Is America Under Judgment?

July 28, 2022 at 1:22 PM 8 comments

I wanted to bring a short article to readers highlighting two videos that we watched recently. Obviously, people are asking many questions regarding judgment, the Tribulation and everything pertaining to it. Some, like myself, would like to know if it is possible that some of the seals have begun to open with the Antichrist being actually on the scene, but not yet known to the public? If so, then it’s possible that the Tribulation has actually begun. However, it’s impossible to be unequivocal about that. We do not know of any seven year agreement/covenant that Israel has entered into with Arab nations, except for the Abraham Accords. Things seem to be moving in that direction and I suppose it’s possible that deals are being made behind closed doors that no one is really privy to except those who are in on the deals.

But for many, aside from aspects of the Tribulation, people would like to know if America as a nation is under judgment. In fact, this is the question that Rev. Danny Jones from Northlake Baptist Church in Gainesville Georgia was asked so he decided to answer the question to the best of his ability this past Wednesday evening. What I appreciate very much about this message is that Jones doesn’t skirt around the issue. He speaks pointedly about the situation in America as well as the world itself. We are seeing more and more people rising to the surface like dross from silver, clamoring to be “free” of God. They no longer want His truth, His authority or His concern. In essence, they want to throw off the chains and be free (Psalm 2). Of course, Christians know that being “free” of God is no freedom at all, and simply means enslavement to Satan, but these folks are deluded anyway so their illogical thinking brings them to that point.

It’s important to remember that God’s judgment can take many forms. It’s not always or only eschatalogical in nature. As I’ve pointed out before, Romans 1 is a perfect example of His judgment that is not exchatalogical in nature. This type of judgment occurs when people continue to resist God, His truth, and His rule and God will ultimately give them over to their own desires. Those desires will ultimately destroy them, but they don’t care because they want the freedom to sin in any way they feel is best suited for them, not realizing that they are simply playing into the hands of Satan and his demons, who have one goal and one goal only – destroying God’s Creation.

Jones goes step by step through numerous passages of Scripture, comparing things to what he sees happening today and concludes that yes, America is under judgment. Once the judgment starts, biblically speaking, it usually goes through its entire cycle before God will begin to shed His grace back onto that society that demanded destruction by their own sinfulness.

What should also be noted is that Jones’ message is comforting for the believer. For those who faithfully seek Him, He rewards with blessing after blessing even in difficult times. It’s something that we should be staunchly aware of because our active, ongoing relationship with God in Christ matters in many ways. We grow to spiritual maturity, God uses us to spread His Word and comfort to those who are frail in faith. This cannot happen if we are preoccupied with our own affairs, worry, doubt, and frustration about what we see in society.

Now is the time for authentic believers to understand the importance of walking in the Spirit as we seek to please our Lord, who bought us with an infinitely high price – His shed blood to the death.

I am convinced that I have absolutely nothing to fear in the coming months or years, depending upon how the Lord may tarry. I am convinced that if He is for me, no one who stands against me shall prosper. However, it is incumbent upon me to ensure that I am in His Word daily, that I am communing with Him often and hiding His Word in my heart, as a means of allowing the Spirit to guide me through each day. I hope by the end of the message you are as encouraged as my wife and I were because of it.

Here is Rev. Jones’ message and he begins speaking at around the 4:26 minute mark.

The second video is a discussion between John Haller and Tom Hughes as they attempt to answer the question, “Are we in the Tribulation yet? We were able to watch most of it live last night, but it was recorded and is available for viewing when readers have the chance.

One of the things Haller mentions is that at least some of the seals may cast a shadow backwards onto the world now, even though they may not be opened. Hughes notes that as we get closer and closer to the time of the Tribulation, things may likely become more clear. It’s a good discussion and needful, in my opinion.

While both Haller and Hughes state that they do not believe we are currently in the Tribulation, they provide reasons for it. But they also note that things may not be as clear cut as we would like. Imagine how Daniel and other prophets felt. Daniel lived several thousand years ago and when he was first given information about Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2, I’m sure he didn’t fully comprehend everything. In fact, in Daniel 12, we know he failed to grasp numerous things and was told to seal up the vision and book because, essentially, those living in that last day would have more knowledge.

Imagine if Daniel saw what we are actually living now. He would not have understood it at all because of the time in which he lived. However, if we were given visions of what life was like for Daniel, we would likely understand most or all of it. Daniel and John in their prophetic books may have seen things like jets flying across the sky, satellites in the air, telephone poles, cars, trucks, trains and buses all moving along our highways. This is one of the things that makes Revelation difficult. However, John could’ve also been shown metaphorical imagery of the things God wanted him to write down. We don’t really know and everyone has an opinion.

One of the things I appreciated about the Haller/Hughes video is that they both admit that when they get to heaven and see the Lord, they will realize where they may have gone wrong with respect to theology or interpretation of Scripture. I’m of the same mind with respect to what I believe.

Years ago, I was staunchly PreTrib Rapture. While I remain that, I have to say that it really doesn’t matter to me and I have zero clue as to when the Rapture will occur on God’s timeline. In other words, I couldn’t tell you that “we are on the cusp” or “it’s going to happen soon” or any of that. I simply don’t know and I wish those preachers and teachers who are convinced that the Rapture is around the next corner would stop doing that. They are prognosticating and that is not a good thing to do.

What is by far the most important thing every Christian can do now is to commit themselves to God on a daily bases, choosing deliberately to follow Him, to obey His will and to seek elevating Him to His rightful place. I’m convinced that if we do this in earnest, all things will fall into place.

