Why Do People Mistakenly Believe Islam is a Religion of Peace?

June 26, 2013 at 8:32 AM

Why Do People Mistakenly Believe Islam is a Religion of Peace?

We constantly hear the mantra, “Islam is a religion of peace” as if that’s true beyond doubt and cannot be disputed. Yet, we see what Muslims do throughout the world with killing, maiming, destruction and the like, and we wonder how it is that Islam itself can claim to be peaceful, while creating terror. How can those Muslims have misunderstood Islam so badly, if they actually have done so?

Islam peacefulThe problem really has to do with translation. Sam Shamoun explains it like this. “Islam/Muslim is related to the word salam, meaning peace, and from there connects it to the words used in the Aramaic translation of the NT, particularly shlama/shlomo. Although it is true that both salam and shlama/shlomo are related in meaning, seeing that they are cognate words, it is certainly not true that Islam means peace just because it comes from the same root as salam.”

Shamoun further points out that “The Quran nowhere defines Islam as peace, nor does it ever say that a Muslim is one who attains peace. The Muslim scripture always defines the word as submission or surrender, plain and simple…”

Essentially, we have bought a miscommunication. Islam itself does not mean “peace” or “peaceful.” It truly means to “submit.” You either submit willingly, you submit forcibly, or you die. To whom or what are we to submit? Allah and to no other.

Shamoun presents a number of statements from the teachings of Islam itself that verify for us the nature of Islam (the letter “S” stands for Sura or Surah, which is a division within the Qur’an).

Nay, but whosoever submits (aslama) his will to God, being a good-doer, his wage is with his Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow. S. 2:112

When his Lord said to him, ‘Surrender (aslim),’ he said, ‘I have surrendered (aslamtu) me to the Lord of all Being.’ S. 2:131

What, do they desire another religion than God’s, and to Him has surrendered (aslama) whoso is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and to Him they shall be returned? S. 3:83

And who is there that has a fairer religion than he who submits (aslama) his will to God being a good-doer, and who follows the creed of Abraham, a man of pure faith? And God took Abraham for a friend. S. 4:125

And it is God who has appointed for you coverings of the things He created, and He has appointed for you of the mountains refuges, and He has appointed for you shirts to protect you from the heat, and shirts to protect you from your own violence. Even so He perfects His blessing upon you, that haply you will surrender (tuslimoona). S. 16:81

Turn unto your Lord and surrender (aslimoo) to Him, ere the chastisement comes upon you, then you will not be helped. S. 39:54

They count it as a favour to thee that they have surrendered (aslamoo)! Say: ‘Do not count your surrendering (islamakum) as a favour to me; nay, but rather God confers a favour upon you, in that He has guided you to belief, if it be that you are truthful. S. 49:17; cf. 3:19, 85; 5:3; 6:14; 22:78; 33:35

Muslims certainly do not mind that non-Muslims erroneously believe that Islam means “peace” when in fact, it means “submission to Allah.” It serves their purposes for the world to believe that the truth of Islam is based in the idea that it is a peaceful religion. In fact, it is not peaceful and it is not a religion as most of us understand religion. It is a theocracy, an ideology that has three prongs – religion, military, political – and it is because of that, Muslims cannot assimilate into other cultures. As we have seen throughout various parts of the world (and continue to see even in America), Muslims demand that they be allowed to live as they would live if they were still living in an Islamic society.

Muslims want, desire, and demand that they be governed by their own law – Sharia law – which they believe supersedes all other laws of the land and it doesn’t matter where they are because they believe since Allah controls the world, then his law – Sharia law – is the only law that matters and the only law they believe they must submit to for daily life.

This fact alone helps us understand why Muslims kill as they do and why they believe that they can create the type of havoc they create in this world. It’s all to bring about a final world caliphate where Sharia law under Islam controls all things. This is what Islam teaches and what many within Islam are fighting to make happen.

Islam is not peaceful. Anyone who thinks that has completely misunderstood the true nature of Islam. Those Muslims who claim they are peaceful are so because they are either using taqiyya (subterfuge, lying) or they have chosen to understand the Qur’an allegorically, as opposed to literally. In any case, those Muslims who take the Qur’an literally believe they also have an obligation to fight against those Muslims who take the Qur’an allegorically. It must be done for Allah’s sake and his glory.

Islam is an ideology of hatred. It is a cult of death. It serves no purpose other than to create upheaval in society so that it can make major changes throughout the world.

Islam would not have the kind of hold in society that it currently has if not for the very powerful elite who are using Islam to their own ends. Is it any wonder why people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are considered to be “haters” and constantly vilified by Muslims and Islam’s apologists? They are warning the world of what we actually see happening, yet too many are willing to ignore it, falsely believing that so-called “radical” Muslims are an anomaly within Islam.

People need to learn the history of Islam. They need to delve into the teachings and learn the actual intents of Islam’s goals. We need to start by realizing that Islam is not – under any circumstances – a religion of peace.

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