The New Age Never Disappoints! This Time, it’s Monjoronson…

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I was recently doing some research for one of the classes I teach at a local junior college and searched for ANGEL, which is a discussion board utilized by some educational institutions for fascilitating discussion between professor and students.  It is a great way to keep the students posted when not in class, and gives them an opportunity to post questions and obtain answers.  Beyond this, it allows students to become more adept at the computer and moving around the Internet.

Unfortunately, since I simply put in the words ANGEL DISCUSSION BOARD, the results that came up mainly had to do with angels of the supernatural kind.   I guess I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing (or I’m the one who needs better instruction on how to get around the Internet 🙂  At any rate, the majority of results had to do with angels, as I stated, but these were angels as seen through the eyes of the New Age.

I came across a name I was not at all familiar with, as I had not heard or seen this particular name listed anywhere, though apparently he has been around for a few decades.  His name is Monjoronson, and he is said to be the next divine teacher; the one that the world has been apparently waiting for to arrive.  He is in fact, here now, but he has not been permitted to reveal himself physically yet.  There are things, which are keeping him at bay, things human beings can essentially correct, if we will but put our minds to it.

What is interesting of course (and not a bit unsurprising), is that Monjoronson’s message is nearly identical to the other divine teachers, who all claim to be the one the world is waiting for to reveal himself.  As an aside, another thing that is fascinating, or at least creates a question in the mind, is why all of these divine teachers are all male?  Though they may exist, I know of none that are female.  Why?  Allegedly, all of these divine teachers and ascended masters are far more intelligent that we humans.  They have spent eons perfecting themselves and this is what they hope to help humanity on earth achieve as well.  Would you not think though that out of all these ascended masters, divine teachers and the like, there would be at least one female among them?

Almost all of them, without exception, speak of the Mother.  In most cases, they are referring to our planet, Gaia, or Mother Earth, a living, breathing, viable entity, of which we are not taking the best care.  Apart from this, I have only seen reference to one other female, that she is Jesus’ mother, Mary.  What is also interesting (as another aside) is that Mary is apparently higher than Jesus. 

All of these divine teachers speak of a time when they will be able to physically reveal themselves to the world soon.  Their job (at least as they tell it), is to point to the “Father” in order that his will might be accomplished here on earth.  Reading many of these “transmissions” from these divine teachers to human beings is like reading a Bible, with some of the names changed as well as the events.  This should put to rest the question of whether Satan and his minions know the Scriptures far better than most of us do, and certainly far better than we give him credit for knowing.

ALL of these divine teachers speak of a time in which horrible things will be happening on this earth, which will lead up to their being physically revealed.  Interestingly enough, this sounds like the time just prior to the Tribulation/Great Tribulation period.  While some might pooh-pooh this idea, please stop to ask the question why they would bother to teach this if there was no chance of it happening?  Could it be that Satan knows what will happen and a terrible seven-year period known as the Tribulation will occur?  If so, it behooves him to let his human followers know this, so that they are not taken by surprise, wondering what on earth is happening.

To avoid this, these divine teachers speak of the approaching terrible times.  Of course, at this point, who needs a crystal ball to figure that out?  No one, since those terrible times in many ways are here now.  In my opinion (and I’m glad you asked), these terrible times are merely the tip of the iceberg.  I believe that as Jesus said, these are simply the “birth pangs,” which when they come to full term, will give birth to the Tribulation.  By that time, people will be looking for ANYONE who can solve the problems of the earth (and no, it will not be President Obama).

By the way, this coming divine leader is known as the Magisterial Son (Monjoronson).  He is the one who is to come after Jesus, according to numerous websites dedicated to New Age practices and beliefs.  According to some of these websites, the earth has had numerous teachers:

  • Adam and Eve (were supposed to be divine teachers, but they failed)
  • Melchisedek – “He chose to materialise, in order to try and limit the effects of the Lucifer rebellion, and the fallen angels, and thus prepare the way for Jesus’ coming. Once he guessed Jesus was coming here, he felt he had to do something. Abraham was taught by Melchizadek, so he led to the formation of the Jewish religion. He is now our Planetary Prince, and as such has full authority over earth.”
  • Jesus –also known as Michael of Nebadon, (which is his correct name, as the Creator Son of this Universe) chose to incarnate here. It was part of his personal development, you might say. As a Creator Son, he is required to live the lives of seven of his creations. Coming here was the last of his bestowal missions.”
  • Monjoronson – “will materilise, together with his assistants. This will create an enormous wave, make no mistake. If it happens in our lifetimes, fabulous. It does seem to be close, but we do not know the hour.”

The quoted sections are taken directly from one of the websites and I’d rather not provide the URL.  If you’re curious, feel free to search for it.  Notice please what they teach about Jesus, that He is simply one of a number of divine instructors.  In His case, also note the derogatory implications (“part of his personal development,” “his correct name is Michael…” etc.).  Of course, the biggest prize of all is not Jesus, but this coming Monjoronson, who is said will create an “enormous wave.”

