Harold Camping: Give It UP!

May 23, 2011 at 7:08 PM

The man who insisted that the world was going to end this past Saturday, May 21st was quite over the weekend.  Now, he’s talking and though he admitted he was initially “flabbergasted” that the Lord did not return as he predicted He would, that failure has not – apparently – kept him from continuing to guess.

Just today we learned that Harold Camping wants to go O-for-3 and is now saying that the end will come on October 21st.  He was apparently five months early in his prediction.

Okay, I’m now convinced that Mr. Camping has a mental disorder.  Not only is he NOT humble in admitting he was wrong, but he seems to think that he can continue to guess until he hits the nail on the head!

Gunther Von Harringa, who heads a religious organization that produces content for Camping’s media enterprise, said he was “very surprised” the Rapture did not happen as predicted, but said he and other believers were in good spirits.

“We’re still searching the Scriptures to understand why it did not happen,” said Von Harringa, president of Bible Ministries International, which he operates from his home in Delaware, Ohio. “It’s just a matter of OK, Lord, where do we go from here?” [1]

I’ll tell them where they go.  They drop everything, get on their knees, confess their sin to the Lord and when they get up, they do so with a new attitude that is far more concerned about the lost of this world than trying to guess the day of the Lord’s return!

Sadder than the fact that Camping seems to need his “I gotta figure out when Jesus is returning” fix, those who think as Camping thinks are also trying to find a way to turn lemons into lemonade.

Maybe this had to happen for there to be a separation between those who have faith and those who don’t,” he said. “It’s highly possible that our Lord is delaying his coming.“[2]


The Lord’s return is SET IN STONE, folks.  The fact that NO ONE will be able to know the day or hour prior to His return is also SET IN STONE.

Jesus will come back the exact moment He is scheduled to return.  To Harold Camping and his followers who are completely unable to discern the truths of Scripture concerning the end times, I am BEGGING you, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHEN THE LORD IS GOING TO RETURN!

PLEASE.  You are making a MOCKERY of Scripture!  The world laughs.  Atheists role on the floor.  You are not helping anyone see that they need the only salvation that is offered through Jesus.  All you are doing is convincing people that the Bible has little to no merit.


[1] http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43140373/?gt1=43001

[2] Ibid

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