Atrocities in South Africa Continue

January 19, 2010 at 9:25 AM

Since 1980, when Mugabe became Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, he immediately pushed for – and got – a reworked Constitution, which made him president for life, among other things.  One of his first orders of business was to declare war on white farmers.  This is his version of “redistributing the wealth,” and the results are stunning.  White farmers and their families have been slaughtered since his declaration and their land has been taken from them, given to blacks of the regions, who know absolutely nothing about farming.  Oh, and by the way, these white families were/are full citizens of South Africa, born there, raised there, lived there.

Because of this move by Mugabe, he has effectively created a culture of chaos, with militant blacks attacking, torturing and in many cases, killing families, with the government of South Africa turning a blind eye to the entire mess.  According to the European Union Times:

  1. “In the past 10 years, there have been over 31,000 viscious racially motivated attacks on whites, with over 3,000 of them tortured to death.
  2. In April of 2009, two white farmers, a 77-year-old woman and her 57-year-old daughter, were attacked by a black gang and tortured to death. They were stabbed in their vaginas with glass, and their breasts were cut off while they were still alive.
  3. The Zimbabwe economy is in the toilet; the racist government can’t feed its people, because they’ve killed almost all of the people who know how to grow food.
  4. Nestle foods supports this sort of abject racism against whites by purchasing milk from a farm now owned my Mugabe’s family. Not that anyone in Mugabe’s family earned the farm or the money to buy it. They threatened the white owner with violence, forcing him to flee for his life, and Mugabe’s family took it over. If you don’t wan’t to support racism and help support brutal regimes, don’t buy Nestle food products.”

Not only is the above information tragic, but it is beyond comprehension, for those of us living in a country that still professes democracy.  The fact that ANYONE (must less, white people with people who are 77 years of age and older), can be treated worse than animals with no justice forthcoming, is not only reprehensible, but racism at its worst.  Yet, where is the media in all of this?  Why are they not even bothering to note these continuing atrocities?  In my opinion, it has everything to do with the age old problem of the Illuminati, made up of those über-rich individuals who have sworn to pit race against race until this planet will look like what most imagine hell to be like.

Obviously, NO amount of racism in any form should exist anywhere in the world.  Whenever there is even a HINT of it in this country (the U.S.), everyone and his brother comes out of the woodwork to condemn, and rightly so.  However, one must ask, why do we hear nothing from those who scream most loudly whenever they hear of, or see any form of what they consider to be racism?  The following individuals (or groups), have said or done nothing to help stamp out black on white atrocities in South Africa (as far as I am aware):

  • President Obama
  • “Rev” Jesse Jackson
  • “Rev” Al Sharpton
  • “Minister” Farrakhan
  • United States Congress

The above listing is only representative of the more vocal individuals in this country alone.  Why are they so silent?  Why do they remain seemingly unaware of the problems in South Africa?  When it was the reverse, and the white-majority government was in charge, every possible event of racism was brought to the fore, but no longer.  Even Mugabe, at his most recent birthday of 85 said, “Land distribution will continue. It will not stop. The few remaining white farmers should quickly vacate their farms as they have no place there.” One can only imagine the results if some white official/leader in this country (or even in South Africa, or for that matter, any part of the world), stood up and said something like that about any minority, yet this type of racism seems perfectly fine with our black leaders.  Maybe they simply consider it to be part of the “payback” that white people apparently deserve?

A few weeks ago, Haiti experienced an extremely tragic earthquake, in which most of the country was devastated, leaving death and destruction in its wake.  Fears are that upwards of 200,000 Haitians may be dead.  In the immediate wake of that terrible event, President Obama was quick to promise to help “aggressively,” with $100 million in aid.  Interestingly enough, Haiti is roughly 85% black.

Most recently, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck Argentina, with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake striking Venezuela.  Argentina is composed of a white population, totaling roughly 86%.  There has been no word from the White House; no offers of aid to these countries.  Simply silence, which is the same reaction that we have witnessed from the White House with respect to the South African atrocities against white farmers and their families.

As Christians, what should our response be?  Obviously, it should be one of prayer, and at least an attempt to reach out to these people (Haiti, Argentina, Venezuela, and South Africa), in some fashion, so that they know they are not suffering alone.  We should also continue to pray for our leaders that God may yet use them to bring about His peace.  The truth of the matter is though (in my opinion), that these atrocities in South Africa will continue unabated, until the entire economy of South Africa is crippled, which is rapidly happening.  In taking out their revenge on white farmers, these militant blacks have effectively killed the very people who provide food for their country, and in doing so, are taking their own lives as well.

Anyone who continues to think that this world is actually getting better, should really open their eyes wide, look around and note that not only is the world not getting better, but things are on the horizon that will usher in worse than what exists now.  The storm is gathering and the ill winds of epic violence are moving in.  In spite of what humanity would like to think, we are powerless to stop it.  God has foreordained it and because of that alone, it will happen.

In the meantime, Christians need to continue being and acting like Christians.  We need to pray, act, and evangelize.  There is no excuse for not doing these things.  This is what Jesus would be doing.  This world is headed for a huge wreck and the only survivors will be those who are “hidden in Christ.”  God’s patience continues, while authentic Christians continue to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  As more and more people turn to Him for authentic salvation, this world will still not get better.  However, those who are truly saved, will escape the coming judgment.  No, I am not referring to the Rapture here.  I am referring to the ultimate judgment; the Second Death.

What are your thoughts about Jesus?  Who do you say that He is?  If you do not see Him as God (the only God), then you do not see Him correctly.  Like the thief on the cross, you must acknowledge that He and He alone is God, and that He came to die for you, shedding His innocent blood on Calvary’s cross, in order that you might have life, eternally.  If you do not see, or are unwilling to see, Him as God, then pray that you do.

Do not be like some of my friends, who, in spite of my discussions with them, and nearly pleading with them, they have no room for Jesus.  They are not interested in turning to Him for the only salvation that is available.  Do you know why?  Because they do not yet see the NEED to turn to Him.  They do not realize that they are on a burning plane that is falling rapidly to the earth.  They are fine, they think.  However, they are not fine.  One of my agnostic friends said to me just yesterday, that you do not know how long you have on this planet…so you have to make every day last.  No, we have no idea how long we have on this planet, so we actually have to live each day as our last.  That is what I told him then, and this is what I am telling you now.

Turn TO Christ, believing that He is who He says He is, and He did what He said He did.  Then, and only then, will you be able to see your need for Him.

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