One of the other “through threads,” or commonalities between many of these sites is that there are many maladjusted individuals on this planet and they need to be dealt with accordingly.  This began, according to Monjoronson, with the celestial beings, who were eventually incarcerated.  However, the problem was that their rebellion was transferred to the earth through members of the human race.  Therefore, this rebellion perpetuates itself.

Here is another quote (this one allegedly from Monjoronson himself), as channeled through two separate individuals; one following the other:

Greetings. I have been trying to make myself known here and rest assured that I will be known to your planet as time unfolds. I am a Magisterial Son. There is resistance to receiving due to the nature of the discussion at this conference regarding my arrival, but the plans for a Magisterial Mission are progressing. The time element is indeed the question. We are patient and waiting for the events on your world to be most facilitating for my ministry. Whether these events will present themselves is not in question. These events will present themselves. The only question is time.

I would speak further this weekend, but at this time simply wish to greet you and to ask your receivers to feel free to open to my presence and allow, for here, indeed, we are conferring, are we not? Let us discuss the matters which will produce enlightenment for you individually, for your group, and perhaps on to the world at large. I will at this time withdraw and allow another to speak. I do rejoice in the spiritual intent that you all have and feel myself to be welcome in your presence and I welcome you in mine.

I have bolded certain parts for emphasis.  Note their meaning.  There is nothing there except New Age jargon, which has been around for decades, yet this was “transmitted” in February of 2009.  The main difference of course, is that these entities are much more free today to refer to Jesus, the Father, and other people well known due to Christianity.  As we read through more of Monjoronson, it appears obvious that he is unable to appear by his own will:

Receive my presence. I am Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son of whom you speak. We are in this place and in this time, practicing the presence. Feel your connection to the great web of life. Some of you can visualize it. It is indeed a tangible web of light connecting each and every one of you. When you leave this place and scatter to the far corners from which you have gathered, these threads will remain and I will be present in those threads. Think of them daily, hourly, constantly if you can. This is the meaning of continuous prayer, to continue the connection you have with your Creator who is far greater than I. Feel the reality of this truth. Pull it in to your solar plexus and hold it there. Now, my friends, for the message.

Monjoronson then gives a basic TM lesson, on how to collect his “truth” to your “chakra,” and for those who do not realize it, he also teaches the path of Kundalini, though does not use that term, but simply states “…let it rise to the top of your head. Now send it upward, climbing the ladder.”  This is wholely demonic, and yet people involve themselves in these type of practices on a daily level!

Continuing on, Monjoronson explains what it will be like when he comes and how his followers will know him:

When I come in the flesh you will know me because you will have already met me in these higher frequencies in your stillness and will have no doubt, nor hesitation to believe and to follow. My friends, this work cannot be overdone, nor overemphasized. It may seem like a small thing, such an easy thing, and yet the effects are far beyond what you can comprehend. You see the picture only from your perspective. We see you as points of light in a great web and the angelic realms are pouring in their light more and more every day until people like yourselves can’t miss it. You’re absorbing it every moment, surrounded by it, so when you awake in your awareness to work with it, it expands and it multiplies.

For those who do not see a coming Tribulation in Scripture, please understand that without exception, all divine leaders, teachers and instructors of the New Age do see it.  They speak of it, they are preparing their converts and followers for it, and in many cases, they are explaining it to them as something horrific that the world has never seen, nor will see again. 

Some of them even speak of a type of Rapture (something a few of them have named the “Great Evacuation”).  Of course, this coming evacuation is intended for people who are the malcontents, and the spiritually immature.  These are the ones who are holding this planet back from progressing to its next evolutionary stage.

At the same time, they are spending a good amount of time assuring their faithful that they themselves will not be harmed, or negatively impacted by the coming troubles IF they remain faithful.  That is caveat, and that allows all of these “divine beings” to excuse themselves when things do not go well for their followers.  Their followers will simply assume that they are experiencing troubles because they have weak faith.  They are falling down because they are not seeing through the coming problems.

These alleged divine beings have let themselves off the hook.  The greatest tragedy in all of this is not that a Tribulation is coming, but that too many souls hang in the balance.  It boggles my mind (and should not, according to Scripture) that so many people are willing to toss away God’s Word, in favor of some demons who are able to transmit their thoughts to humanity.  THESE thoughts people will believe, but not the Bible!  How tragic!

Here are just two of the comments left by people after reading Monjoronson’s full message:

I do___ have a good feeling about that person. I would___ trust that source .

“…this teaching is from Divine sources…I have recently finished reading about Nanook a great teacher who walked for 28 years across India preaching there is no Muslim there is no Christian. I was moved by his simplicity and how he surrendered to his Divine mission here on earth.

I think for those Christians who are naysaying the possibility of a coming Tribulation (and if it happens in this generation’s lifetime), they will be surprised to find things ramping up to a terrible state prior to the time this Monjoronson appears on the scene.  In my view, whether it’s Monjoronson, the Mahdi, the Maitreya, or any other divine being from beyond who says he will appear, it will be none other than the Antichrist, the world’s final dictator and first true global dictator, who winds up deceiving most of the world, and sets himself up as god, to be worshiped.  Those who do not, will die and it is as simple as that. 

