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Alphas on SYFYP – What Does It Mean?

As we move toward the Tribulation, the world is fast becoming fully brainwashed. People are coming to believe that what is fantasy – or better yet, what is satanic – is the norm. It’s not the norm. It’s the same ol’ broad road that leads to destruction. Are you on it?

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Satan’s Man: The Antichrist

Antichrist is the guy that Satan is going to place all of his bets on. He will be Satan incarnate, just as Jesus was and remains human incarnate – fully God and fully Man. Satan is incarnate because unlike Jesus, he does not want to help humanity. He wants to destroy humanity. But even that is not the ultimate goal.

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Black Awakening, the Chosen Ones, and SRA

Christians may well be here for the start of this coming global catastrophe. How do we prepare for it? By drawing closer to God and moving further away from the things that seek to bind us to this world and this life. If you are finding yourself becoming more frustrated with the things of this life, it may well be that God is calling you to come out mentally and emotionally. He is calling you to cling to Him and leave everything else that ties us to this world behind.

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