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April 13, 2023 at 10:32 AM 4 comments

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I don’t want to be perceived as a harbinger of bad news, yet this is what society is consistently doling out where there is really little good news remaining. The Left is seeing to that. However, as difficult as it may be, we should all look beyond the growing mess to realize that God’s Word speaks to all of it. This, in and of itself, should be confirmation for us that God’s Word is true and that nothing can hinder His purposes. This is the best form of encouragement because it pushes us to spiritually see what we cannot physically see. In spite of the facts this article lays out with respect to the world’s downward trajectory and ultimate judgment by God, there is a great deal to be encouraged about.

To be transparent, I do not find it easy to praise the Lord in all things. I know that’s what I need to do, but by nature, I tend to look at life as a glass half empty and to that extent, I am controlled by my own perspective. We all are, in fact.

A tendency toward negativism is a difficult thing to overcome, to push beyond it so that my outlook actually shifts to align with where God would have it be. It’s like forcing myself to exercise when I have zero desire to do so. I know exercise is good for me, but my body puts up resistance. I have to force it. It is the same with the way I see life at times. I know what the Bible says. I see things coming to pass and I need to force myself to look beyond to see God’s purposes in them. The constant stream of lies and/or ignoring the truth takes its toll.

Over the past few years, there have been major attempts to hide the truth regarding CV, as just one example. That hidden truth is now rising to the surface. Of course, people who tried to voice the truth since the beginning were censored. So the truth about CV, its origins, the jabs and the problems with the spike protein were all hidden from the general public. The lock-downs and jab mandates were based on lies as well. Social distancing, mask wearing, the jab and generally avoiding human contact was said to be truths that would eliminate the pandemic. Because much is still ignored, I find myself dealing with frustration or even anger at all the lies the public has been told and is still being told. When discovered, those who lied want the rest of us to just “forgive and forget.”

They have been lying from the beginning and continue lying. We were and are expected to believe the lies.

The harm done by the CV jab is tallying up as well and will soon get to a point where it can no longer be denied, though the “fact-checkers” will do what they can to mitigate that truth. For now, damage and death is still being denied. The spike protein, it turns out is a toxin in the human body. [1] Yet, they now plan on injecting cows and they already began injecting pigs with it. The mRNA jab is also coming to veterinary medicine for companion animals. [2]

But aside from all lies related to CV, one of the other biggest things happening throughout society right now is the tremendous push for LGBTQIA+ “in your face” transvestite rights, along with grooming of children via drag queen shows, again, all based on lies. Not happy to simply be allowed to promote themselves as whatever they choose to identify as, they are forcing the world to see them as “normal” and if not accepted as such, there will be violence. Why can’t transvestites simply live and let live? They pretend that their lives are in danger and they say they live in fear. So this is the alleged reason for mass shootings like the recent one at a private Christian school in Nashville.

And of course, there are pastors who have jumped on the LGBTQIA+ bandwagon unabashedly and also denigrate God’s Word at the same time. [3] Yes, I’m referring to you, Andy Stanley. Guys like Stanley tend to be so nuanced because they try hard to hide their lies, but in the end they are snakes and deceivers. Satan is nuanced. Anytime a pastor has to be carefully nuanced, that pastor is likely hiding something behind a show of intellectualism.

I am a bit shocked at how things have occurred so quickly because try as might a few years ago, I couldn’t see how globalists would bring this about in America. It all began with the CV lock-down (you remember, from before, the “15 days to slow the spread” that turned into a few years and they’re still pushing aspects of it through fear-based programming?). That had never been done before and it created a severe lack in many levels of society, especially the supply chain, not to mention deaths because people couldn’t see their doctors for normal things they were experiencing.

Segue a few years later and we are still trying to dig out. But the world is turning their collective backs on the USA because they don’t trust our leadership anymore. Nations are coming together to create their own currencies and totally bypass the US dollar. Obviously, this will destroy the financial foundation of this nation.

Add to this the fact that major corporations are actually being somewhat blackmailed by having a CEI (Corporate Equality Index), held over their heads and things don’t look good. The CEI has five areas used to grade a corporation, which translates to their social credit score.

  1. Workforce Protections
  2. Inclusive Benefits
  3. Supporting an Inclusive Culture
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Responsible Citizenship

The image (from Absolute Truth from the Word of God blog site), highlights the details for each area. Any company that does not buckle under loses millions of dollars through its HRC (Human Rights Campaign), because HRC is “backed by hedge funds such as Blackrock and Vanguard, the top shareholders of most American’s publicly-traded corporations. Failure to advance the woke agenda would lead to these companies pulling their funds from Nike, Anheuser-Busch, and other major companies...”[4]  It’s always, always about money. Unfortunately, for Anheuser-Busch, they reportedly just lost $3 billion because of a backlash against drag queen Mulvaney’s commercial touting Bud Light. One good thing is I guess I’ll see fewer Bud Light beer cans tossed on the road where we live. Wonder which beer drivers will switch to now?