Again, it is something to consider.  The New Age movement has been teaching for years that a terrible time is coming, prior to a time of unprecedented peace.  Before that peace can come, the last divine teacher must appear on the world’s stage.  If this is what the New Age is teaching its followers, there is no point to it if it will not actually happen.  Satan has simply been wasting his time, preparing people for something that will not occur, when he could have bypassed all the upcoming “bad” times, and gone straight to the unprecedented peace part of the equation.  He has not done that though.  He has spent and continues to spend time educating New Agers on the problems that are upcoming.  Everything is crucial and everything is heading toward a global crisis.  This is the thought and teaching of the New Age.  Why?  Because Satan knows the Bible better than you, or me and he knows what is truth about the Bible and what is fiction.

Satan will never spend the time creating a completely fictional event or situation.  He will always try to parody God’s events, and circumstances because he knows that when they happen, he will receive credit.  To take the time to teach people things that will never happen only makes him look like an idiot and he will lose a great deal of credibility with his followers.  Why would he risk that when he can take what he knows God is going to eventually do, and make it sound like it is his idea?

Whether it is found within the New Age movement, Alienology, or some other secular area, people are being swept up into believing many supernatural events, told by supernatural beings.  Their unprecedented involvement in the lives of normal people has seemingly and exponentially increased dramatically over the past few decades.  Regarding this, Monjoronson states, “To motivate each and everyone individually. Many celestials have been volunteering to come to your world to be of assistance.”  Well, isn’t that nice?  So these “celestials” have volunteered to come to lowly earth to help us?  Help us what?  They offer nothing in the way of medical advice, nor do they tell us how to get rid of the common cold, or cancers.  They do not even share with us their knowledge of global finance!  All they do is talk about spiritual light and love and peace.  Because people desperately want that, they listen and unfortunately, believe.

What do you believe?  Do you believe that all these people in the New Age movement are simply crackpots?  Do you believe the massive increase in UFO sightings and Alienology in general is for the weird and lonely only?  Could it possibly be that as things rapidly progress toward the time when Jesus will return, physically establishing His presence on this planet, reigning with a rod of iron for 1,000 years from David’s throne in Jersualem, these “celestials” know their time is short?  Because of that, their activity has increased 100 fold, or more.

Not only do I think it’s possible, but I believe it is probable and I believe that is exactly what is happening in the spiritual realm today.

Just something to think about…

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  • 1. Aronolac  |  November 29, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    It is a sad thing to read this kind of commentary about a blessed event! Monjoronson is the Son of God promised by Jesus before he left this world for the next. No one can say just what Monjoronson will do about such beliefs as seen written here about the antichrist, but be assured he has no intention to bowing before the Christian community that does not understand the world you live on. Christians like everybody else will have a lot of study and learning to do with what is about to happen. It is my hope that Monjoronson arrives as he said he would before Christmas of this year. Whenever he does arrive it will occasion a time of joy and celebrating for non-Christian and Christian alike who will learn that this Son of God is also the Son of Peace and Goodwill to all men.

    • 2. modres  |  November 29, 2011 at 12:14 PM

      Monjoronson cannot be the Son of God if Jesus is – that makes little sense.

      I have a copy of the Urantia Book and like many others of that nature, the information found therein is given by spirit beings from the spiritual realm. The problem with that is multitude.

      I can guarantee you this. According to the Bible, the next person who comes onto the world’s stage and becomes the next world leader will be the Antichrist. The Bible speaks of this too many times to ignore. Jesus arrives at the end of the seven-year Tribulation period to vanquish the Antichrist.

      There will also be a False Prophet as spoken of by John in Revelation. It’s interesting that Satan’s original sin was pride. He wanted to be like God and promised to raise his own throne above God’s. He’s been trying ever since.

      But more than this, I find it fascinating that at the end of the age, he will do his best to replicate the Trinity by creating his own unholy trinity. He will represent the Father, Antichrist will represent the Son, and the False Prophet will represent the Holy Spirit.

      What is really tragic is how much time you have no doubt spent pouring over the pages of the Urantia Book and other writings like that, instead of studying the true Word of God. All the rest of wannabes.

      I have to go by the Scriptures because that’s where truth is and that truth tells me that the Antichrist is the next person to become world leader. We are heading to that point rapidly. I’m sorry that you and many others will view this coming individual as the “Son of God.” Imagine when you stand before the TRUE God the Son and there you are reminded that you credited another as being the Person that is Jesus, yet was simply an imposter.

      • 3. Aronolac  |  November 29, 2011 at 12:51 PM

        Your error is made due to the lack of information available to you. You know no better. You have a choice: Be afraid and fight the divine love for you; or, open yourself to the truth and let God advise you of his good will and desire to enlighten you and other Christians who have been asleep far too long. Monjoronson is one of many Sons of God, and each Son of God is the first and only Son of God, for the Lord is one regardless of how he represents his individuality.

