Eating Animals’ Pain? Really?

July 20, 2022 at 2:58 PM 1 comment

UPDATE: I’ve been provided information by a reader about Doreen Virtue and the possibility that she is not what she would like us to believe. I deal with it more fully in my next article, but suffice it to say the red flag (for now), is the way she invokes the idea that “God told” her to do something. This is actually going back to the tenets of the New Age movement and it should be avoided. The idea that God “speaks” to us is something I got used to when I was involved in the Charismatic Movement in the 1970s. What it winds up doing is elevating the “voice” we hear within over and above God’s written Word. This is a no no. It should not be happening. Certainly, God can prompt us in a certain direction. He may also provide ideas to us either as a result of our own prayers or in council with other mature Christians that help us know which direction to take. But the idea that God “speaks” to us is not valid because that whole area becomes extrabiblical and places the Bible in a secondary position.

The only way we can “know” if God is in fact, “speaking” to us or not, is through the validation of our emotions. If it feels as though it is squaring with God’s Word, then we are more apt to accept that voice. But the problem with that is that Satan, who masquerades as an angel of light, will not start out of the gate presenting lies. He will quite often present things that sound very biblical. Over time, he will begin drawing us away from God’s Word and a reliance on Him, and into a full dependence upon the “voice” we’re hearing in our minds. We need to reject this at all costs.

I note that Virtue has stated she was planning on suing people for what she calls “defamation” about her. This is not something that Christians should be doing as Paul warns, but instead, we should leave it in God’s hands. The video I highlight in this particular article is, from what I can tell, right on. There is nothing I disagree with her about on that particular video. However, it is something that I should have looked at in more detail regarding other videos and teachings she has presented. So a word of caution here to people who watched the video and liked it, thinking that she appears to be on solid biblical ground. She may well be, but she may not as well. Proceed with caution and I’ll have more about Virtue next time!

Audio for this article here:

I’m getting tired of reading these words: “died suddenly.” It’s become common place and epidemic. Famous people and professional athletes are dying suddenly and no one asks questions. Some are older, but many are very young, though few seem concerned. However when people start dying closer to home it makes it worse.

Just this morning I received an email blast from our church secretary noting one of our members “died suddenly” last night. He was 33, married and leaves three young children. This is tragic yet it is becoming a new normal because it is common place now. Why is no one allowed to ask questions or insinuate the possibility that something very specific is the culprit. While the elephant in the room is being completely ignored that elephant is taking on a life of its own and mocking those who continue to ignore it.

Instead of intelligently addressing the issue, anyone who questions anything is immediately labeled “anti-vax.” We are being unequivocally told that all these sudden deaths are due to “climate change” in some form, which incidentally, is said to be the same thing that killed 10,000 cattle in Kansas a few weeks ago. I could see a few cows here and there dying from heat exhaustion, but an entire herd of 10,000 all at once? I don’t know of any ranchers who  are buying that. Not one, yet this belief that climate change killed the cows is put forth as though proven fact. How is it climate change killed all 10,000 cows in one ranch in Kansas, but left all other cows untouched?

I was watching a video hosted by a woman who has over 100 chickens. During her interview with Katherine Austin Fitts, the host mentioned that weather temperatures had been extremely high over the past week where she lives in Austin Texas. She noted that during this extreme heat, she lost a total of three chickens. One died one day, another died another day, and a third died another day. They did not die all at the same time, nor did the heat kill her entire flock of birds all at once. The idea that heat supposedly killed 10,000 cattle is simply too much to believe, because cows are fairly hearty. But with the climate change crowd, we are to believe that climate change is not only killing 10,000 cattle in one swell swoop, but also killing athletes and young people at an alarming rate. Moreover, we are being warned that there are things recently discovered in the atmosphere as well as in earth’s soil that is prompting heart attacks in people, so stop gardening right now!

I’m not really sure how these people can, with straight faces, make the statements they make as I don’t think they really believe them. On the contrary, I believe they are making those statements because they know they will be supported by MSM without question or any real pushback. These people are never given hardball questions. While the MSM host might attempt to prod a bit here and there, overall, each host comes full circle and fully agrees with their guest who pushes the latest form of climate change propaganda. All of this while people like Bill Gates, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Al Gore and many others fly around in private jets leaving an exceedingly large carbon footprint and being ignored for it. It’s either that or they build castles right on the beach while telling us that in a few years, America’s coastlines will be 20 feet or more under water. Well, which is it? These people are either stupid enough to build a mansion right next to the same ocean they say will swallow that coast or they are lying to the rest of us.

Regarding the young man who died at our church, I’m not going to post any names but would you please lift up to the Lord the wife and children who remain? Even if you don’t know their names certainly God does. Just pray for them. It’s a very sad situation. May the Lord undergird this family with His strength and may they gain His peace through this very difficult time. I cannot imagine waking up to find my wife next to me, dead.

Brothers and sisters we are in dark days. Yet in spite of everything, all is not lost. These tragedies will likely continue, but there is tremendous hope in our loving, living God who cares deeply about His own. We need to be focusing on God, His will and what God is doing at this time and I believe these three videos below may help us get there, especially the first one from MacArthur. I’m highlighting these for your consideration and uplifting. Posting these videos does not represent a blanket endorsement, but I want to put them out there for readers to view and to decide for themselves.

