Dearborn Michigan: Pro-Islamic Sentiment Contrary to the U.S. Constitution

May 31, 2011 at 5:51 PM

It’s pretty tragic when publicly elected officials begin an assault on the U.S. Constitution.  Such seems to be the case in Dearborn, MI where both Mayor O’Reilly and Chief of Police Haddad have made their own laws concerning the issue of freedom of speech and expression.

Most of us are familiar with a group that tried to evangelize Muslims at the Arab Festival the past few years.  These individuals though they acted discreetly, were nonetheless, harassed and arrested by the police of Dearborn, MI.  They were tried, but fortunately acquitted of charges against them.

However, it doesn’t stop there because as I reported previously, Mayor O’Reilly, believed he had every right to censure Christians who were simply exercising their right to evangelize through freedom of speech. The idea that they were on the sidewalk and not in a pre-approved “booth” with other groups was the issue that the city chose to do battle over.  Unfortunately for the city, the 6th District Court of Appeals has overruled the city in a similar case involving a pastor who is an ex-Muslim and was prevented by the Dearborn police department from simply wandering in the festival and discreetly discussing things with individual Muslims.

Dearborn decided that if people are going to exercise freedom of speech, they were going to have to do it their way, which incidentally, nearly coincided perfectly with Sharia law of Islam.

In the month of April, supporters of Pastor Terry Jones (who burned the Qur’an in protest) gathered in Dearborn, MI.  They wanted their voices heard in opposition to radical Muslims who believe that if they become the majority of a certain area, then Islamic law becomes the De Facto law.

During the peaceful gathering of these individuals, Muslims can be seen throwing bottles of liquid on the crowds.  The liquid was later determined to be human urine.  That’s nice, isn’t it?  When Muslims don’t get their way, they will stoop to the level of animals to get their point across.

And here we were thinking that Islam is a religion of peace.  The only Muslims who are actually peaceful are those who allegorize the Qur’an and other Islamic writings.  Those who take it literally and even literalistically will use any means to get their point across.  Assaults, rapes, killings, and now dousing a crowd with human urine is part of the process.

In a recent case, George Saieg sued the city of Dearborn, MI because he believed that his rights had been violated.  It turns out that the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in his favor and the ruling is an eye-opener.

The City may be held liable for the restriction of Saieg’s free speech rights that the leafleting restriction caused. A municipality is liable if a constitutional injury results from a policy or custom “made by its lawmakers or by those whose edicts or acts may fairly be said to represent official policy.” Monell v. Dep’t of Soc. Servs., 436 U.S. 658, 694–95 (1978). In this case, the City approved the Festival “subject to . . . the rules and regulations of the Police Department.” R. 47-13 (Ex. M: Council Resolution)…Chief Haddad described the leafleting policy as his department’s policy, subject only to the approval of the city council and the mayor. R. 47-11 (Ex. K: Haddad Dep. at 95–96) (stating that “the police department will supply the standards that must be met,” such as the “prohibition of individuals handing out . . . materials on the public sidewalk”). The police department’s leafleting policy, made with the authority that the City Council delegated to it, fairly represents official City policy. Therefore, Saieg may hold the City liable for violating his First Amendment right to free speech.[1] (emphasis in original)

What the court found to be patently clear is that the city of Dearborn, MI was guilty of placating Muslims by adopting rules favorable to Sharia law.  This is unconscionable because it completely overrides the U.S. Constitution of the United States, where people are guaranteed the right to express themselves freely.  Certainly, there are laws that prohibit certain actions during the commission or expression of freedom of speech and in the case of Saieg, he simply wanted the freedom to indiscriminately wander the festival and strike up conversation with Arabs discreetly.  The city wanted him in a booth and they wanted him to stay in that booth.

The problem of course, is that a Muslim will not come up to a booth that is clearly labeled a “Christian” booth.  If they know that the people in that booth are Christians, they will also know that they are there for the purpose of proselytizing.  No Muslim – who wants to avoid being executed by his own – will deliberately go up to a booth to get into conversations with Christians.

However, a Christian walking through the festival will not draw attention to himself and in Saieg’s case, he was a Muslim and understands what Muslims believe and how they think.  In other words, he is in a better position that most Christians to evangelize Muslims.  The city wanted to curtail his efforts.  The court overturned that and sided with Saieg.

The tragedy of Dearborn, MI is that they are willingly and seemingly with malice setting aside the U.S. Constitution in favor of Sharia law, whether they think so or not.  The court has obviously stated that this is exactly what they are doing and it needs to stop.

We have Mayor O’Reilly and Chief of police Haddad to thank for that.  What I’m hearing or reading about in many places throughout Europe and now in the United States, is that Muslims firmly believe that they can impose Sharia law on the populace of their newly “adopted” country.  They do this through force and they do it through the political system.

The reality though is that these individuals have come to this country.  It is clear that radical Muslims are here to change it from within.  Out with the Constitution and in with Sharia!  They gather together in areas of this country where politicians and leaders are favorable to them and willingly begin to adopt Islamic customs.  Before they realize it, they are bending the laws toward Sharia.

In the beginning, they believed they were simply being respectful of another culture; in this case, Islam.  Eventually, they bent over backwards to placate a group that they know will become violent if they do not cave into their demands.  This is happening wherever Muslims take over an area through large population growth.

Instead of coming to this country and adopting the ways of America, they are here to overthrow those ways.  If they cannot win through the political arena, they will use force.  They believe they are allowed to protest and block traffic and demand their way, but when Americans gather to peacefully support the right of Terry Jones (or anyone else) to burn a Qur’an, they have to step in and stop the process or at least throw urine on it.

Here’s the video proof of that event:

This is the mentality of radical Muslims.  Yet, I see bumper stickers that use religious symbols to spell out “Co-exist.”  Sorry, it is clear that radical Muslims are not interested in co-existence.  They are only interested in overcoming by opposing anything that they believe stands against Sharia law.

I will stand opposed to radical Islam because of all the inequities, pain, and violence that are associated with it.  Muslims who are peaceful automatically have my respect.  Those who believe that they have the right to lord it over others, or bombard others with their own radical viewpoints on pain of violence or death.

There is no use for this type of thinking in a civilized society.  It exists and will only grow in an environment that allows it to do so.  Dearborn, MI has become one of those places, but fortunately for the U.S. Constitution, courts are becoming a wall against the encroachment of Islam and Sharia law; a law that does not respect the value of human life.


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