      • 4. modres  |  November 29, 2011 at 2:00 PM

        Aronolac, please, what you are preaching is nothing new at all. It’s what the New Age movement is made of and it represents the same lie that Satan used in the Garden of Eden.

        The truth is not found in the New Age movement and please be aware that I am NOT afraid of anything in the New Age at all. There is no reason to fear it because like its founder, it has already been defeated.

        I know too well the doctrine taught within the New Age movement; we are all gods but we merely need to be released to understand our own empowerment and true potential which interestingly enough is found in our own deity.

        The only people who are asleep to the truth are those who believe that the beings who have transmitted the information found in the Urantia Book are gods. In actual fact, they are demons though I know you completely disagree with that.

        I always find it fascinating when I read of aliens (or ascended masters, etc.) who reveal their “truth” to human beings. It is funny that none of their truth ever reveals the key to wiping out AIDS, cancer, or even the common cold. It ALWAYS deals with the Bible and Jesus. Funny how people have just gotten it wrong where the Bible is concerned. Funny how Jesus is never who He is believed to be. To hear these beings tell it, Jesus was a hologram and the Bible is a fully misunderstood book that began a religion that should not have occurred.

        Equally entertaining is the idea that no other religion comes under the microscope of these extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional beings.

        They’re so intelligent and want nothing more than to help humanity, but they can’t even tell us how to use our resources on this planet better, or to eliminate disease. No, they are simply concerned about leading Bible studies…

      • 5. Aronolac  |  November 29, 2011 at 2:18 PM

        Your assumption that the Monjoronson arrival is nothing but a New Age gimmick is faulty. If you ever are going to accommodate truth you have to be willing to get off the name calling and get into a sincere mode to find God as he is and not as you propose or would like he should be. Very soon Monjoronson will arrive and it will be an unusual announcement that brings the world to his feet to hear how he intends to help this world become united under the banner of Michael, the very one you have named your Christian religion after. It is not easy to change, but change is life as we grow to understand that the love of God is universal and not to be hidden under the little basket Christianity covers the infinite God with. Monjoronson delights in the motions of forgiveness and mercy and it shall be extended to all, even those who think he is antichrist.

      • 6. modres  |  November 29, 2011 at 2:24 PM

        I never said it was a New Age gimmick.

        I have no doubt that Monjoronson (or the Final Mahdi, or the Antichrist) WILL appear. The Bible foretells it. It’s not a gimmick at all. It is part of God’s plan to move this planet to the end of the age. Unfortunately, Monjoronson’s final effort will be to war against the physical return of Jesus and he will lose, as will all who sided with him.

        The Michael of the New Age movement is NOT the same Michael of the Bible – their messages and work are too different to be the same.

        Glad Monjoronson is so forgiving. Then I have nothing to worry about, do I?

        The “little basket” you call Christianity has infinitely more to offer than anything the New Age can promote. It’s called TRUTH that leads to ETERNAL LIFE.

        What you have is absolutely nothing. I pray that your eyes will be open to God’s truth before it is too late for you.

        You have – unfortunately – pinned your hopes on nothing but lies. I’m really sorry.

      • 7. Aronolac  |  November 29, 2011 at 5:38 PM

        And I shall pray for you and all of those who are silently resisting the temptation to believe in spite of your selves and the ancient Bible you give so much authority to. It is unfortunate that most still believe there is no God but Jesus, but even Jesus will tell you in person that you have to open your mind to his Christian belief that nothing shall ever repeat the Bible again. It is unhealthy to stagnate to the degree the world has done based on the sayings of old revelation and not allowing that new revelation changes the old, and invigorates the new era to unfold before your eyes. Before too many years from now Jesus will tell you face to face, as he is appearing with Monjoronson when the world realizes its errors of cosmology and its default to a theology that should never have had the chance to appear in human intellect. Your Michael and my Michael are indeed Jesus as well as an angel and a Melchizedek, but these truths are flatly denied even by the preachers who proclaim that Jeahzus Kahrist is lost to the sheep who know not his name. No God worth the salvation so fervently believed in by the sects of Christianity would ever deny the Kingdom to anyone in spite of the ignorance of the name of the Lord. Monjoronson is going to open your eyes and your life will improve and with the help of Jesus, both you and He, The Son of God, will see mankind progress far beyond what this little world of the Bible could possibly imagine.

      • 8. modres  |  November 29, 2011 at 6:31 PM

        I know that you firmly believed you are enlightened, but you are completely blinded by the god of this age.

        Take care.

  • 9. Jose Oliveira  |  November 29, 2011 at 1:21 AM

    I am Christian that was open to the teachings of The Urantia Book and I appreciate all the time and research you did about Monjoronson. Many of your assertions are correct about what Monjoronson is. It seems that you did graspped a mostly correct view. But you disagree with it, and this is fine, because many are not yet prepared for this truth. I wasn’t. But now I know. I know that when Monjoronson appears, many Christians, mostly, in fact, will think he is the Anti-Christ. This because he will preach two things that has been told by Premilleanism as signs of the Anti-Christ: He will favor a global government and a global religious ecumenism. But, as you said, since people are going effective be shaked by the events of the Great Tribulation, they will listen to him more closely, after the destruction takes place. I hope I will be here and work closely with his mission. By writing this post I think I just started. Maranata Lord Jesus, Maranata Monjoronson!

