Black Awakening, the Chosen Ones, and SRA

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The Black Awakening is the coming onslaught

Recently, I have been researching these two subjects because of their connection with biblical prophesy.  I have known for some time that in order for the coming Antichrist (aptly called the “man of lawlessness” in 2 Thessalonians by Paul), to appear on the scene, there needs to be something horrific in society to create a scenario from which he will rise.

The world cannot simply continue as it has and then one day – poof! – the Antichrist steps onto the world’s stage.  That cannot happen simply because there would be too much opposition to him taking the reigns.  There are too many individuals who believe they should rule part or all of the earth to simply hand over the control of their portion to some “outsider.”  No, in order for the planet to be handed over to Antichrist, some massive chaos must occur from which the Antichrist will rise up.  It can’t be any other way.

But this coming chaos must incorporate every major aspect of society:

  • economy
  • politics
  • civil
  • religious

At the right time, I personally believe that a chaos so vast will be unleashed on this world that it will affect all of the above areas in one swell swoop.  Consider the effects of something so devastating that the economy, the political arena, the civil area, and religious areas would all be affected.  It would knock the bottom out from under everyone, except those who are directly involved in creating that chaos.

The average person, kept in the dark, may well lose all sense of security because everything that have believed in will have undergone a major change with an outcome that is unsure.  Those who are not authentic Christians will suffer severely from emotional disconnect.  They will have no place to put their faith.

In his book The Black Awakening, author Russ Dizdar is not speaking of African Americans, or Black individuals throughout the world.  He is using a term that has been told to him by those satanic forces from which he has fought against for many years.  These are people who have become infested with demons and demonic thought and energy.

Years ago, in the 1970s, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) was all the rage because it had never really been discussed or even heard of by the general population.  Shortly after it rose to prominent discussion, a number of people (themselves claiming to be Christians), came to the fore to debunk it.  They succeeded in spreading huge doubts about the possible existence of SRA and because of their efforts, anyone who continued to talk about the potential reality of SRA was considered loony.  Yet, here we are in 2010, some forty years later and the subject is once again here and it appears that it is here to stay.  It almost seems as though the idea and concept of SRA came to public knowledge too soon, so efforts were made to disavow its reality.

Now that it is upon us again, most people will readily ignore it by treating it as if it is simply the word of a handful of people with loose screws.  The reality though, is far more nefarious.

According to Dizdar and others, the Black Awakening will occur when the Chosen Ones are given the signal to “wake” up and move.  Dizdar states that, “Chosen Ones are so named because they are ‘chosen by satan’ to serve him.  Chosen Ones are those who have come up through old bloodlined satanic (Luciferianism) that are committed to a coming new world order and supernatural world leader.  These are the many victims of satanic ritual abuse and soul ripping mind control.  All of them at this point have been selected, born and raised in this dark system.  They have been split and many sub personalities (multiple personality disorder).  Most of these sub personalities have been programmed (mind control) and demonized.  They are highly trained and constantly maintained.  Chosen Ones have many abilities, powers and a deeply seated agenda.  Believe it or not they confess they are the troops of the coming Antichrist, which they say are here to unleash hell on earth, in a chaos…such as the world has never seen.” [1]

Either Dizdar and others like him are completely whacked, or they are simply using descriptions like this to frighten everyone, or there is truth to what they say.  I am cautiously accepting what Dizdar states as truth because of how it connects with Scripture and the scenario that will likely occur on this planet just prior to the arrival of the man of sin.

As mentioned, the man of sin cannot simply rise to the height of world dictator without something cataclysmic occurring, which demands the best mind, the best intelligence, the greatest achievements, and the most charismatic personality.  In what situation would the world be most likely to notice such a person?  When the world is in utter chaos and it appears as though the gates of hell have literally been opened and the hosts of demonic hordes allowed to fly free.  It will be during this time that the cry will go out for a “savior” of mankind, and one will rise up, perfectly timed to be there when the need is greatest.

It is strange to consider the possibility that there exists legions of individuals walking around on this planet who are not what they appear to be.  Instead, they are simply demons occupying human forms, waiting for that signal to explode upon the earth with their pent up hatred toward human beings and God Himself.

I was recently watching a documentary about the situation with the Somali pirates and the USS Alabama.  Three pirates had taken hostage the captain of a freighter and were sitting 40 yards off the bow of the Alabama in a covered lifeboat that was tethered to the carrier.  For days and hours on end, the three pirates would not give into the request to surrender, even from their tribal leaders.  Navy Seal sharpshooters and snipers had positioned themselves on the carrier with the lifeboat in sight.  Their job – when the order was received – was to take out the three pirates simultaneously without injuring the captain.  It needed to be done simultaneously in order to remove the possibility of a pirate being able to get a shot off at the captain.

As the viewer was shown how Navy Seals would have trained for this event, it became a bit awe-inspiring to note that the three Seal snipers would have to pull their triggers at the exact same time and hit their intended targets.  They were up against the wind, the sea which made the lifeboat bob up and down and side to side, and the carrier itself would move in the water, though not nearly as much as the lifeboat.  The other problem was that since the lifeboat was covered, there were only three small windows into which they could shoot to kill the pirates.  The pirates did not sit still but moved around the interior of the boat.

During the interminable wait, three teams of snipers would rotate in and out every 8 hours to avoid muscle fatigue.  The team needed to wait for the word from Washington.  Eventually, the team leader had to make a decision on his own because it clearly looked as though the pirates had become desperate.

The team leader told the individual snipers through headsets to lock onto their targets and announce when ready.  Each sniper, one by one, announced quietly that they had locked onto their target.  The team leader stated, “I am now in control.  Shoot to kill on three, two, one, execute.”  When the team leader said “execute” the sound of one shot went off and three pirates fell dead, with the captain unharmed.  Because the shots were fired in perfect sync, it sounded as if only one shot was fired.  It was the perfect moment at the exact time it was needed.

At some unknown point in the future, at the exact moment, hell will be released on this planet and chaos will have begun.  While it will not destroy everything, it will destroy enough so that people will feel that the world has gone out of control.  This though will be a thoroughly controlled chaos, designed for the purpose of bringing back the curtain on Satan’s man – the man of sin – the Antichrist.

It is mind-boggling that this is what is in store for this world.  As authentic Christians, we need to be constantly talking with God.  We need to walk through this life prepared for the coming assault.  Will it occur before the Rapture or after it?  It could conceivably occur prior to the Rapture because the Tribulation itself does not begin until the signing of the seven-year peace covenant with Israel.

Christians may well be here for the start of this coming global catastrophe.  How do we prepare for it?  By drawing closer to God and moving further away from the things that seek to bind us to this world and this life.  If you are finding yourself becoming more frustrated with the things of this life, it may well be that God is calling you to come out mentally and emotionally.  He is calling you to cling to Him and leave everything else that ties us to this world behind.

Who knows how much more time this world has before the last phase begins?  I know of no one besides God the Father who knows the exact time.  What we are called to do is prepare for the coming onslaught.  We are to prepare spiritually first and foremost, and then we are to do what we can to prepare physically, making sure our family is taken care of to the best of our ability.

The Black Awakening is most likely not a fairy tale.  It is probably a reality.  At the very least, it has caused me to want to dig deeper.

[1] Russ Dizdar, The Black Awakening (A Preemption Book, 2009), 10-11

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