Islam Will Dominate

January 4, 2010 at 12:51 PM 5 comments

Muslims Speak Their Mind

Here is the situation:

  • Radical Muslims believe that Islam will dominate the entire world, and they will make it happen through force, if necessary
  • Islam is waiting for the final “Mahdi,” who it is said, will usher in world peace
  • Muslims believe in a synopsis of the End Times that is similar to Christianity’s, except the names are changed
  • Within Christendom, there are many, (like Steve Wohlberg, Gary DeMar, Gary North and others), who pooh-pooh the idea of a literal End Times
  • Throughout the world today, many movements are afoot, which await some type of End Times prophet

The reality is interesting.  On one hand, we have multiple groups of people who believe, to some degree or another, that the End Times is real, and it is upon us.  We merely wait for things to come to fulfillment in order that the final “Christ” can appear on the religious landscape.  Think about the fact that the following groups all believe that soon, some momentus event will occur on this planet, which will forever it change it:

  • UFOologists – believe that our salvation will come from outer space, in the form of aliens, who will remove the people who continue to keep this planet from evolving to the next level, and thereby allow those who remain (or who are LEFT BEHIND), to move to the next evolutionary plane.  This new plane of existence will usher in the final and ultimate peace to which this world (both the populace and the earth itself), has been yearning.
  • New Age Practitioners – There are many varying beliefs within this loose-knit worldwide movement.  Virtually all agree that this world awaits the final “Christ” consciousness, which will bring peace to this world, as has never been experienced.  Like UFOologists, this new peace will come only to those who are “enlightened,” and not guided by the ancient, outmoded principles of Christianity or Judaism.
  • Islam – though not one of the more ethereal religions, Islam is monotheistic and dates back to A.D. 600s, with Muhammad.  Followers of Islam – Muslims – await their final Mahdi, which will right all wrongs, and bring in world peace by making Islam the mandatory (and only) religion of the world.
  • Judaism – still awaiting their Messiah, who will fight for them, and provide justice for Israel.
  • Christianity – awaits the return of Jesus, who will destroy the Antichrist, set up His kingdom and reign for 1,000 years.  During this time, His rule will be established and wrongs committed will be dealt with instantly.

There are also groups that believe that there is no End Times, no Armageddon, no Tribulation, or anything similar:

  • Atheists – (includes agnostics) this group, of course, denies God at all costs, believing that by merely denying His existence makes it so.  They have spent years convincing themselves of the truth of error-ridden evolution.  They have also convinced themselves that they have proven God does not exist.  Generally, atheists believe that this planet will be made better only as people free themselves from religious beliefs and work to make this planet better.
  • Preterists, Reformed, Covenant – these folks do not see prophecy literally.  For most, the Tribulation and return of Christ already occurred in A.D. 70, with the destruction of Jerusalem.  There is nothing left to occur except the physical return of Christ at the end of the age.
  • Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, etc. – have varying viewpoints with respect to the End Times.  Seventh-day Adventists fall in line with the above groups with respect to believing that the Tribulation and return already occurred.

Certainly, both sets of groups above are not all-inclusive, but it is interesting what they share regarding their beliefs with respect to the End Times, specifically the Tribulation, and the return of Christ.  The important thing to note though, is that Islam has made tremendous gains in the world.  Most media will say nothing bad about Islam, or Muhammad especially, for fear of reprisals.  The sad fact of the matter is that even when no one says anything bad about Islam or Muhammad, Islamic extremists continue to rain terror down on people with suicide bomb missions, attacks by Taliban or Al Queda, or otherwise.

Just recently (as noted below in the article about Obama being compared with Jesus), the Danish paper Politiken, exhibited no problem at all in glorifying President Obama, even lifting him up higher than Jesus.  Yet this same exact thing would not have taken place had the comparison been Muhammad.  Why?  Because of the death and/or mayhem that would have resulted from such a comparison.  Christians are not exempt from this type of slander and bigotry, simply because Christians do not as a group (or individually, for the most part), react with voilence every time someone uses the name of Jesus Christ as an epithet.  Can you imagine how many people would die daily if they did?