    • 10. modres  |  November 29, 2011 at 7:10 AM

      Hi Jose,

      Maybe you missed my point about Monjoronson. He is NOT Jesus. He is but a pale impersonation of Jesus; something the New Age calls “the Christ.”

      The next world leader WILL be the Antichrist. The Bible explains that completely. If you are a Christian as you say, why are you holding the Urantia Book in higher regard than the Bible?

      If you are here when Monjoronson appears (or whatever his name will be at that time), then you will have missed the Rapture and you will be involved in the upcoming Great Tribulation period.

      Please understand that according to Daniel, Revelation, and 1 & 2 Thessalonians, the next (and last) world leader IS the Antichrist, which means he is NOT the good guy.

      Jesus and Monjoronson are NOT the same person. One is evil pretending to be God. The other IS God.

  • 11. captanjack  |  August 4, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    Here in this thread I have seen “New Age” advocates responding with patience and love to the judgement and hate of “Christians.” Someone once told me that it’s the fruit we bear that matters…

    • 12. modres  |  August 4, 2011 at 10:58 AM

      I’m not sure I quite understand your comment. Which “thread” are you referring to, mine? If you’re referring to another, there is no link for me to check out.

      The New Age can be extremely haughty and arrogant. I’ve read many books produced by people within the New Age who routinely attack Christians and Christianity. It amounts to what a person chooses to see, I guess.

      Since I’m not really clear on where you stand (because your point is not clear), all I can say is, yes, fruit can make the difference. I wonder though how many people would judge Jesus by the fruit He put on display? On at least one occasion, He made a whip from a rope, turned over tables and chased the money changers out of the Temple area (cf. Mark 11). If you were to simply stand to the side and watch that event, it would not appear at all loving. Jesus literally ran through the Temple area railing at the money changers, overturning their tables, scattering their money and wares all over the place. The religious leaders were incensed because of this display and asked Jesus by what authority He did what He did.

      If you have children, you know that you have probably been angered by them at times. Your anger was prompted because of your love for them hopefully.

      When I critique the New Age or anything that I consider to be false, I do with an intensity that I hope gets a point across. To me, it is the difference between life and death.

  • 13. Dan  |  March 8, 2011 at 11:08 AM

    Labeling something as New Age is a way of disposing of something that is uncomfortable. Jesus was uncomfortable to religious leaders; this is always the case because Jesus’ message was spiritual rather than theological. The
    Urantia Book (denoted as UB) is uncomfortable because human beings have limited Jesus to only one book. The Bible indicates that much is coming that will be uncomfortable and people will fight against it. Monjoronson has been interesting to me simply because I was expecting something uncomfortable to be coming soon; yet each person has to deal with it individually. Like at the end of the Book of Daniel, most people are not supposed to worry about understanding what is beyond them; so perhaps they are better off remaining with beliefs that they can accept? The UB, like the Book of John, is an appeal for those who are ready to understand, to become spiritual rather than mental followers of the Lord and His followers in the higher realms. This is largely what the UB is about. When a person actually becomes a spiritual follower, only then does Monjoronson become someone for them to consider (Monjoronson as a name, is not mentioned in the UB). The reason that Jesus did not condemn the people of 2000 years ago who rejected Him was because people have a time and place where they will eventually understand such matters; in the meantime, hopefully they embrace beliefs that will help them eventually arrive at that future time and place. In the meantime, people usually need to follow brand names and labels that are familiar and comfortable for them. By the way, the Bible also speaks of a multiplicity of people who come from the spiritual realms. The examples perhaps begin with the Morning Stars who sang upon the creation of the world (who are among those whose name were actually “written” before the creation of the world).
    As their leader, Jesus is the Bright Morning Star. So the Bible does allude to surprizes that will be coming into the world (and already have as prophets, wise men, etc.. ; largely to be rejected and persecuted).

    • 14. modres  |  March 8, 2011 at 12:28 PM

      No, labeling something as “new age” is a nice way of me saying that it is wrong.

      What you are following Dan, is Satan in the disguise of Urantia, that’s all. I’m not trying to deliberately offend you. I’m simply pointing out your error. Your new age-speak is represented in any number of channels throughout the entirety of the New Age movement. You folks really bring nothing new to anything. In fact, it’s the same old lie that Satan (through the serpent) told Eve and Adam; that they would be like gods. Unfortunately for yourself, you have bought the lie and because the lie requires very little of you (except to believe that you are god), you are very willing to accept it and fully embrace it.

      You and I have had a few discussions via e-mail before. You know where I stand and I know where you stand. There is little point in rehashing things here, simply because you disagree with me and me with you. You have embraced the exact same error that others who follow after Archangel Michael, Gabriel and many other entities too numerous to mention here have offered as truth. Though these demons take on the personification of some angelic host, the lie they speak is the same lie.

