Glenn Beck’s Spirituality on Display

August 31, 2010 at 9:46 AM

Glenn Beck addresses thousands at Saturday's rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press) Read more:

The recent rally at the nation’s capital, led by Glenn Beck was astounding for many reasons.  Admittedly, I did not watch the event live.  I did read about it, watch video clips and read what others had to say about it.

The one thing Beck and his guest speakers indicated was that the rally was not a political statement.  It was a time to call Americans back to God.  I agree with that, though as it turns out, the Mormon view of God and the orthodox Christian view of God differs greatly.

Shortly after the event, I received an e-mailed newsletter from Ray Gano at  He indicated that Beck was a fox in the chicken house because of the fact that while he presents himself as “Christian,” he does so with the emphasis on Mormon.

I received a few other e-mailed newsletters from other organizations that I am subscribed to, one of which is Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times.”  In it, she noted the deviation that Mormons take (based on their church’s doctrine) regarding the promised people.  To Mormons, the Native American Indians are the promised people, yet this is not true for the orthodox Christian.  For us, the Jews are the promised people.

Jan’s newsletter also pointed out the fact that John McTiernan noted that “On Saturday, I attended the rally. If it had been just political, I could accept Beck as a leader; however, it went way beyond that. I am not questioning anything about Beck’s character or motives. What I am deeply grieved about is that this was not led by the real church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is America in such desperate spiritual condition that masses of Christians will follow a Mormon for spiritual revival?”

McTiernan has a good point.  Why are orthodox Christians willing to follow the lead of a man who claims to be a Mormon?  It is obvious that Mormons and orthodox Christians agree very little about biblical doctrine.  McTiernan also pointed out that no prayer at the rally was prayed in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Who knows, but maybe that was considered too “narrow” or “intolerant.”

The truth of the matter is that because of the situation of our nation due to our godless leaders and leadership, the average American – most of whom consider themselves to be Christian – feel as though they are truly sheep without a caring shepherd.  The fact is that we are sheep without a PHYSICAL shepherd, one that we can see, one that we can touch, one that we can audibly hear.  This however, does NOT mean that we have no Shepherd.

Are we becoming like the Israelites of old who got to the point of demanding to have a physical king, someone they could look to (and AT), someone they could actually hear, someone they could point to as their “leader”?  Is this where Christians in America have come?

Do we not have a Shepherd?  Are orthodox Christians left to graze alone among the wolves with no one to protect us?  Do we go out to our “fields” every day believing that if we do not have that physical leader to look AT, then we are truly on our own?

The reality is that too many orthodox Christians have come to believe that Jesus is not on the throne any longer.  He must be asleep, or preoccupied with other things, because just look at what is happening to our country!  That is absolutely NOT the case.

Glenn Beck’s spirituality was on display this past week.  Thousands upon thousands of Americans made the trek to the nation’s capitol to show that they support conservatism.  They also support the right-winger who actually founded this country!  Of course, this phrase or label has become a swear word for liberals today.  They seem unaware that men like George Washington were right-wingers, defying England every step of the way.

Unfortunately, what also took place at the rally was that these same thousands upon thousands of people wound up inadvertently supporting Glenn Beck’s Mormonism.  I do not view Mormons as enemies.  I simply disagree completely with their doctrine and I find no basis for it in the Bible, which is why Joseph Smith had to add “The Book of Mormon” because without it, there is no basis at all for Mormon doctrine.

I am saddened, because as much as most Americans want to believe that Jesus is in control, we act as if we do not.  We are beginning to wander after people who preach a different Jesus.  We have come to believe that without a physical person to put our faith in, we have nothing.

Dear brothers and sisters, we have GOD!  We need no other leader – human or spiritual!  We have Jesus Christ, God the Son, who simply yearns for us to look TO Him!  He IS guiding.  He IS leading.  He IS being glorified, whether we think so or not.

It is not a case of us needing a leader that we can fall in line behind.  We already have that.  It is a case of realizing that Jesus IS that leader, and we must – by FAITH – continue to follow Him, regardless of how things look or sound in America.

He will NEVER let us down.  It will only SEEM like that if we start to look to someone other than Jesus!  Romans 8 starts with the fact that authentic Christians are no longer under ANY condemnation for ANYTHING! This same chapter ends with the fact that NOTHING will or can separate us from God’s love.  Nothing.

We can and do forget these truths.  We can and do forget to pray, we forget to utilize our faith.  We forget to praise Him in all circumstances.  We forget that He and He alone is God and that no one else is needed, nor will any other human being ever be able to establish the things that ONLY Jesus is and will establish.

Blessed be the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, God the Son, who came in the flesh, lived as a full-fledged human being on this planet for roughly 33 years.  He lived without an ounce of sin staining Him, and learned obedience to the Father’s will.  Because He remained perfect for His entire life, He was worthy to become the sin offering for humanity.  This He did, dying a brutally, bloody death on Calvary’s cross with the Father’s wrath poured out on Him for OUR sin.

Upon His death, He went into the grave for three days, then rose again absolutely victorious!  Fifty days later, He ascended into heaven, sitting next to the Father.

What human being can touch that record?  Jesus IS our leader and He is the ONLY Leader we need.  May His Name be praised for ever, and ever.  Amen.

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