

I do not understand how liberals think and that’s probably good.  They generally don’t impress me because it seems that the more their agenda is put into effect, the more taxpayer dollars are used to support everyone who wants a hand-out.  Valerie Jarret indicated her belief that government is there to provide people with a way to earn a regular paycheck so they can take care of their families (my paraphrase).  What planet is SHE from?  That’s not my understanding of the government’s job.

Regarding Cain, I believe he would make a fine president.  Unfortunately, even he were elected to that post, he would be up against the tremendous amount of political cronyism that exists in Washington, DC and will probably always exist.  Businesspeople and politicians don’t really equate.  They are often worlds apart.

Besides Cain, I can think of another Black individual who I believe would also make a phenomenal president; Allen West.  Trouble is that he is not interested in running and I have sent him e-mails requesting him to do so, along with many other people, I’m sure.

I don’t like Romney.  I’m not convinced about Perry.  Bachman doesn’t really have much of a chance.  Ron Paul is an idiot.  The others, I simply don’t know that much about.

I would like to vote for Cain, but who knows what will happen?  It could very well be that the liberal media is playing up Cain (as they did with John McCain) so that he will become the Republican candidate for President.  John McCain had hardly any chance of winning, which is why he became the frontrunner.  The powers that be knew he would not be able to topple Mr. Obama’s popularity and he didn’t.

Herman Cain might be being set up for the same thing, who knows?  People like Garofalo need to (try) understand that there are large groups of Black people in the United States who are deserting Mr. Obama in droves.  Many to most of these people are Democrats.  Beyond this group, many Democratic leaders are also trying to wash their hands of Mr. Obama and still look as though they support him, a tricky maneuver to be sure.

But leave it to Garofalo to ignore those other facts, because they would dismiss her asinine accusations out of hand, without much thought at all and she knows it (at least, I’m assuming she is smart enough to know it).

Racism, racism, racism.  It exists of that we can be sure.  But to cry “racism” all the time as the liberal left is doing belittles actual instances of racism.  The fact that Garofalo is what appears to be a perpetual guest on the Keith Olbermann show also says a lot.  What, he can’t get anyone else to come on his show?

We recently re-located to Georgia from California and the difference is striking.  There is a tremendous multiculturalism that exists here that is not seen in California.  Here, Blacks and Whites talk and mix comfortably.  People say “yes ma’am,” and “yes sir” to one another, Blacks to Whites and Whites to Blacks.  I am amazed because as liberal as California is, I would have thought that would have been the case in California, but it is not.  In California, everyone seems suspicious of the other person.

I was talking to someone at the DMV the other day here in Georgia.  While on the phone, she referred to me as “darling” once and then “sweetie.”  I was dumbfounded but appreciative.  She went overboard to help me with my queries.  When I went into the DMV (called Driver Services), people were extremely helpful and enjoyable to be around.  It was clear that they wanted to help you and again, both Blacks and Whites were helping one another.

My point is simple.  Georgia is highly conservative and Republican.  Herman Cain hails from Georgia.  If there is racism here, I haven’t detected it…yet and believe me, I’ve had my eyes open for it because some things just seem too good to be true.

Is Georgia perfect?  Of course not.  Atlanta has its problems with gangs and crime and hate, just like any large city does.  I don’t live in Atlanta.  I’m about 45 minutes away in the country and that’s fine with me.

In California, because of people’s attitudes, it is difficult to tell when someone is shining you on, or whether they are really there to help.  The attitude is “business formal,” and because of that, it is easy to take things the wrong way.  California has some beautiful places to visit, but I can honestly say, even though I spent more than half my life there, that I would not want to live there.

California is liberal beyond liberal.  Anyone reading this who wants to live in a fully liberalized society, I would suggest moving to California.  Do it quickly, because they need your tax dollars.  Because of their liberalism, they tend to be quite myopic, focusing on the wrong things (in my opinion).

I’ve talked about how San Francisco is outlawing the McDonald’s Happy Meal and some within society in California are trying to outlaw circumcision as well.  However, no one is doing anything about “Up Your Alley,” a festival catering to Gays, Transgenders, and Lesbians where the kind of stuff that’s done in the open is likely very much like what took place in Sodom and Gomorrah.  The thinking seems to be way off.

Just the other day, I read a story about a teacher in a Vacaville high school who penalized students because after a girl sneezed, a boy said, “God bless you.”  Well, the teacher became unglued and went viral all of the kid asking him sarcastically if he thought that the girl had just expelled evil spirits.  He took 25 points away from everyone in the class that day.  It happened again the next day, and he took more points away.

The teacher says saying “God bless you” is disruptive.  That’s a crock.  If that was his point, he wouldn’t have brought up the Dark Age reference to evil spirits.  I saw the guy’s picture and he looks like he is way past the time of retiring, but probably wants to hang on another year or so in order for his retirement fund to balloon up a bit more.  Because of that, the students are the victims to his stupidity.  Such is California and other areas of the country where liberalism reigns supreme.

It’s too bad that the media gives Garofalo any attention, but in a way, it’s also good that they do.  It shows the world how irrelevant she really is in thinking that her words are based on intelligence, when in point of fact, they are based on a deep-seated senselessness that only comes from those who have become liberal to a fault.

[1] http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2011/09/30/racist-rants-liberal/#ixzz1ZSeM5gNF
[2] Ibid

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