      Let me direct you to the 13th and 14th chapters of Revelation. There, we learn of the False Prophet (the second beast out of the earth). His job is to deceive people by performing tremendous miracles and even calling fire down from the sky. He then even goes on to animate an image which has been built to resemble the first beast (Antichrist). Anyone who does not worship the image of the beast is killed. I find that interesting, don’t you? So much for freedom of worship. Sounds like an Islamic Caliphate to me, or something similar.

      As it turns out, the coming Antichrist will be so charming, so effective in communication, and will wow the people with his own miracles (like dying and rising again), that people will flock after him in droves. When the second beast or False prophet comes on the scene, he will make it even more difficult for people to ignore the Antichrist.

      Every entity – whether it has been Monjoronson or someone else – teaches the SAME lie. It all boils down to “you are gods.” This is THE lie and it is the lie that more and more people are choosing to believe. Why? Because we do not want to admit that as mere human beings, we are limited. We do not want to admit that we need a Savior because that would mean admitting that we have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.

      In my view Dan, there is NOTHING more uncomfortable than acknowledging that we are in need of a Savior and that Savior is only found in Jesus Christ. The Urantia Book is not in the least “uncomfortable” as you suggest. It is sad. It is tragic that so many people like yourself fall for that message.

      Dan, there IS something extremely uncomfortable coming and it is coming very soon. It is called the Tribulation. During that period of time, hell will literally be loosed on the surface of this planet. Deception will be huge and only those who cling to Jesus will be saved. That will be very uncomfortable.

      Look, Dan, ask yourself a question. Why is it in this world, people HATE Christianity? Why do these same people seem to have open arms for Islam or anything else, but grow angry at the idea that people actually need a Savior? It is because we are opposed to God. People do not want the truth, so they accept a lie.

      What amazes me is that since the Garden of Eden, Satan has used only one lie to deceive people. It is the lie “you shall be as gods.” This lie is the one he used in the Garden of Eden and the exact same one he continues to use today. This is why the New Age movement is wrong, because it perpetuates that lie. Monjoronson perpetuates that lie.

      Do you know what Paul said about that lie? “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed,” (Galatians 1:8-9). The true gospel is found in John 3 and it states that unless a person is born again, or born from above, they cannot have eternal life.

      Paul states in Romans 9:9-10 – “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

      That is the simplicity of the gospel. You have fallen for the deception that teaches that salvation is found WITHIN you and YOU have the capacity to create your own reality. It’s an absolute and boldfaced lie, Dan.

      Jesus condemned plenty of people, Dan. You really need to spend some time reading the Bible. It is interesting (but not surprising) how you pick and choose what you want from the biblical record, and in so doing, wind up misrepresenting it.

      I pray you wake up to the reality and truth of who Jesus is, what He accomplished for you, and the fact that He would like to provide you with salvation that you do not have to earn. It’s that simple, but it is also that offensive to most people.

  • 15. Pjammer  |  November 21, 2010 at 4:59 PM


    I do appreatiate your intelligent consideration of this subject. I think you will agree it is fruitless to argue points of faith or belief. The most important Bible stories and statements cannot possible be proven. The statement that Jesus Christ was sent here by God, and is God’s Son also cannot be proven. Though we both share this belief.

    What is apparent to me is that there are many intelligent and good hearted Souls who are reaching out by faith to hear Gods latest messages and messengers. I believe good Souls are guided by their connection to the Spirit through prayer and staying close to God.

    I cannot prove that Monjoronson is who he claims. But for me his message is consistent with God’s message for our times. If you are sincerely looking for greater truth as it relate to our times, I recommend the following materials (none of which can be proven any more than the Bible):
    Urantia (published 1955)
    A Course In Miracles (1976)
    Conversations With God (late 1990s)


    • 16. modres  |  November 21, 2010 at 5:35 PM

      Hi Pjammer,

      Yes, as I have stated, it is pointless to debate. I appreciate your willingness to admit that you cannot prove who Monjoronson is in truth. If you find truth in what you are hearing from Monjoronson, that is up to you. I have A Course in Miracles and Conversations with God. I am not trying to brag, but I would be willing to bet that I have many more books of this nature in my library than do you.

      What I find fascinating is that in all the books purported to be channeled to New Agers, the messages are essentially the same. In fact, ALL OF THE messages can be summarized in this one statement: You are your own god. You need to simply unleash your own deity within you.

      That is the message that is the same throughout. Christianity, as seen in the Bible is completely different. We are not gods, but we NEED the salvation that only comes from Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. No other religion has this as its central truth, or core. Only Christianity states that we are sinners and that we need the salvation that only comes from Jesus.

      Monjoronson will never tell you that you are a sinner. He will never say that you need something OUTSIDE of yourself. He will continue to lie to you to KEEP you from realizing that you are a sinner and the only solution is found in Jesus.

      As far as proving the Bible, the Bible has more proofs behind it than any other document known to man. Its veracity has continually been upheld. Those who choose not to believe it don’t. Nothing that can be said or shown to these individuals will change that.

