Similarities Between Two Pandemics 30 Years Apart

December 27, 2021 at 12:35 PM 8 comments

This is terribly tragic if true. But what is even more tragic is the fact that too many cannot see the reality in any of it. I’ve just begun researching it and even though some will categorize all of this as nothing more than a “conspiracy theory,” the truth is out there somewhere. Of course, to be seen as a conspiracy theorist means that people can immediately shrug off and ignore anything that falls within that category because it’s only a “conspiracy.” This is due to the fact that they do not understand the true meaning of conspiracy. A conspiracy is when people come together in secret for the purpose of trying to create a situation that directly affects the lives of a person or many people with harm, injury or death.

There was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. There was a conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln. Every political assassination is a planned conspiracy. There was a conspiracy to blow up the World Trade Center buildings, the Pentagon and potentially the White House with hijacked planes. Conspiracies are created by people under cover of secrecy because if their plans are known ahead of time by the people that can and should do something about it, those plans won’t materialize.

Robert E. Willner, M.D., Ph.D is one such man, who today is pushed to the side as a “conspiracy theorist,” because roughly 30 years ago, he took what he believed were facts and used them against the NIH. At that time, a man named Dr. Anthony Fauci was head of the NIH and Dr. Willner made some extremely blatant claims against Fauci. He actually went on TV begging Fauci, Gallo and others to sue him in a court of law because he would then be able to provide what he believed was substantial amounts of factual evidence that proved AIDS was a creation for two purposes; depopulation and profiteering. Several months later, Dr. Willner died in a car crash.

This YouTube video is an eight-minute overview of the situation from back then.

This video below is a short clip from the longer video where Dr. Willner holds a press conference outlining his beliefs that the NIH, Fauci, Gallo and others were guilty of creating a situation that turned into a pandemic and that the “cure” (AZT) was actually what killed people. His book, Deadly Deception, can be purchased for about $800 on Amazon, or you can simply download a PDF copy here: Deadly Deception by Dr. Robert Willner. It is very interesting to me that the same thing the naysayers said then AND now about Dr. Willner are saying about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and his new book on Fauci.


What is very interesting if we take the time to go back 30 or 40 years to the AIDS pandemic, we will learn that Dr. Anthony Fauci was a key figure then as he is now, and was using the same PCR tests then that we are using today. During the AIDS pandemic, anyone who was actively in the gay lifestyle or drug users that shared needles, etc., were encouraged to be tested using those PCR tests. Why? Because HIV was a killer, they said. If the test came back positive, the person was told they had HIV. The only treatment available, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci was AZT. So, these people who were told they were positive for HIV, out of terrible fear of dying, immediately availed themselves of the only drug that was said to be a cure for AIDS.

The only problem was that, people started dying as a result and many died very quickly. In fact, the owner of Now the End Begins website wrote an article back on December 13, 2021, highlighting how his own brother died of “AIDS” after receiving treatment using AZT. What is fascinating is that the use of AZT, which admittedly killed many people, allowing them to literally waste away, was then blamed on the disease of AIDS itself, much like today, with thousands upon thousands experiencing harm, injury or death after receiving the CV jab. These people are said to have died from CV19 and it is also often said that if they had not had the CV jab, they would’ve been harmed or died sooner from CV19 itself. Of course, no one can know this, but that’s the assumption.

The more I study into this HIV/AIDS historical subject, the more I see many parallels with what is happening today with CV19. For BOTH situations, we see this:

  • use of PCR tests to determine positivity
  • told AIDS/CV19 is highly contagious
  • no early treatments available
  • pushed certain drugs only for positive results of PCR testing
    • for AIDS – AZT
    • for CV19 – Remdesivir
    • both drugs can shut down organs and kill easily
  • Fauci “…had written that AIDS could be transmitted not only through sexual contact and sharing needles, but also through ‘ordinary close contact’ with the infected.” [1]

I’ve noticed that most people in the 1980’s did not consider themselves to be at risk of acquiring AIDS if they were not living recklessly within the gay community and did not use the type of drugs that need to be shot up into a person and share needles, hence they didn’t worry about contracting HIV. I certainly wasn’t concerned about it at all.

In that sense then, the entire world had not embraced the fear-porn of HIV/AIDS as most of the world fears CV19. In fact I noticed a very long line of cars today outside a CV testing lab offering drive up services. Unbelievable. Beyond that more people appear to be masking up while out in public now.

Some back in the 1980’s thought outside the box and believed what was happening with AZT was a depopulation scam, as well as netting tremendous profits to the pharmaceutical companies. People are saying the same thing about CV19 today.

In spite of this, there are too many today who believe that pharma companies are completely altruistic and only want to help people. I find this shocking considering the fact that the federal government (along with many state governments), encourage and allow:

  • homelessness
  • crime
  • drug addiction
  • continuing march of illegal aliens into the USA
  • millions of unborn babies aborted annually
  • BLM/AntiFa riots/looting/murder
  • crime in general/defunding the police
  • Congressional insider trading
  • Afghanistan given over to murdering Taliban
  • voter fraud
  • cancer, diseases unchecked with no cures or real solutions

The list above is a short list and yet, in spite of just the things I’ve mentioned above, we are to somehow believe that our government(s) want us to live? They don’t want us to die? Yet, they conveniently ignore all those who have been harmed or died after they receive the CV jab. They never mention all those who committed suicide during the 18 months of lock-downs. They ignore the drug overdoses, alcoholism, the many types of murders that occur, or illnesses and sickness that ends in death and the fact that throughout the world every day, 155,000 people die of all types of things. It’s as though the government intends us to believe that if we could simply eradicate CV19, there would be no death at all.