First up is a video from the recently held “Truth Matters 2022” conference at the Ark Encounter this past May. Keynote speakers included Dr. John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Ken Hamm and others. I was not aware that this event happened and accidentally came across it, which is a shame because I might have attended if time permitted.

What is beneficial about MacArthur’s sermon is that I had just written an article on some of the very things MacArthur speaks of, however, he does so more eloquently, and uses a great deal more Scripture than I did. But in essence, listening to MacArthur confirms to me what I wrote. I highly recommend his message even though it’s over an hour in length. My wife and I will likely watch it again.

MacArthur covers what’s happening throughout the world and why those who are God’s true children should walk in confidence, truth, and love. We should not be overcome emotionally by what is happening in the world because it is due to various forms of God’s judgment. As MacArthur notes, there is not simply one type of judgment from God, what people normally think of as being eschatological (based on future prophesy). There is eschatological judgment certainly, but there is also societal and other forms of judgment that need not wait until the end of the age to occur. MacArthur breaks everything down in his message, starting with Romans 1.

So what is happening in society is yes, a type of judgment of God, which has played out repeatedly in various regimes and societies throughout history and that is clear to see. Read just the book of Isaiah to see how God dealt with the Assyrians, the Egyptians, Babylon and other regimes way back in history. Of course, there is God’s eschatological and final judgment that is coming to this world eventually and ultimately, but that is different from the Romans 1 judgment occurring now.

MacArthur’s message not only explains why the world is where it is now, but how Christians are to respond to it. It’s all thoroughly based on Scripture and we would do well to heed God’s message from His Word. MacArthur provides a good deal of practical application for us.

Next up, is a gal (Doreen Virtue), who, by her own admission was heavily into the New Age movement and was a practicing Vegan. What I find fascinating is that I was not at all aware of the fact that diehard New Age Vegans are so because they believe that eating animals means eating the “pain” of the animal when it was slaughtered. Doing so diminishes the level of psychic vibration and knowledge achieved by the practitioner.This is what has been revealed to New Age aficionados by demons as they meditated for greater revelation.

Virtue explains this all very clearly as well as how she used “Contemplative Prayer” to go inside herself to hear from “higher beings” that had messages for her while she was in that state. She explained that this is why she used to be such a prolific writer because of all the messages she continually received. She mentions the fact that “progressive Christians” also use Contemplative Prayer for the same reason, except of course, they say they are trying to listen to God. Beth Moore and many others within her circles use Contemplative Prayer for this purpose and it’s why they are always getting new messages they say that are from God Himself, when in point of fact, since many to most of their messages in some way contradict the Bible, it’s clear to critically thinking Christians that these messages are from Satan and his minions. So for folks like Moore, the Bible is secondary at best and the revelations or messages they receive during Contemplative Prayer take precedence. They would deny this, but that is the actual truth.

Virtue also provides ample examples of how the New Age movement is filled with deception. She has apparently not only become a Christian, but has studied at the seminary level and recommends books by numerous conservative biblical scholars. I’m impressed with her knowledge of the Bible. Like the John MacArthur video, I encourage readers to take the time to watch and share these videos.

Lastly, I happened upon an Off Grid style video from an Amish couple; Doug and Stacy. He’s interesting because he uses technology and most Amish avoid it like the plague. Yet, there are different branches of Amish who do things differently. As he states, he and his wife are fully self-sufficient. When CV hit, with all the shutdowns and mandates, they were not at all affected because they grow their own food, have their own water sources and essentially have no utilities to worry about. Our situation is similar except that we pay for electricity. However, I have a backup generator and have just purchased another one that is duel fuel to give me greater flexibility. We have a well and a septic system. Our well could dry up one day, as many do, but hopefully that won’t happen. Nonetheless, we grow a good amount of produce and fruits, we have within our community, the ability to buy chicken eggs, goat milk and goat cheese from folks we know. Aside from that, we have our own chickens that produce eggs for us. Yes, we still need to go to the store, but we’ve been stocking up on things over time; things we believe we’ll need as shortages potentially become more real. Don’t forget to stock up supplements you might be taking too.

Doug and Stacy have some excellent advice for average people who are concerned about what is happening in the world. Remember, these things should not cause fear within us, but they should simply be used as “road signs” to help direct our steps. I discovered this couple via The Absolute Word of God site, which included one of the videos in a recent article. What I particularly enjoy about these videos is the real world application Doug makes, providing some information and insight into the potential problems this world is facing.

You can see their channel here and choose a video to view. The videos average about 10 to 15 minutes each and he’s enjoyable to listen to.

So today, take time to count your blessings. Ask God for greater insight and discernment into how you should proceed. God will respond and help you in your decisions. He longs to do that but He also longs for a people who are willing to humble themselves, come to Him, and expect Him to respond and provide. It’s totally up to you isn’t it? The more we give to Him, the less troubled we are by the issues that surround us and the more people will see our peace and ask why we have reason to hope (1 Peter 3:15).


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