Man’s Inhumanity to Man Continues Seemingly Unchecked

July 7, 2013 at 1:35 PM 1 comment

Man’s Inhumanity to Man Continues Seemingly Unchecked

There are many verses and sections of Scripture which discuss how bad things will become in the world as the time grows closer to the end of this age. As a reminder, according to Jewish sages, there are two ages; this one that we currently live in and the next one, the one that begins with the return of Messiah. It makes sense then that as we move closer to that time when Jesus returns and reigns physically until the end of that coming age, then eternity future begins, we will see an increase in lawlessness and inhumanity.

Paul tells us about the last days prior to Christ’s return in his second letter to Timothy. “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God…” (2 Timothy 3:1-4).

Most of us are familiar with the above words and because of those words, an incredibly stark, brutal world is described by Paul. It all stems from the fact that men will be lovers of self. We have seen this become the norm for numerous decades. Now, it is as if the dam has burst and nothing is held back anymore. Yet, it will very likely become even worse through intensity and number of incidents.

I just read that a woman had an abortion at 20 weeks who was carrying twins. I wrote an article for Freedom Outpost which discussed the fact that so many are protesting the law that may be passed in Texas which will ban abortions after 20 weeks. One wonders why it would take a woman nearly 5 months to decide whether or not to keep the child(ren) she is carrying, but many want abortion to continue as is, with no limitations. This type of brutality toward the unborn is unconscionable, yet many women wrongly believe it is their inalienable right to murder their unborn child whenever they want to do so because it is “their” bodies. Unfortunately, once they begin carrying another human being, they are sharing their body with that developing human being.

It seems that murder is not simply relegated to mothers-to-be either, but it is interesting to realize just how easily people can murder other people, whether they are unborn or have already been living for a while. Such is the case with a situation that occurred in Brazil recently during a soccer game.

I have deliberately not embedded or included a link to the tragedy. I figure if you are that interested, you can do a quick search on the ‘Net yourself. There is at least one video of the referee of said game in the morgue after the crowd of fans got finished with him and it’s not a pretty sight.

Apparently, this referee threw a red penalty flag indicating one particular player had done something wrong. The player, in retaliation, kicked the referee. The referee took out his hunting knife and stabbed the player causing his death. The crowd did not like that at all and many fans stormed the field, grabbed the referee, tied him up and then proceeded to brutalize him, by cutting off his hands and legs below the knees and also beheading him. I’m not sure in what order they did what.

Two people died as a result of hasty decisions born of malice, anger, and possibly even hatred. This type of reaction to an event is extremely tragic. Yet, this is the way society is becoming. People react without even giving due consideration to the effect of their actions.

Let’s face it, society is quickly becoming filled with people who love themselves a great deal. They think only of their own concerns and striking out at people whom they believe have wronged them.

Imagine being a mother who allows twins to be literally drawn and quartered and then ripped from her womb. Imagine being the referee whose response to being kicked is to kill the kicker. Then imagine being part of the mob that murdered the referee. It is incredible the way people seem to have no real concern for life anymore. Brutality against our fellow man means nothing.

I’m not saying that we need to go through life being doormats. I’m also not saying that Christians cannot defends themselves against the criminal element either.

I’m saying that it appears that for the average person, life really does not hold a great deal of value and this is proven every day in various places of the world. The ferocity in which these events occur seems to be increasing as well.

As we read through Revelation or other books of the Bible that detail the end times and how bad they will become, it appears to grow in intensity and occurrence until Jesus actually returns. I know that historically, there have been times when things are dark. The difference in those situations and the last days has to do with the fact that things will be fully global. These are the times which are here now, I believe.

We need to understand the times because it’s in understanding it that we become aware of what is around us and what we can help ourselves avoid. I almost believe Paul’s statement to Timothy was an unintended understatement. While Paul may have known in his spirit just how bad things will become toward the end, how do you effectively relate that information with the kind of intensity you might feel? Something is always lost in the translation.

One thing is for sure. As we move closer toward the end, things will ramp up. We can avoid the pitfalls by not falling in with the world and its activities.

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1 Comment

  • 1. Pam  |  July 7, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    very very well put, I read the one on the soccer field killing, there was no reason to even think of looking at the video, and why would some really want to, you as well explained Cause and Effect very well. Stay to the Light and we Shall over come darkness.


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