During the 1980’s, some were freaked out over the question of just how contagious AIDS allegedly was and whether a person could contract it from touching or using an exercise machine in a public gym. This was on some people’s minds. Would that have anything to do with the warnings and fear-mongering that Fauci himself wrote about in 1984? But overall, it seems most people (including me), didn’t even concern themselves with it. If AIDS was so contagious why weren’t masks pushed (not that they do any good)? Maybe Fauci never thought of it then.

Remember when CV19 first came on the scene? We were told that it could live on surfaces, including money, for quite some time. The fear was pushed very hard and many succumbed to it and still live that way. My wife and I were in the grocery store the other day and saw an older gentlemen from a church we used to attend. He was masked up, kept his distance and wore those blue nitrile gloves to protect himself. I’m guessing after he took his groceries home, he left them in the garage to “cool” down from any potential CV19 germs.

Now of course, there’s Omicron (say that in a deep, foreboding voice), which has the exact same symptoms as a cold and the the symptoms for which NyQuil was produced. It is absolutely amazing how many fear the Reaper but that Reaper’s name to them is only CV19. Apparently, there is no other way to die. Gosh, who knew?

It is a known fact that in the 1980’s and into the 90’s, AZT killed many people, though some attest to its benefits, as they believe it kept them from dying. But that also leads us to the reality of the situation. If people think they are going to die (who is not going to die?), they will clamor for just about anything that is said to provide longevity. Authentic Christians know that while we should not tempt the Lord our God, the fact remains that we are all going to die. Call me a stupid, but I actually look forward to one day, seeing my Lord face to face and falling at His feet in awe and worship. This life will end for everyone. I don’t play in the street traffic where exists nor do I put into my body things that can potentially endanger me. That includes food and medicine.

If we segue to today from the 1980’s, we find that with the arrival of CV19 on the world’s scene, we have many of the same types of things happening now that happened then. We were first told to just continue living our lives when CV hit. Then when “cases” got to be seriously high (using the same PCR tests used to determine whether or not someone had HIV in the 1980’s), political leaders started getting demanding. They said they wanted to save lives and so for that to happen, we needed to actually shut down the economy for 15 days, leaving only those things open that were absolutely necessary. If we did not comply, millions would die. This is what we were told.

So, the world complied and we saw 15 days come and go and still, many things continued to be shut down. We were promised that a vaccine would make the difference and allow a return to normalcy and until that became available, we just had to put up with it by continuing to lock-down, social distance and mask up. All early treatments were verboten.

The vaccine (as it is called), became available and here we are a year later and the goalposts keep moving. We’ve had CV19, Delta and Omicron variants and the push to vaccinate continues with people being fired for refusing the gene-therapy in a syringe. Countries are back in lock-down.

In fact, it appears that there is no real end sight as we continue to be pushed, prodded and catapulted into an unknown future that is looking more and more dystopian.

So what is my overall point? It is simply this: it appears they have been working throughout modern history to round us up and corral us. It seems they want to control us; what we do, what we say and if possible, what we think. They want to limit our mobility.

This is where the HIV/AIDS thing failed. Too many were not concerned about it because they didn’t fit into the two categories mentioned already: gay lifestyle and syringe drug use. Most of the world walked on then.

So these evil people figured out that they needed to create something that everyone would have to fear. So CV19 was created and released into society, where the thumb screws have been tightened with clarity almost daily. They do not intend to let this go. They have too much at stake to relent and give up. They have a world to capture and control.

I believe it is all moving to that final, global kingdom first highlighted in Daniel 2. Yes, the Roman Empire (the 4th Beast), went out of existence, but the Bible appears to indicate that it will rise again in a slightly different form. Are we seeing that now? I think so. I think it’s fairly obvious.

I am still planning on more of the Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 series. What I’ve covered here, I believe ties into that so stay tuned for Part 3.



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Have a Blessed Christmas! Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 Pt 3

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  • 1. jettiejonker  |  December 28, 2021 at 2:01 PM

    God Bless you!


    • 2. modres  |  December 28, 2021 at 2:59 PM

      Thx Jettie! Looks like some of my readers are ahead of me where HIV/AIDS research and funding is concerned.

      Much appreciated.


  • 3. Darwin Schmitz  |  December 27, 2021 at 4:59 PM

    You Sir are 100% RIGHT……There is NO covid and Never was Aids. Here is all the proof you need………. ………

    Still on Elderberry and getting a little better for my Epstiene Barr. Texas Dar Branson Mo.

    On Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 11:35 AM Study – Grow – Know wrote:

    > modres posted: “This is terribly tragic if true. But what is even more > tragic is the fact that too many cannot see the reality in any of it. I’ve > just begun researching it and even though some will categorize all of this > as nothing more than a “conspiracy theory,” the tr” >


    • 4. modres  |  December 27, 2021 at 5:19 PM

      Thx much, Darwin👍🏼

      Glad to hear your Ep-Barr is improving!


  • 6. Maranatha Today  |  December 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM

    Thanks for your excellent article…”Call me a stupid, but I actually look forward to one day, seeing my Lord face to face and falling at His feet in awe and worship.”…Yes!!

    “So these evil people figured out that they needed to create something that everyone would have to consider. So CV19 was created and released into society, where the thumb screws have been tightened with clarity almost daily. They do not intend to let this go. They have too much at stake to relent and give up. They have a world to capture and control.”

    They have chosen where they want to spend eternity!

    The link for Deadly Deception doesn’t work properly. Tried Wayback and the PDF isn’t listed…



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