Obama Greater than Jesus?

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"The Truth" by Michael D'Antuono

A few days ago, an editorial appeared in the Danish newspaper Politiken citing, among other things, that President Obama is greater than Jesus.  The exact quote is, “Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus – if we have to play that absurd Christmas game. But it is probably more meaningful to insist that with today’s domestic triumph, that he has already assured himself a place in the history books – a space he has good chances of expanding considerably in coming years.” [1]

What is amazing about the Obama-phenomenon, is that it is obviously media-made.  It became somewhat the norm to refer to Obama in divine terms while he was running for president.  The fact that he really said nothing, except for his desire to “spread the wealth around,” which is synomonous with creating a Socialist regime in the United States, is power for his course.  Obama is a great speaker…until the teleprompter goes off (or crashes to the ground).  When he is left on his own to respond to the something, he clearly seems out of his element.

One can only wonder why people like Sting would have been heard essentially stating that (prior to his election), Obama could very well be the answer to the world’s problems – the divine answer.  What makes Obama so uncharacteristically human, so that people see him as divine?

Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again for the sins of humanity.  Obama did none of these and he is quickly turning the whole of the United States into a Socialist regime.  I’m a Christian and an American, and Obama does not hold a candle to Jesus.  What I find more troubling though than someone’s announcement comparing Obama with Jesus (with Jesus coming in second place), is the fact that it is highly doubtful that this very same comparison would have been made with Muhammad.  Why?  Because generally speaking, (except for the odd nut here and there), Christians do not strap bombs on themselves and blow up innocent people (or guilty ones for that matter), nor do they gun down, or stab filmmakers to death in the streets.  Beyond this, they do not wish ill will on cartoonists, who dare to caricature Muhammad or other aspects of Islam.

Of course, if Christians did routinely participate in these things, then what was stated in the editorial would likely not have been stated, for fear of reprisals.  In fact, decisions are being made in this day and age to not run a particular editorial, or a political cartoon, because of the potential from many within the world of Islam for violence.  These individuals know that threats of death to various parts of the world are enough to keep people from castigating or ridiculing Muhammad.  It’s funny how the threats of death and mayhem are enough to keep people from saying things that are asinine, spiteful and lacking in truth, isn’t it?  

This is not true of Christianity (and I’m not saying that it should be).  Christians should be repsected for what they believe and for how they live their lives (bearing in mind that not all who claim to be Christian really are Christian).  The idea that we can compare some human being with the Creator is absurd.  The idea that people can complain and/or even attempt to take away the rights of Christians because we will not grab a gun, or strap on bombs, is certainly something that should not exist.  For the Muslim, there is little danger of this occurring, even to the point of governments, companies, and schools eliminating freedom of speech; do or say something that even appears to blaspheme Muhammad, and prepare for dire consequences.

Obama, in my opinion, is a test for the coming Antichrist.  In spite of what people believe about the End Times, it is incredible to that things continue to unfold as they do, with the world moving to become one, and yet people thoughtlessly repeat the mantra that the End Times “already occurred,” or “the antichrist is an attitude,” etc.  Sometimes, I think that when this world divides into 10-kingdoms (as declared in Daniel), people will still deny the reality of prophetic Scripture.  Interestingly enough, the Club of Rome published a document in 1973, in which every nation of that time had been categorized under 1 of 10 divisions.  No country was left out; all were separated into one of the 10 kingdoms.  

Whatever the author of the article in question believes, Obama is someone created by the media and he was catapulted to fame and presidential capacity by the same.  What he ultimately accomplishes is already known by those of us who realize the road he is traveling and attempting to take the U.S. down.  It won’t be pretty, but in spite of what anyone thinks, God is in control, not Obama and certainly not Politiken.

Yet, we have people like Steve Wohlberg, Gary North, Hank Hannegraff, and a host of others either denying the reality of the coming one-world government, or stating that prophecy should be taken symbolically and as such, has already occurred.  It makes me think that if Noah’s Ark were actually located and excavated, people would still refuse to accept that reality.  Faced with the undeniable reality of the Ark, other explanations would be offered as to why it was built and how it got near the summit of a mountain.

No, in truth, President Obama brings nothing special at all to the table.  He is more socialistic than any of his predecessors, he is simply playing into the hands of those who put him in office to begin with, and they will use him until he is no longer useful to them.  They will then find someone else, who will continue what they were able to accomplish through President Obama.  This will occur until one leader steps away from the pack and with great charm, charisma, intellect and believability, he will take this entire world down a primrose path that leads only to destruction.  He will be the Antichrist, and unlike Wohlberg’s version, this Antichrist will be a real person, with a real vision, and with the ability to make things happen.

The Antichrist is most certainly on his way, if not already on this planet.  To those who consistently state that this type of “theology” breeds fear and sells books, I would remind them that those opposed to it sell just as many books.  I would also ask, since when does something that breeds fear, not the truth?  Christ spoke of hell more than any other subject, yet we have “theologians” today who angrily protest this idea that hell is a real place.  Frankly, my vote is with Jesus, who treated the subject as if it was real.  He spent a good portion of His public ministry warning people about it, as did John the Baptist before Him.

For those who wish to deny the reality of hell, that does not make it so.  For those who also wish to disavow the reality of the coming world leader, that also does not make it so.  People like that are merely hanging onto a world that they will one day leave behind, through the door of death.  No one lives forever on planet earth, and once gone from this place, all opportunities to repent and receive salvation will be gone with it.

[1] http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/article868683.ece

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