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Baphomet May Make Debut as Statue Honoring Satan on Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

There are many godless people in America. Many of them were born here, but many more seemed to immigrate here within the last few decades. There are too many evil forces at work behind the scenes in America, attempting to reshape it, demoralize it, gut it, and destroy it. Prior to the 1950s, those forces operated largely under cover of the shadows, out of sight of the mainstream. Today, they work in the direct sunlight, creating havoc, creating change, destroying the biblical foundation of this great country.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 11

In verse 27, we see our first usage of the pronoun “he.” The first part of 27 reads, “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week…” The question we must ask then is who is this “he” referring to here? This is where the rule of antecedents comes into play. We look at the “he” and we ask, to whom does this “he” refer. If we travel backwards in the text, we come to the “people of the prince who is to come” section. We have determined that this is a roundabout way of referring to the Antichrist. Therefore, the “he” in verse 27 refers back to the Antichrist.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 10

It is clear from verse 27 that the final week does not begin until “he” confirms a covenant with the many for one “seven.” What is this covenant? We are not sure exactly what the covenant is, but we are sure that it entails a form of peace for Israel. The fact that it is one “seven” in length tells us that it is the final seven years of this age, just prior to and leading up to the physical return of Jesus.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 9

The sixty-two weeks came to an end in AD 33 with the Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Five things are supposed to occur during that time and the start of the final week. In essence then, we are living DURING the time between these weeks. I have explained it in even greater detail in my book “Between Weeks,” which can either be purchased or downloaded as a PDF (free of charge). The whole of this book explains the weeks and the fact that we are living in a time AFTER the closing of the sixty-two weeks and BEFORE the start of the final week.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 8

It was not until the Six Day War in 1967 that more land was added to the nation of Israel. Egypt, along with others, chose to attack Israel on the Sabbath, a cheap shot to be sure, but all is fair in love and war. Because Israeli soldiers could not fight back, her enemies gained quite a foothold. However, within a few weeks to a month, Israel regained ground lost and also gained more, taking the Golan Heights, the West Bank (including Gaza) and more.

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