Wolves? Who is Heidi Baker?

November 13, 2017 at 10:52 AM 5 comments

This is the start of a short series highlighting some of the more well-known individuals within Christendom today who operate under the banner of signs and wonders. We’re going to start with Heidi Baker. Who is she? What does she teach? Are her teachings biblically sound?

It is the responsibility of every Christian to ensure that what they believe squares with the Bible, which is God’s literal Word to us. The Bible is the only infallible truth. It is inerrant in the original autographs. What God wanted to say to us He has clearly said, yet most do not avail themselves of that truth, preferring alleged extra-biblical revelation.

The trouble with people like Baker is that they are always adding to God’s Word (though they often deny this). That is the first clue that something may be amiss. God is often credited with doing new things that have slim to no correlation in His Word, things like “holy laughter,” people making animals noises, people “slain in the Spirit,” and other phenomena as well.

Heidi Baker, born 1959, in Laguna Beach, California, is considered a prophet by many within Charismatic circles (including New Apostolic Reformation or NAR). She is the CEO of Iris Global, “a Christian interdenominational, missionary organization that provides humanitarian aid in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Members of Iris seek to spread the gospel while performing humanitarian activities.” Her very ministry is thoroughly rebuked by Paul’s apostolic teaching in 1 Timothy 2:12-14.

The Statement of Faith at Iris Global is not as in-depth as it could be, but it covers the basics. Interesting is the fact that while it includes the statement, “The Bible to be the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God,” with appropriate Scripture references, it seems from Baker’s own personal teachings that she may not actually believe this because she often goes well beyond Scripture claiming God is speaking to her through signs or visions. If God is actually speaking then, wouldn’t it be as authoritative as Scripture?

Anyone involved in the Charismatic/Signs and Wonders movement long enough will learn that tongues, prophecies, words of knowledge, and even visions/dreams are generally accepted as authoritative as God’s Word to those folks, though that is denied. To question what God is “saying” is to question God. This is the largest danger of the signs and wonders movement, which routinely births seriously aberrant theology.

Because there are so many unbiblical beliefs today that do not square with Scripture it is imperative that each and every Christian understand that fact. Discernment comes from reading the Bible daily. Beyond that, there are numerous workbooks available that help Christians in their study of the Bible. One such book is from Moody Publishers called, Fundamentals of the Faith, but there are many out there besides that one.

Heidi Baker is known for her visions, dreams, prophecies, and unique teachings. Each Christian who comes in contact with her will need to determine whether her teachings square with Scripture.

In the video below, we see Baker kneeling on the platform at a gathering. She immediately begins sharing this “vision” she said she had (ostensibly from God, which means it is authoritative), where she saw “crowns within crowns, within crowns, within crowns, within crowns, within crowns, within crowns…

This is stated almost like a mantra. Note she does this a number of times throughout the video. It sounds ethereal, authoritative, and connected to the supernatural, doesn’t it?

There are several things of concern in her teaching in this video. First, at the 0:57 mark she directs the mostly young people in attendance to go through the motion of taking imaginary crowns on their heads and placing them on another person’s head close to them. They are to be very purposeful about this action. Baker intones, “I want you to just take in the spirit realm that crown that’s on your head and just place it upon someone else…”

Is this Scriptural?

Had Baker said something along the lines of “I want you to take the crown that’s on your head and pretend to place it at the feet of Jesus,” as the Scriptures tell us we will do (Revelation 4:10–11; though this pictures the 24 elders casting their crowns at Jesus’ feet, it is very likely that all Christians in heaven will do the same thing), that would have been better.

Unfortunately, Baker tells the crowd to do something that on the surface may appear to be spiritual, however, when we step back and look at the situation against Scripture, we see that this is merely a way for people to deify one another. It is decidedly New Age. Human beings do not crown anyone. God grants crowns if we earn them. The action of the people in the crowd only appears to be humble, when in fact, it is supremely arrogant.

Does Baker really think our focus in heaven will be on the crowns that we might be wearing? Everything will pale in the Presence of God the Son including our crowns. He, not we, will be the true focus.

Go back to time-stamp 0:50 to see a young blonde man standing at the platform, hands upraised, praying and waiting. Notice he is shaking slightly from side to side. This phenomenon is evidenced on many videos from the Signs and Wonders crowd.

Now jump ahead to 1:30 where Baker has crawled across the platform and faces that same young man. She says that the people in the crowd are to take their crowns and place it on someone else’s head and then say “More, more.”

As soon as she touches the young man’s head, she yells, “WHOA!” and you can clearly see the young man start to lean forward. In just a very short time, the young man is down on the platform and begins what appears to be sobbing. This could be godly sorrow. It could be a repentant attitude. It could also be the start of a manifestation of something evil.

At 1:49, the young man is racked with sobs and can be seen shaking in a very pronounced fashion. Baker starts repeating one word – “legacy” – numerous times again, reminiscent of a shaman or soothsayer. Then she says (to God), “Increase your glory.”

This is another problem with the signs and wonders crowd. We do not tell God what to do, yet people like Baker, Randy Clark, and too many others within the signs and wonders movement have absolutely no difficulty at all in telling God what He should be doing. This amounts to a command and is not seen in Scripture. We are at God’s command. He is not at ours. This is absolute arrogance hidden under the guise of spiritual signs and wonders.