Islam is on the move and the world refuses to do anything about it.  The Islamic world knows this and perceives it as fear.  They are right.  The world is afraid of Islam and because of this fear, Islam is allowed to do anything.  People unfortunately believe that if they hide their heads in the sand, and do not utter a negative word about Islam, they at least will be allowed to live unharrassed.  The truth is though, that Islam, if left unchecked, will allow nothing to stand in its way.  Their intention is to literally dominate the world.  They firmly believe this will occur and because of this growing trend, Islam is becoming a force to be dealt with throughout the world.  It is this intention that will usher in the final Mahdi.  This particular Mahdi is said to bring about peace, but at what cost?  He will rule strongly, insisting on Islamic rule throughout the world.

Now, for many people (especially those who give no credence to the End Times anything), the above scenario is so far-fetched that it could not possibly occur.  These people need to revisit history and see for themselves how quickly Islam has gained a solid footing in the world’s society.  Most religions – in one form or another – have a type of live and let live attitude.  Most religions do not attempt to force their beliefs onto others through acts of terrorism.  Islam is an exception.  While many within Islam interpret “Jihad” in a variety of ways, it is clear that there are many Islamic extremist who understand Jihad to mean physically destroying the enemy.  That enemy is anyone who is not Muslim.  In other words, Islam will have its day by force.  It does not matter if you are an atheist who firmly believes that no God exists.  It does not matter if you are an agnostic who questions life, the existence of God or anything else, and have come to no solid conclusions.  It does not matter if you are part of the UFOology movement.  Islam will have its say and is looking forward to having its day, when all the world will be Islamic.

If this were to occur, then we can imagine major changes in society.  Do I have to enumerate them?  Women in Burhkas, Taliban-type law put in place and enforced to the letter, praying five times a day, facing Mecca, traveling to Mecca once in your lifetime, and much more.  The world will go backwards if this takes place.  Yet, the world’s leaders seem either oblivious to this oncoming threat, or have chosen to ignore it for the time being, because they simply do not understand how to fight against its encroachment.

Meanwhile, Muslims have their way and are successful in shouting down (or maiming/killing) those who oppose Islam, and those who would blaspheme it by presenting caricatures of Muhammad, or writing/reporting negatively about it.  However, Islamic extremists have no difficulty in characterizing religions other than Islam as born of Satan.  The world just shakes their collective heads and moves on, going about its business, apparently thinking that these knee-jerk protestors will go away in time.  They will not go away and with every day, they increase the size of their collective voice.

Islam extremists strive to turn this planet into one in which Islam dominates.  They are on their way to doing that and once their Mahdi appears, people will initially be taken in by his charm, sincerity, intelligence, and oratory skills.  He will be a master manipulator, achieving his goals at first through the appearance of peace.  It will only be after he has gained the world’s attention and commitment will his true colors come to the fore.  This Mahdi that approaches through the collective voice of Islam will be the Antichrist.  Unlike what people like Steve Wohlberg believe, this Antichrist will be an actual person and he will lead this world into a one-world government.  Then we will see all of Wohlberg’s ridiculously uneducated biblical guesses go down the drain.  What will Wohlberg and others say then?  “Whoops, I guess I was wrong…”  That of course, will not be good enough, but it also will not matter at that point.