Years ago, corporations simply created product consumers could buy if they desired. Now, the push is onto turn all corporations into purveyors of social purpose, in order to add weight to the Left’s agenda. Hence, corporations are now in the position of dictating to Americans – what we’ll eat, what we’ll drive, what we’ll accept and even what we are to think – all based on “climate change” and “equity.” This is designed to squeeze authentic Christians and political conservatives. Either accept the new social paradigm or face the consequences.

Babylon has literally come out of the closet and is in society’s face. Globalists smugly dare the world to try to push back against it. As Christians, do we need to be concerned about it? A quick glance at Scripture tells us that Jesus did not hesitate to tell His disciples and apostles what would happen to them at the end of the age (prior to His physical return). He didn’t sugar coat it nor did He hold back that information. He didn’t want them to dwell on it or live in fear of it, but He clearly wanted them (and us), to be aware of what would occur (Matthew 24:4-8, 25).

Regarding what we can do about it…we can do something. We can refuse to play their game. We can try to boycott companies but we cannot boycott all companies. We can find ways to remove ourselves from the system as much as we can, knowing we still need to buy necessities to live. Use cash as often as possible. Create contacts with other community members who have goods you can use. Try bartering.

I’m sorry to say that life will become darker as we move forward. Yet, there remains peace that we Christians can have through our trust in Him. It may take some work on our part to get to that point, but we must put in the effort. Remember, on the other side of the growing darkness is Light (1 John 1:5), and God is that Light.

I recently took 24 minutes to watch an animated short – Beyond the Reset – that highlights the growing darkness. [5] It speaks volumes though there is zero dialogue. Unfortunately, it presents no hope and for most of global society, there is no hope. The only real hope is in Jesus and eternal life that comes from Him. I think the creator did a remarkable job infusing it with reality, even with the facial expressions of the animated characters. It is very dystopian and really holds out little hope because it’s done from a pragmatic perspective about the path society is traveling.

Christians have tremendous hope, not based on how we feel about things, but based on the Resurrection of Jesus, a resurrection just celebrated this past Sunday. Because He lives, we not only can face tomorrow, but we can face today and every other day. We know that when our life here is over, we continue on in the very presence of our Lord, who bought us with His blood. The world cannot offer anything even remotely close to that. There is only one risen Savior.

As far as globalists are concerned, the in-process “great reset” is merely their term for what is actually coming to this world: a major global financial depression and imprisonment (without bars). The only ones who will truly benefit from it are those who endorse and embrace it. Soon, it will feel weird to be straight (as opposed to homosexual or especially transvestite). The weirder people become in society, the more they will be celebrated. This too is part of the meaning of Romans 1. When people get to that lowest common denominator highlighted in that chapter, for all intents and purposes, there is no turning back and in fact, things will simply worsen.

One thing I just rediscovered that helps focus my mind where it should be is music, Christian and even high quality smooth jazz music. I’m referring to those songs that are essentially portions of Scripture put to music. Maranatha Music and others. Smooth jazz is also good for me. My heart actually breathe easier when I remind myself of the beauty of God’s Creation and how uplifting music can play such an important part in that.

Of course, the most uplifting thing Christians can do is to read, study and even memorize His Word. Songs that take Scripture and put the words to music make it even easier to memorize His Word. Sing it out loud. Raise your voice in song to God. He will relieve you of the emotional baggage we all carry.

Here’s one to get you started, with lyrics taken from: Exodus 15:18, Psalm 27:14, Psalm 89:13-14, Psalm 136:1, Psalm 140:7, Isaiah 40:28-31, John 1:29-32, 1 Timothy 1:1.

May each of you do whatever you can to draw closer to Him. Ultimately, that begins with getting to know Him by reading His Word. May He cover you with His wings in protection from the world’s abject insanity. This is what happens when demons control the way people think and act. May we rise above it and keep our eyes solidly on Him.




[3] They have been lying from the beginning and are still lying. We were and are expected to believe these liars.




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God Will Provide, But… Beware the Easy and Convenient Trap

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  • 1. truthseeker135799  |  April 18, 2023 at 1:02 PM

    Thank you for this, Fred, and for your praise link.

    I thought you might be blessed through watching Joshua Aaron’s praise music, for example:

    And also Aaron Shust:

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  • 3. Eric  |  April 13, 2023 at 2:20 PM

    Well said! Excellent write-up, Fred. Thank you for the encouragement. 👍

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