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Earthquakes in Various Places…

You would think if people took the time to record an event like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, they might be inclined to record an event like a massive earthquake, if one happened.

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Gangsta Rap Turning Young Black Men into Animals without Conscience

Jesus died 2,000 years ago to make salvation available to all people, to anyone who believes on His Name. His invitation is not extended only to specific culture groups or ethnicities. His love transcends any and all of that. However, people cannot be forced to receive His salvation, but it must be extended to them. What needs to happen is for people like Sharpton and Jackson (who are both “reverends”) to stop preaching a social gospel, and extend the salvation that is offered to all humanity, to those young men who are turning into two-legged animals because of things like gangsta rap.

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Dispensationalists Are Anti-Semitic?

When the nation of Israel rejected Jesus as Messiah, they were also judged by God. That judgment was fulfilled in A.D. 70 with the complete obliteration of Jerusalem and the Temple. However, what Preterists and others believe is that this was also the Tribulation. In point of fact, it was not the Tribulation and the only way to show that it was, is by completely allegorizing the text of Scripture, ignoring pertinent facts, while whitewashing others.

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Tiger Woods, Brit Hume and Christianity…oh My!

In the Old Testament, God told Ezekiel that he was to go to the house of Israel and tell them what He (God) told Ezekiel to tell them. He was specifically to do this whether they listened or not. This phrase is repeated throughout Ezekiel numerous times.

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Two New Books

Two new books are available: “A Deceptive Orthodoxy: The End Times “Gospel” and “Christianity, Practically Speaking.”

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Islam Will Dominate

The sad fact of the matter is that even when no one says anything bad about Islam or Muhammad, Islamic extremists continue to rain terror down on people with suicide bomb missions, attacks by Taliban or Al Queda, or otherwise.

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Obama Greater than Jesus?

Obama is someone created by the media and he was catapulted to fame and presidential capacity by the same.

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