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Gog Has a Thought…Ezekiel 38

Gog, the leader of the Northern Invasion that is introduced to readers in chapter 38 of Ezekiel, has a thought. That thought has a bad effect on him, as it leads him to act. That action causes him to first notice, then take up weapons against Israel and their Land. This gets him in deep trouble with God. Up until that point, Gog is completely unaware of what God is up to, but of course, God knows because He designed it.

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Three New Books from Dr. Fred DeRuvo

God does not love Jews more than anyone else on this planet. He loves to bring honor and glory to His Name and rightly so. Because of this, His plan for Israel – the Land and the nation – will continue to unfold. The gates of hell will not stand against it and neither will nations or people.

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What Does the Bible Say About Israel Today?

The first part of this began in 1948 when God began re-gathering Jewish people back to the Land. Why did He do that? Because it was the first step in Him ultimately returning glory and honor to His holy Name.

You people who are opposed to Israel had better humble yourselves and repent because you are sinning by standing opposed to God and His will. If you are unable to see that, it is because you have never asked Him to open your eyes to the truth. Please do so now.

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