      Let me leave you with this: when Jesus was hanging on the cross, dying a brutal death for you and me, both of the thieves (one on either side) started off ridiculing Him. At one point, one of the thieves turned to Jesus and asked to be remembered when Jesus came into His kingdom. At that point, Jesus said that that man would be with Him in paradise that day (Luke 23). What happened between the time the man ridiculed Jesus and all of a sudden, saw Him in a completely different light? What happened was that God opened the man’s eyes and he saw the truth. Once he saw the truth, he embraced it and was rewarded with eternal life.

      If you believe that following Monjoronson is going to give you eternal life, then you are obligated to follow that path. If, on the other hand, there is doubt within you that Monjoronson is being truthful with you, then I would hope and pray that you would continue to search until you find that truth. I believe that truth is only found in Jesus. The Bible is not compatible with any other teaching, so it is choosing the truth of the Bible or something else.

  • 17. Aronolac  |  September 29, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    Thank you for your comments and opinions. Authority in spirit is not possible to prove. You know that. It is through personal experience that spiritual personalities are validated, and yes the Christian religion has as its supreme head the individual known as Jesus. However, we both know that without Jesus coming to be with us, even he can not be validated by individuals. Merely teaching that he is Supreme does not validate it.

    The same thing is trued in the same case whenever anyone else who is represented as a high spiritual being comes to you or others and tells something. Validation is not obtained by assigning them a category (e.g. demonic or angelic), but through personal interaction with them. You will likely find that much of what you are declaring as off limits is more of the spiritual hierarchy not revealed in the cosmology of the Christian church as presently taught. You (and I) will have to go to the trouble to sincerely attempt to validate before we judge. Monjoronson is a brother of Jesus. He has the same high origin as Jesus, yet Christianity has no experience with such high origins giving personalization to the divine concept of justice which is what Monjoronson stands for. He is a Magisterial Son, and we both shall hear him declare the world ripe for adjudication before the same high-spirit Father of All in a few short months or years.

    It is not so much what we believe, but how we hold our minds open and our hearts receptive to truth that counts. Thank you for your counsel and I hope you may allow some doubt as the scriptures are being opened by the power of God to change us for the better.

    Thank you.

    • 18. modres  |  September 29, 2010 at 9:32 PM

      You said, “Authority in spirit is not possible to prove” and then you said, “You (and I) will have to go to the trouble to sincerely attempt to validate before we judge.”

      But you are simply contradicting yourself. If it is not possible – as you say – to prove spiritual authority, then attempting to validate anything in the spiritual realm is pointless.

      Monjoronson is a brother of Jesus.

      Interesting, but there is no record of Jesus stating that Monjoronson (or Lucifer for that matter) was/is His brother.

      He has the same high origin as Jesus

      But the Bible clearly indicates that Jesus was not a created being at all, but is the Creator, who took on the form of a man in order to die for our sin. There are many places that bear this out, from His own words in the gospels to Paul’s writing in Philippians, Colossians and other places. What have these spiritual entities done for you, other than provide you with “personal experiences”?

      It is not so much what we believe…

      Of course, it has everything to do with what we believe. You believe what you have stated to me, otherwise you would not have stated (I would assume). You believe that Monjoronson and Jesus are brothers. Either I am wrong or you are wrong. We cannot both be correct.

      This is part of the problem with the New Age system. It is all open to the interpretation of the individual based solely on their “personal experience.” Reason goes out the door and feelings, and experiences become supreme.

      yet Christianity has no experience with such high origins giving personalization to the divine concept of justice which is what Monjoronson stands for.”

      Of course it does, yet you simply choose NOT to believe it. Jesus indicated on numerous occasions that He was essentially God, not in the New Age way of understanding “god,” but in the Jewish way of understanding that there is one Supreme God who created all things, and rules the universe. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection absolutes are of the highest “origins” with respect to any divine concept of justice.

      but how we hold our minds open and our hearts receptive to truth that counts

      This statement proves my point. You have DECIDED what truth is FOR YOU and that truth is based on the personal experience within your life. The Bible says that Satan comes as an angel of light for the purpose of deceiving.

      All you have to do is demand of these “entities” that they tell you if Jesus is Lord of all; if He is God…or not. The next time you receive some transmission or channeled message, ask the entity whether they can prove themselves. They should at least be willing to TRY, don’t you think? After all, they have the advantage of invisibility, yet we are to simply take their word for it?

      Yes, there is a being on the horizon who will be revealed who will at first, seem to bring the world together as one (kind of like what Nimrod tried to do in Genesis). People will flock after him because he will be extremely gifted, will have wisdom that has never before been evidenced in any one individual since Christ, and will actually accomplish “miracles” or signs and wonders. Islam refers to this coming one as the final Mahdi, while you refer to him as the magisterial son. In truth, he will be none other than the Antichrist who will ultimately demand to be worshiped.

      I agree with you that things are absolutely coming to a climax, but unfortunately, not the way you envision them. The things that are coming to fruition are simply fulfillment of Scripture prophesied long ago, long before anyone ever heard the name “monjoronson.”