I’m 65 and I kid around at times saying “I won’t be here 10 or 15 more years.” Well, I don’t know that for certain, do I? The Lord may keep me here for even longer before He takes me home. At 65, I have just noticed that I’m a bit tired overall and my body is showing signs of wearing down, which in turn slows me down. I know part of that can be fixed by working on in moderation. I need to get to that and I’m “fixing” to do just that, but then things come up, which push that away.

I have no idea when I’ll die and I certainly have no idea when the Rapture will happen. If I die first, I know I’ll still go in the Rapture. I won’t miss it. But the most important thing while I’m still here is to with vehemence, commit myself to my God, Lord, and Savior every day.

I hope these two videos will benefit you as they benefited us. Enjoy your day and have a blessed weekend. Until we meet again, may the Lord open your eyes to show you how blessed you are in Him!

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Trust the Lord and Do Good What Does the Lord Delight In?


  • 1. Sarah  |  August 7, 2022 at 11:26 AM

    This is one of your more interesting posts. The commentary on Daniel and John maybe not understanding what they were seeing is interesting, as well as the Rapture and Tribulation.

    Years ago, I would have been of the same mindset but I believe quite differently now, thanks to my own deep dive into the Scriptures. Matthew 24 and Daniel 12 are critical to understanding Revelation. I do not know how this will end, but what I can tell you is that it’s not what the video states, nor is it what has been taught in the seminaries. What most have believed is what was planned to deceive us.

    Most of Revelation has already happened and we are waiting for the end, which is very near. It’s just not the Tribulation and Rapture as many believe. I agree with you on almost all else, especially commentary on these current end times events. Be blessed…


  • 2. NW Rambler (@iamgregk)  |  July 29, 2022 at 5:28 PM

    Great stuff as usual Dr. Fred. Had just watched the Haller/Hughes video yesterday. Always appreciate Rev. Jones. He’s a treasure. You may be 65 and “slowing down” but you still pump out great and prolific stuff that’s a blessing to us all!


    • 3. modres  |  July 29, 2022 at 5:28 PM

      Thx very much.


  • 4. Susan Rasmussen  |  July 28, 2022 at 7:21 PM

    Rapture could also mean death of this earthly body. We know not when Jesus will call us, nor how he will do it. Just like a thief in the night. That is why today is the day of salvation.


    • 5. modres  |  July 28, 2022 at 8:23 PM

      Rapture literally means a “catching away” but yes, when it occurs believers will be given new bodies fit for heaven. But I’ve thought for a king while now I’ll probably die before Rapture occurs.

      Paul explains Rapture fairly well. In any case, yes, today is absolutely the day of salvation.

      Thank you, Susan.


  • 6. Taylor  |  July 28, 2022 at 2:03 PM

    I want to just start off by saying what a tremendous blessing you and your blog have been to me over the years!!! I think I came across it by accident in and around 2015 and never miss a post since. in fact, it’s also a tremendous resource for me to go back and reread and clarify in my mind issues I’m interested in currently. Thank You!!!

    That said, and maybe this is putting the cart before the horse so to speak, I will check out the videos linked, but when you wrote…

    “One of the things Haller mentions is that at least some of the seals may cast a shadow backwards onto the world now, even though they may not be opened. Hughes notes that as we get closer and closer to the time of the Tribulation, things may likely become more clear”

    Can you expand on this backward shadow concept?


    • 7. modres  |  July 28, 2022 at 2:18 PM

      Hi Taylor, I appreciate your kind words.

      It would be best to let Haller explain it from the video and since you’re going to watch it, you’ll understand what he meant. In a nutshell though, he’s saying that there is a possibility that as things in the world progress toward the opening of the seals, the possibility also exists that they create a shadow into our day because none of the 21 judgments of Revelation happen in a vacuum. There is a connection. It won’t be everything going smoothly and then BAM! a seal opens, then another, then another.

      I’ll try to give an example. For instance, all the experts are warning that food shortages are coming and we can expect them to start seriously by the end of 2022 and/or early in 2023. The signs are very clear to all who are paying attention. With food shortages come – unfortunately – starvation throughout the world. In essence, the food shortages of the future are now casting a shadow on our lives NOW. Even though people can still find most of what they need/want in the stores, but also walk by shelves with large gaps in them, most people seem unconcerned. Their favorite thing might not be available so they opt for something else that is available.

      Because of everything that’s been happening in society throughout the globe – food plants burning, millions of chickens and turkeys killed because of alleged disease, fertilizer extremely hard to get and more – we cannot avoid food shortages in the near future. It’s really impossible.

      Now, does this have anything to do with the seals of Revelation 6? I cannot say unequivocally, but what I DO believe is that seals 1-4 at least, seem to cast a shadow back to us. Besides Seal 1 (Antichrist), Seals 2, 3 and 4 respectively release the following onto the earth: Seal 2: peace taken from the earth replaced with war. Seal 3: Famine resulting in major death of Seal 4.

      So, will what global society experience soon be THE seals? I’m not sure and possibly NOT. However, it is interesting how what is happening throughout the earth right now seems to mimic, or cast a shadow backwards to us, the first few seals of Revelation 6.

      Right now, we are looking into the face of WWIII. We are also being warned about food shortages (famine) that WILL be here. This will result in major death throughout the globe. Obviously, I cannot say whether or not we are in the Tribulation. That would be true if Antichrist were here and working behind the scenes to broker a peace deal with Israel and Arab nations. Yet, we don’t know about any such efforts. I know some folks who believe Macron is the Antichrist. I’m not ready to point my finger at one person yet.

      I also believe Romans 1 provides specific details about societies that choose to willingly ignore God. All of this works together to create judgment and Jones, Haller and Hughes make some very good statements. In fact, Jones provides what I believe is an exceptional presentation of how we got to this point and what may well happen next.

      Thanks again, Taylor.


      • 8. Taylor  |  August 5, 2022 at 9:11 AM

        Appreciate that!!!


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