At time-stamp 2:15, the camera goes back to a closer shot of the platform where Baker is still leaning over the young man. She is saying, “Fire!” and though he is difficult to see, you can hear the young man in what can only be described as agony. Baker says, “There’s fire. Place it on their heads.” This is ostensibly why the young man is screaming, because of the “fire.” Is it God’s “fire” or strange fire from demons?

In Acts 2, when actual tongues of fire sat upon the heads of the disciples gathered in the upper room, did it hurt? Was there screaming as though their skin was burning off? There was only one sound that the Bible records: a mighty rushing wind (Acts 2:2). There was no screaming of the disciples when the Holy Spirit descended. None. The disciples then went outside and spoke in tongues (known languages by those who heard them though unknown at the time to the speakers).

At 2:29, Baker says, referring to the young man, “I think he’s got it,” and you can hear the man screaming again. Got what? A demon?

Baker continues talking almost as if she wants to cover the terrible sounds of agony made by the young man so that others aren’t alarmed. No worries though since everyone is so focused on themselves.

During ancient times, when parents sacrificed their children to Moloch (sometimes “Molech”), they would place the child in the “arms” of the statue representing Moloch. A pit of fire was beneath his arms. The child would eventually be dropped into that pit of fire after rolling off the arms of the statue. Normally musicians would play music to cover the sounds of the child’s screams of agony as he/she burned to death.

Is this is what Baker may have been doing? There is nothing in Scripture that describes a person meeting God and screaming in agony if a Christian. Even for the unsaved who willingly came to Him, there was no dread. Not even demons screamed in agony when they came face to face with Jesus (Mark 1:24), though they understood who He was and His power and authority.

Is it possible that what was imparted to this young man by the laying on of Baker’s hands was a demonic entity? Was Baker transferring at least one of her own familiar spirits to that poor, naive, but likely well-meaning young man? It is very possible and likely. If he was a Christian and did not understand what she was actually offering, he could certainly be oppressed by a demon.

At 2:34, you can see a much better view of the young man writhing on the floor. There is nothing God honoring in this. Baker says again, “That’s fire!” and he is clearly in agony. How anyone can view this and believe it is a manifestation of God is unclear, but unfortunately, within the signs and wonders movement, these kinds of things routinely arise and are also routinely credited as being from God. It is either God’s judgment or demonic activity yet Baker clearly sees this manifestation as a good thing only.

What happened to that young man?! He came seeking God and instead likely found demons, who want nothing more than to destroy him. We hear Baker’s continuing mantras (“more Lord!” “Ten times” “How much legacy do you want?“, etc.), and that young man appears to be literally on fire and screaming because of it. No one seems to care. No one really notices. Hey, it’s God manifesting Himself, right? Don’t interfere with God’s work.

At the 4:45 mark, the young man’s screams can still be heard. This has gone on for several minutes. Can you imagine being literally on fire for that duration?! The agony was likely next to unbearable.

At 5:46, the scene changes to another situation with another leader and we focus on another young man sitting cross-legged on the stage screaming and shaking. Soon, he is also writhing on the floor of the stage and whirling in circles. The leader stands over him as though the master is controlling the puppet.

The remainder of the video is more of the same with numerous examples of spiritual manifestations from a variety of gatherings. The idea that God would manifest Himself in such violent, carnal, and asinine ways is the very opposite of what Paul says is the Fruit of the Spirit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23 ESV; see also 1 Corinthians 13)

Christian, you have the responsibility to understand whether what people teach is Scriptural or not. God has given you His Word (and His Holy Spirit, the Helper), to help you discern. As you read His Word, you will get to know the Author and He will also provide discernment so that you will be able to determine the truth regarding so many false teachings today.

Jesus warned that as the end of this age approaches, false Christs, false teachers, and false prophets would seemingly come out of the woodwork for one purpose: to deceive and draw people away from the Living God (Matthew 24). It is happening big time.

God’s Word is the only Sword against it. Not knowing it means you are “weaponless.” God doesn’t expect you to learn His Word over night. He expects you to open it and study it daily. That is the only way to get to know the Author of your salvation and to gain knowledge and discernment that will help keep you from deception.

Satan knows the Bible better than any human being. He will twist it to his advantage (Matthew 4). The only recourse we have is to read and study His Word that we might be prepared when Satan comes knocking on our door seeking to deceive and devour.

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  • 2. Hope  |  November 14, 2017 at 5:20 AM

    You are correct that it is our own responsibility to keep from being deceived. May I share my story with you? https://1way2yahweh.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/my-personal-story-of-deception/


    • 3. modres  |  November 14, 2017 at 5:44 AM

      Thank you, Hope and Thank you for sharing your fascinating story! I’d like to reprint that story in its entirety with a link to your site. Would that be all right? Your name as author would be included.

      It IS rather amazing how this deception is sweeping many Christians away who truly seeking a closer walk with God yet the “lukewarm” ones are normally unaffected – great point!


      • 4. Hope  |  November 14, 2017 at 8:43 AM

        Yes, please feel free to share my story. Thank you for helping to expose the darkness.


      • 5. modres  |  November 14, 2017 at 11:24 AM

        Thank you. We’ll publish that soon.


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