It is interesting to watch as this world sleeps, in the approaching darkness.  More than ever, people need Jesus as Savior.  People need to repent, which means to change your opinion of Jesus Christ.  Repenting does not mean “I resolve to turn from sin.”  Repenting means changing your opinion about Jesus Christ.  How do you see Him?  He is one of the following to you:

  1. a good man and a good teacher, but not god
  2. a myth, a legend, someone who never existed
  3. a lunatic, who suffered from visions of grandeur
  4. God the Son, Savior of the world for those who believe

If you find yourself believing 1, 2, or 3, but not 4, then this is what you need to repent from believing.  You must simply look at Jesus and decide that He is God the Son, who was born of a virgin, lived among us without sin, and died a brutally horrific death, shedding His blood for you and for me.  Once you believe this about Him, you are on your way to receiving salvation.  Repenting is only the first step in the process.  It is what allows our eyes to open to the truth of Jesus Christ.  From there, another step is needed.  We must place our faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross on our behalf.  We must come to the point of realizing that we are in need of a Savior.  Once we understand our need, we then GO to Him believing that He is who is says He is and that He accomplished on our behalf what He accomplished.  This believing is what faith is made of, as it allows us to receive His salvation.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God, and it is impossible to receive salvation.

Once we receive salvation, the Holy Spirit seals us unto the day of redemption, which is the day we stand before Him after our death.  Christ says He will never leave or forsake us, and the Bible tells us that He is the Author and Perfector of our faith.  We cooperate in the process by submitting ourselves to Him, however we cannot and do not resolve to stop sinning BEFORE we come to Him.  That is NOT repentance.  Repentance is changing your mind about who Jesus Christ is, and this is exactly what the thief on the cross did.  One moment, he was ridiculing Christ and the next minute, He had changed his mind about Jesus, believing Him to be a King.  This is why the thief asked Jesus to simply “remember him” when He came into His kingdom.

Friend, you must change your opinion about Jesus Christ.  You must repent of your denial of His deity and embrace Him.  Repenting is not enough.  Judas repented, realizing he had betrayed innocent blood, but it did NOT lead to salvation.  Repentance is the first step, which CAN lead to belief in His work of salvation on our behalf.  Without being able to believe that He actually accomplished salvation for us, we cannot have that salvation.  Ask Him to help you believe.  This is not easy-believism, as many like to charge.  It is how a person comes to know Jesus Christ as Savior.  Once that occurs, then that individual’s life will begin to change because the Holy Spirit within, will start to make that person’s life change. 

The authentic Christian WILL exhibit good works.  They will exhibit good works because the Holy Spirit will cause them to be an outward appearance of the new birth within.  Growth will take place for the remainder of the person’s life.

Repenting Means to Turn From Something TO Something

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  • 1. baoanguy  |  September 23, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    Islam wont dominate the world. It’s no where near as powerful as Christianity. Muslims know this that’s why they always preach tolerance and play the victim card when combating Christians because it’s the only way they can attempt to take over.


    • 2. modres  |  September 23, 2012 at 9:40 AM

      No, Islam won’t dominate. Unfortunately, too many radical Islamists BELIEVE they will and they are working toward that goal.

      What concerns me just as much as Islamists who believe they WILL rule the world are the non-Muslims who see absolutely no threat with Islam at all. These are the people who are making it easier for radicalized Islam to move ahead with its agenda.


      • 3. baoanguy  |  October 4, 2012 at 6:30 AM

        Islam itself is radical by nature. The true Islamists are the radical ones – the moderate ones either don’t want to believe it or just ignorant of their true religion. They’re softening us up to be taken over from the inside out. They already believe they’re justified because of their poverty to create violence and insurrection in China/Europe. They already have some ethnic conclaves in the USA even in the bible belt. They’re using the system for their advantage now but no one’s saying anything. Scott Johnson/Glenn Beck/Paul Washer are some of the very few people I’ve ever seen mention anything about it besides a Jewish woman many years ago who stated their threat in Europe will eventually transfer to America.

        The Christians who don’t see a threat from Muslims are inclusionists. They’ll basically go with anything the corporate media says because they believe God loves the Muslim just as much as he loves us, which is crap because he doesn’t love unbelievers and he doesn’t see us as brothers and sisters to unbelievers. But since they don’t see it with their own eyes they can have the temporary luxury of not believing their inclusive way of thinking is the biggest threat to us Christians because it’s a sewage way of thinking – it just lets anything in.


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