      Please understand that there has been plenty of Scripture that was fulfilled (many of these individual prophecies were fulfilled in the life of Christ). In essence, God wrote a book, and gave it to humanity using 40 authors to write it down over a period of roughly 1600 years. In other words, He told us specifics.

      What you are hearing or receiving via transmissions, is merely second hand information that has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of the enemy of our souls. The tragedy here is that God has warned us, but many choose to go their own route naively believing that these spiritual entities that we cannot see, would not lie to us. When they DO show themselves, they are always beings of light.

      Aronolac, I would strongly encourage you to find a way to force these entities to prove their identity to you. If Jesus was able to accomplish it, surely these other entities can do something so simple. The idea that they expect us to hear them, then judge the veracity of their message by “personal experience” flies in the face of logic and reason. Surely, you can see that. We are beings of intellect, yet they tell you to set your intellect aside and go solely by experience. How can “personal experience” be ANY valid indicator of anything?

      LSD and Heroin all provide personal experiences, yet they are quite capable of killing (and have done so a multitude of times). Peyote, marijuana, meditation, Reiki – all of it – provide experiences, yet if we are to base the truthfulness of those experiences on how we FEEL, then we are clearly opening ourselves up to delusion every time.

      Why are we to assume that spiritual entities (such as The Tibetan, Seth, and many others) would never seek to harm us, based on how we FEEL toward them? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Some of the most virulent child molesters are good at what they do because they have an innate ability to put the child fully at ease. Serial killers like Ted Bundy disarmed women emotionally before going in for the sexual assault and kill. The women TRUSTED him because of his engaging and disarming qualities. Why do you believe that these entities you trust would NEVER do that? That is naive.

      Aronolac, I would encourage you strongly to take a good look at what you are believing and WHY. Your actual life may depend upon it.

  • 19. Aronolac  |  September 28, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    I am especially gratified that you took the time time review so much material as it concerns the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson. I hope time will come to clarify your concerns about it being mixed with New Age (which it is not) for there is about to occur a tremendous shaking out of our planetary culture over the next few decades.

    You may find a surprise as you questioned why all of the incarnations were, or, are male. The Magisterial Mission has another component to it called the Magisterial Court which is composed of a number (100) of other celestial personalities headed by the chief of staff, an incarnated woman called Serena. Her order has never been revealed here and she will be accompanied by several others of her order including Juliana. Key word search of the name Serena should bring you an interesting return or two.

    Thank you.

    • 20. modres  |  September 29, 2010 at 8:41 PM

      Hello Aronolac,

      What you are talking about IS New Age, as there are many facets to it. The “shaking out” as you refer to it, is what “aliens” and “ascended masters” have been channeling through humans for at least 20 years. The problem though is that they do NOT control things and because of that, can never supply a specific time to anything. The reason? All of it is in the hands of God.

      The beings you put your faith in, are in reality nothing more than demonic elements masquerading as “celestial personalities.” Interestingly enough, the lie that god is within us because we are already god is nothing new to humanity at all. It’s the same lie that has been told for eons.

      The female individuals you mention are also simply the reverse of God’s established order. Whether it’s Gaia (or Serena or Juliana, or some other female entity), the tragic truth is that Satan will do whatever it takes in his attempt to dethrone God. The reason his lies are so easily accepted is because it tickles the ears of the hearers.

      I have always found it amazing that the same people who denigrate Scripture, Jesus, and other truths of Scripture, will so easily believe some entity from another realm without ever asking for proof of their identity. I challenge you to ask direct questions of these entities. Ask them who Jesus is. Ask them what proof they can provide you that they are who they say they are.

      These entities have done nothing for you, and give you nothing except platitudes and promises. If they are so concerned about humanity and this planet, I would think that they would give us the keys to solving the problem of AIDS, or cancer, or even the common cold. They do not do that. They are far more interested in telling us that we are already gods because they try to make us believe that if we BELIEVE we are already gods, then the answer to these things is already within us.

      The problem of course, is that IF that were true, then there would be no need to “threaten” to take us over, or express their fear that the earth will shake off those who continue to hold to outmoded thinking. They are merely setting you up for future deception. When the Rapture occurs and more than 20 million people are gone in a twinkling of an eye, then this will be explained as those individuals who were KEEPING the earth from evolving to the next spiritual plane.

      I challenge all people who receive transmissions from other dimensions to demand proof of the identities that are speaking. The idea that some “aliens” want to harm humanity has even been voiced by some of these “ascended masters.” If that is the case, then how is a human being to know what is truth? They want us to go by “feelings” but feelings are not at all reliable. God on the other hand, wants us to use our intelligence and reason, but reason these beings tell us that reason is not reliable.

      I appreciate your stopping by and I will do a search of “Serena.” I would also encourage you to do whatever you can to force these entities to prove their identities to you. Don’t simply take their word for it. You would not take my word if I told you I was an FBI agent involved in work for the government. You would want and expect to see some credentials. Ask them to show you theirs.♠

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